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Jupiter Transit

Jupiter brings about a lot of beneficial life changes. Jupiter, also known as Guru, is the planet of fortune and abundance. During this transit, it will shift from Aries to Taurus. Our Jupiter Transit Report 2024 will let you know how this significant change will affect your life during this time.
Effects of Jupiter Transit on various aspects of life
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Studies the transit in comparison to your birth chart
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Detailed near-term predictions based on Kakshya
Comprehensive Transit Analysis
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Namaste sar
dr ritesh gupta
Thanks i have received the report. It was good🙏🙏👍🤘. I am satisfied.
The best astrology report I have ever received - nothing more to say!
This report gave a new sense of purpose to my life. Clickastro horoscopes in general are very helpful. I am a regular customer and over the years the bond of trust has only deepened. It is that good.
Good transit reports are hard to come by. Clickastro is a boon in that regard. Their horoscopes are matched by their excellent customer service. That I could avail the report in my native language was a pleasant surprise.
reeta saxena
Hum bahut khush h because sunanda ji ne bahut help ki humare baate suni aur best astrologer neelima ji se baat karai remedy pata chali aur jab bhi jaroorat hui humko turant response mila hume Clickastro such m bahut acha response dete h thanks🙏🙏
It was by chance that I clicked on Clickastro. I purchased the Jupiter transit report. It was accurate and relatable. That is why Clickastro has become my go to website when it comes to astrological matters.
behara swetha
Awesome and tq so much
kokkonda ramesh
abhishek sahay
Your report is so accurate.

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Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
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Sri. M V Naranarayanan
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Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
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Important Features of Clickastro Jupiter Transit report

Jupiter Transit

The most benevolent planet is Jupiter. Jupiter takes 12 years to complete a horoscope cycle. This implies that passing through one sign takes approximately one year. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. It causes the characteristics of the sign in which it is positioned to expand. However, because Jupiter is a benefic planet, the house's negative characteristics are muted while its positive characteristics are highlighted. Because it moves slowly compared to the Sun, Mercury, or Venus, when it changes signs during transit, the effect lasts for months. Jupiter is also known as the planet of Dharma. The accomplishment of any auspicious function depends on its blessings.

Importance of Jupiter Transit

Jupiter provides us with wealth, wisdom, knowledge and a sense of spirituality. Its transit allows for growth and expansion depending on the nature of the house and the planets placed in the house. It usually casts a positive influence on the person involved. It boosts his or her capabilities and capacity. It will bring monetary relief and increased prosperity to the life of the native. Jupiter transit also ensures wellbeing of children and family. It has an important effect on the health and wellbeing of a person. For women, Jupiter represents their fortunes in marriage and the finding of a good husband. It also inspires a person to become spiritual with an inspiration to unearth hidden knowledge of the cosmos.

Why is it important to get a Jupiter transit report?

The Jupiter transit report will cover all important aspects of a person's life. It will tell you how to get maximum benefits out of opportunities in life while suggesting remedies to get through bad phases. The report will act as a guide suggesting which paths to take when faced with options. Success in life depends on making correct decisions at the opportune time, and this report will help you make it. Besides helping you attain success in material life, the report will also help unlock the spiritual potential within you. It will help you act mature in times of adversities and win the respect and admiration of the people around you. Jupiter is the planet of Dharma, and the Jupiter transit report will help you follow your Dharma and thus fulfil your purpose in life.

What's all in the report: Detailed Content

The detailed premium report of Jupiter transit contains the Nirayana longitude of planets, details of Dasa periods and Ashtakavarga predictions. It consists of a detailed analysis of Jupiter in the birth chart. The results can vary according to the rasi and the house in which it is placed. Jupiter generally supports the person to be more spiritual and to make an optimistic stand on every aspect of life. The Jupiter transit forecast compares the present position of planets with those in the birth chart. The aspects of Jupiter on the various houses are discerned and detailed in the report, as is Jupiter's transit through the various kakshya. The kakshya concept is used mainly to funnel down how the transit results would be in the life of a person.

Nirayana Longitude of Planets

Nirayana, or the Sidereal longitude of planets, determines the position of planets in the chart. Each chart is a 360-degree circle divided into 12 houses. This means each house is 30 degrees apart. The Nirayana longitude gives the position of the planets in a house during any specific time point. For ascertaining the Nirayana Longitude, the Nakshatras or the star constellations are kept as fixed points. This makes it different from the Sayana Longitude of Tropical Longitude, where the Sun is kept as the fixed point. The difference between Nirayana Longitude and the Sayana Longitude is the Ayanamsa or the degree of separation between Sidereal and Tropical charts. Vedic astrology follows the Nirayana system for making predictions.

