Understanding the Influence of Karanas in Astrology and Their Impact on Personality

The Vedic calendar is based on the Panchanga, which comprises five elements: Vara, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. Karanas occur when the Moon moves 6 degrees relative to the Sun, while Tithis represent 12 degrees of movement. Each Tithi consists of two Karanas, resulting in a total of 60 Karanas within a lunar month. However, there are actually 11 Karanas, with the first seven being movable (Char) and the remaining four being fixed (Sthira). In this article, we explore the significance of Karanas and their influence on an individual’s personality.

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Here is the List of Various Karanas as per the Tithis

Thithi 1st Karana 2nd Karana
1st Kimstugna Bava
2nd Balava Kaulava
3rd Taitila Gara
4th Vanija Vishti
5th Bava Balava
6th Kaulava Taitila
7th Gara Vanija
8th Vishti Bava
9th Balava Kaulava
10th Taitila Gara
11th Vanija Vishti
12th Bava Balava
13th Kaulava Taitila
14th Gara Vanija
15th Vishti Bava
16th Balava Kaulava
17th Taitila Gara
18th Vanija Vishti
19th Bava Balava
20th Kaulava Taitila
21st Gara Vanija
22nd Vishti Bava
23rd Balava Kaulava
24rd Taitila Gara
25th Vanija Vishti
26th Bava Balava
27th Kaulava Taitila
28th Gara Vanija
29th Vishti Shakuni
30th Chatushpada Naga

The Impact of Different Karanas on Personality

Among the 11 Karanas, the first six movable Karanas (Chara) are considered auspicious, while the 7th Chara and the four Sthira Karanas are deemed inauspicious. Individuals born on the 29th, 30th, and the first half of the 1st Tithi are believed to have an inauspicious birth. The Karana in which a person is born also exerts a definitive influence on their personality.

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Movable Karanas (Char):

Bava (Simha Karanam – Lion):

Symbolizing sexual or creative energy, Bava Karana is favorable for activities like transportation and sowing seeds. Those born in Bava Karana tend to be spiritually inclined, sincere, dedicated, liberal-minded, and enjoy material prosperity. They excel in various types of jobs, both temporary and permanent.

Balava (Puli Karanam – Leopard):

Balava Karana is associated with Yajna (sacrificial rituals), Homa (fire worship), and Vedic studies. Individuals born in Balava Karana are deeply spiritual, undertake pilgrimages, and possess knowledge of auspicious times and actions. They are bold, fortunate, playful, and often engage in religious activities.

Kaulava (Panni Karanam):

Kaulava Karana signifies a traditional family and is conducive to stable relationships, agreements, and long-term commitments. People born in Kaulava Karana are sociable, friendly, caring, and adaptable. They excel in various professions but may also exhibit secretive and fickle-minded tendencies.

Taitila (Kazhuta Karanam – Donkey):

Taitila Karana represents respect and is favourable for activities related to authority and decoration. Individuals born in Taitila Karana possess wealth and experience love as a significant aspect of their lives. They are well-suited for government jobs and may accumulate properties. They exhibit firmness, fierceness, and an adventurous spirit.

Gara (Gaja Karanam – Elephant):

Gara Karana symbolizes a demanding nature and emphasizes discipline and punctuality. Those born in Gara Karana possess inherent destiny that favors them and are determined in their endeavours. They excel in the science of mantras and are well-suited for animal husbandry and construction-related professions.

Vanij (Cow):

Vanij Karana is associated with intelligence and business acumen. Individuals born in Vanij Karana are adept at trading and possess extensive knowledge of business activities. They are inclined towards prosperity and success in their endeavours.

Vishti (Hen):

Vishti Karana is considered inauspicious, associated with negative behaviours and involvement in immoral deeds. Individuals with Vishti Karana may exhibit distrustful characters and engage in destructive activities. They possess a fierce and adventurous nature, excelling in their pursuits.

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Fixed Karanas (Sthira):

Shakuni (Bird):

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Shakuni Karana represents justice and problem-solving skills. Those born in Shakuni Karana excel in mediating conflicts and possess wit. They are proactive, patient, intelligent, and specialized in the study of omens.

Chaturshpad (Four-legged animal):

Chaturshpad Karana is associated with respect for learned individuals and a passion for assisting animals. Those born in this Karana may find success as animal veterinarians. They are active, powerful, and capable of diagnosing animal diseases and prescribing treatments. They are also skilled in overcoming enemies through Tantric methods and can thrive in cattle-related businesses.

Naga (Snake):

Naga Karana symbolizes exceptional knowledge and the potential for facing challenging events. Individuals born in Naga Karana must rely on hard work and determination to achieve success. They possess extensive knowledge of minerals and metals and demonstrate dedication to their work despite life’s struggles and problems.

Kistughan (Insect-moths):

Kistughan Karana brings good fortune and a penchant for charitable works and virtuous deeds. Individuals born in this Karana enjoy a good education, lead a prosperous life, and find contentment in charitable activities. While they may experience loneliness, their efforts and philanthropy contribute to their overall satisfaction.

Understanding the impact of Karanas on personality provides insights into an individual’s inclinations, strengths, and areas for growth. The movable Karanas offer auspicious qualities, while the fixed Karanas bring unique characteristics and opportunities. By recognizing these influences, individuals can make informed choices and align their actions with their innate tendencies.

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