Details of Dasa Periods

There are nine planets. During the life of a person, at any given time, a certain planet is always 'on' in the horoscope. At that time, this planet will have the most influence on the person. In astrology terms, it means being under the Dasa of that planet. Vimshottari Dasa system is the most commonly followed Dasa system. This is a 120-year cycle that is divided among the nine planets. Going by sequence, the Dasa periods of the planets under this system are - Ketu (7 years), Venus (20), Sun (6 years), Moon (10 years), Mars (7 years), Rahu (18 years), Jupiter (16 years), Saturn (19 years) and Mercury (17 years). The Dasa period of each planet is further divided into sub-periods during which the other planets will take turns in casting their influence while under the rule of the planet in main Dasa or Maha Dasa.


Ashtakavarga is the 8-fold division of each house in the chart. The planets considered are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Rahu and Ketu are not considered. The ascendant or Lagna is considered the eighth planet. Each planet is given '1' or '0' in relation to the other planet. '1' means benefic relation, and '0' means malefic relation. The total point for a planet comes between 0 and 7. Then the points of each of the 8 planets are added. That denotes the total score of the house. If it is below 18, the negative traits of the house take predominance. Any value between 18-25 is considered average. Any value between 25-28 is considered good, and any value above 28 is considered excellent.

Sarva Ashtakavarga Table

Sarva Ashtakavarga Table calculates the impact of a planet when transiting through a particular sign. The impact the planet has on the sign, and the other planets are calculated. If the impact is positive, then the '1' point is given. If the impact is negative, then the '0' point is given. For example, if the Sun entering the Zodiac sign of Aries has a favourable impact, then the '1' point is marked against the Sun. Now, if the Sun in Aries is not beneficial to the Moon, the '0' point is marked against the Moon. After the Moon, if the Sun in Aries is beneficial to Mars, then '1' point is marked against Mars. This is continued for all other 7 planets, including Ascendant and except Rahu and Ketu. Then the total points are calculated. If it is between 0-3, then it is considered bad; that is, the Sun's transit through Aries bodes badly for the person. If it is 4 points, the result is considered average, and the point is between 5-8, the transit is considered to be good.

Sarva Ashtakavarga Chart

This is a more comprehensive tabulation of Ashtakavarga points. In the Sarva Ashtakavarga Chart, the total points of a particular planet as calculated from the Sarva Ashtakavarga table is marked against the said Zodiac. Then the total points of each planet in that Zodiac are added up. If the resulting value is below 28, then the effect of that Zodiac will be malefic. If it is above 28, the effect of the Zodiac will be beneficial. The total of total points for each Zodiac will be 337. Through this, the strengths and weaknesses of a person in this life, or the Karmic effects of the person, can be calculated.

Analysis of Jupiter in your birth chart

In the birth chart, Jupiter rules over the 9th and 12th houses and is the significator of the 2nd, 5th, 10th and 11th houses. A positively placed Jupiter gives the person a handsome personality with good health, wealth and prosperity. A strong Jupiter will help the person cultivate good habits and develop a strong and focused mindset. An afflicted Jupiter will make him unrealistic and susceptible to foolery. The person may spend money unwisely and may indulge in immoral behaviour like gambling. Debts and disputes will be the result due to this. Wearing Yellow Sapphire gemstone can help bring in more positive attributes of Jupiter to the person in question.

Transit Chart

The chart showing the location of the planets during any period of time is called the transit chart. Planets are always moving. They are in a continuous state of transit through the 12 houses in the chart. Their position with respect to each other also varies continuously. This will affect the impact they have on the individual with respect to his or her birth chart. When one refers to transit, it is usually to highlight a particular alignment of two or more planets in the cosmos which will have a significant impact on the fortunes of people around the world. A transit chart differs from a birth chart in the sense that planet positions are fixed in the latter, while it keeps varying in the former.

Jupiter Transit Predictions

Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It is also a slow-moving planet, taking 12 years to make a complete transit through the chart. This means the planet spends about one year in each Zodiac sign. Jupiter presence in a particular sign usually accentuates the benign nature of the Zodiac while subduing its harmful features. When entering retrograde, Jupiter invokes changes within the person, making him or her explore the spiritual realms and inner consciousness. Retrograde happens when the planet moves backwards in the chart. People with retrograde Jupiter in their chart will be able to perform tasks unfathomable to others.

Aspects of Jupiter

It is usual for planets to aspect the house 7th from its position in the chart. However, in the case of Jupiter, it aspects additional two houses - the house placed 5th and 9th from its position in the chart. The 5th house is the house of education while the 9th is the house of higher education. Jupiter is termed as 'Guru' in Vedic astrology and education is one of the core values bestowed by the planet on the chart, it is only natural that Jupiter aspects these two houses. The 5th aspects indicate to whom the person is a teacher to, the 7th aspect indicates to whom the person will spread knowledge to, and the 9th aspect indicates to whom the person will be a father-figure to.

Jupiter transit through various kakshya

As per Ashtakavarga concepts, each house or sign is further subdivided into 8 portions of 3 degrees 45 minutes each. This is called kakshya. If the kakshya has a bindu or dot in it, then it will invoke benefic effects from the planet transits through it. If the kakshya does not have a bindu, the no benefic effect will be invoked. Each kakshya is ruled by a certain planet. Jupiter rules the second kakshya of a sign. It takes the planet an average of 45 days to transit through a kakshya. The overall effect of Jupiter's transit through a kakshya upon the individual will also depend on the relation between Jupiter and the ruling planet of the kakshya. Saturn rules first kakshya, Jupiter rules second, Mars third, Sun fourth, Venus fifth, Mercury sixth, Moon seventh and Lagna or Ascendant rules the eighth kakshya.

Forward and Retrograde Motion

Typically when viewed in the sky, the planets slowly move eastwards as days pass by against the backdrop of stars whose position remains fixed. This is the forward movement of planets. But sometimes, the slow-moving planets seem to move in reverse, i.e westwards in the sky for a certain period before resuming their normal movement. This motion of the planets in reverse is called retrograde motion. This occurs when the Earth 'overtakes' the slow-moving outer planets during its annual trip around the Sun. Planets in retrograde have a unique impact upon an individual. Jupiter's retrograde motion evokes the spiritual nature within the person. It prompts the individual to look within himself and explore his inner consciousness.

Jupiter transit overall 12 Houses in Horoscope

Jupiter takes 12 years to cover the 12 houses in a horoscope. This means it spends about one year in each house. Jupiter is a benefic planet and its transit through houses is supposed to bring positive results except when it transits through the 6th and 8th houses where it gives average results. Jupiter transit through the 1st house makes the person physically and mentally fit. Jupiter transit through the 2nd house improves the person's relationship with society. In the 3rd house, it makes the person popular. In the 4th house, happiness will come through the family. In the 5th house, it impacts love life. In the 6th house, it affects mental status. In the 7th house, it causes marital bliss. In the 8th house, it may cause a mental disturbance. In the 9th house, it will make you spiritually at ease. In the 10th house, it will help you achieve success in your job. In the 11th house, it will help with increasing the income. In the 12th house, it can cause you to be depressed and lonely.

Jupiter transit dates through Zodiac Signs

The year 2024 starts with Jupiter in Aries. It enters Taurus on May 1 and will remain there for one year and will then transit to Gemini on May 14, 2025.

  • Transit to Taurus - May 01, 2024
  • Transit to Gemini - May 14, 2025
  • Transit to Cancer - October 18, 2025
  • Transit to Gemini (Retrograde) - December 5, 2025
  • Transit to Cancer - June 02, 2026
  • Transit to Leo - October 31, 2026
  • Transit to Cancer (Retrograde) - January 25, 2027
  • Transit to Leo - June 26, 2027
  • Transit to Virgo - November 26, 2027
  • Transit to Leo (Retrograde) - February 28, 2028
  • Transit to Virgo - July 24, 2028
  • Transit to Libra - December 26, 2028
  • Transit to Virgo (Retrograde) - March 29, 2029
  • Transit to Libra - August 25, 2029
  • Transit to Scorpio - January 25, 2030
  • Transit to Libra (Retrograde) - May 01, 2030
  • Transit to Scorpio - September 23, 2030
  • Transit to Sagittarius - February 17, 2031
  • Transit to Scorpio (Retrograde) - June 14, 2031
  • Transit to Sagittarius - October 15, 2031
  • Transit to Capricorn - March 05, 2032
  • Transit to Sagittarius (Retrograde) - August 12, 2032
  • Transit to Capricorn - October 23, 2032
  • Transit to Aquarius - March 18, 2033
  • Transit to Pisces - March 28, 2034

Thus, Jupiter restarted its 12-year cycle around the Zodiac from April 22, 2023, in Aries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Jupiter transiting now?

As of 2024, Jupiter makes its transit to Taurus on May 1. Jupiter's transit is important in astrology. It is the planet of Dharma and represents the expansion of worldly and spiritual activities.

When will Jupiter transit?

Jupiter Transit 2024 happens on May 1 when the planet will transit to Taurus. The transit after that will happen on May 14, 2025, when Jupiter will transit to Gemini. Jupiter’s transit to a different sign brings many fundamental changes into the life of a person.

What house is Jupiter in 2024?

Jupiter enters 2024 transiting through the Aries sign. It transits to the Taurus sign on May 1, 2024. It is the second sign in the Zodiac. Jupiter transiting Taurus will bring courage and willpower to overcome obstacles and turn challenges into opportunities. The transit will instill confidence and inspire one to work hard and show others how things can be done.

How long does Jupiter transit last?

Jupiter transit through a house typically lasts around a year. It takes 12 years to cover the 12 houses in the Zodiac. It takes the second-longest time to transit through a sign after Saturn. Therefore, the influence of Jupiter transit on a person carries huge weightage in determining fortunes in life.

What is Jupiter rule astrology?

Jupiter is the ruler of prosperity and good fortune. It is the planet of luck and abundance. It rules the Zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. Under the influence of Jupiter, a person experiences expansion both on a physical and spiritual level. Finances will grow. Relationships will thrive. Social status will improve. The person also will look into himself and explore the hidden areas of his consciousness, bringing more enlightenment and depth to his character.

What happens when Jupiter transits the 7th house?

Jupiter transiting the 7th house bodes well for relationships. It will bring marriage to the unmarried. Those already married will experience bliss in married life. Birth of children is likely. The transit will also bode well for your social and professional life. You will gain respect and admiration from others. Promotion in work is likely. Businesses will prosper.

Is Jupiter retrograde now?

No, Jupiter is in forward motion now. The next Jupiter retrograde will happen only on December 5, 2025, when it will move back to Gemini from Cancer. Jupiter retrograde is important as it inspires the person to look within himself and become more spiritual. This is the time when major changes to character can be brought to effect.

Does Jupiter rule Pisces?

Yes, Jupiter rules the water sign of Pisces. Sagittarius is the other sign ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter transiting through its own sign bestows immense good fortune upon the world. It inspires spiritual collaboration and makes the people come together to be part of a greater good.

What happens when Jupiter transits the 12th house?

The 12th house is ruled by Jupiter. Its transit through the house will evoke good results spiritually, but in the material sphere, the results will be more of a mixed type. There will be an increase in expenses. Businesses will suffer. Problems may emerge in personal life also. However, this is a good time to indulge in spiritual activities. Learning from scriptures and going for pilgrimage will do you good.

What happens when Jupiter transits the 1st house?

Jupiter transiting the 1st house is a very good time. It will bring money, prosperity and wisdom to the person. The business will prosper and promotion at the job is likely. Health will also improve. However, instead of becoming extravagant or arrogant, the person is advised to look within himself and try to become a better person morally and emotionally.

What happens when Jupiter transits natal Jupiter?

Jupiter's transit through natal Jupiter brings more wisdom, more wealth and more spirituality to the person. He may become more recognised and earn more respect for his actions. But at the same time, this transit carries the risk of the person becoming unrealistic in terms of expectations. He may start spending too much in the name of charity and bring a financial burden upon himself.

Who rules the planet Jupiter?

Jupiter is a planet lord. No one rules Jupiter. But Jupiter rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

What does Jupiter mean spiritually?

Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and this means spiritual expansion as well. It gives the ability for the person to form ideas on an intellectual level. A person under the influence of Jupiter may carry out long travels or pilgrimage to fulfil spiritual curiosities. The person will be kind and caring. He will have a sense of honour and will want to pursue the right path at all times. Typically, Jupiter leads a person towards the virtue of ethics and morality.

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