The Panchanga forms the basis of the Vedic calendar. It consists of five elements – Vara, Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, and Karana. A Karana happens when the Moon moves by a position of 6 degrees to the Sun. The movement by 12 degrees is called the Tithi. This means, in each Tithi, there are two Karanas. A Lunar month, consisting of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase) and the Krishna Paksha (waning phase) is made up of 30 Tithis. This means there should be 60 Karanas.

However, the actual number of Karanas is 11. Of these, the first seven are called movable Karanas or Char. The last four are the fixed Karanas or Sthira. The movable Karanas or Char repeats itself from the second half of the first Tithi to the first half of the 29th Tithi. During this period, each Char repeats 8 times. During the four remaining half Tithis, the four fixed Karanas or Sthir make their appearance. 

The 7 movable Karanas or Char are – Bhav, Balav, Kaulav, Gar, Tailtil, Vanij, and Vishti, while the 4 fixed Karanas or Sthira are – Shakuni, Chatushpad, Naga, and Kimstugna

Let’s check out the list of various Karanas as per the Tithis:

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Thithi               1st Karana         2nd Karana

1st                    Kimstugna         Bava

2nd                   Balava         Kaulava

3rd                    Taitila                     Gara

4th                    Vanija                     Vishti

5th                    Bava                     Balava

6th                    Kaulava         Taitila

7th                    Gara                     Vanija

8th                    Vishti                     Bava

9th                    Balava         Kaulava

10th                  Taitila                     Gara

11th                  Vanija                     Vishti

12th                  Bava                     Balava

13th                  Kaulava         Taitila

14th                  Gara                     Vanija

15th                  Vishti                     Bava

16th                  Balava         Kaulava

17th                  Taitila                     Gara

18th                  Vanija                     Vishti

19th                  Bava                     Balava

20th                  Kaulava         Taitila

21st                  Gara                     Vanija

22nd                 Vishti                     Bava

23rd                  Balava         Kaulava

24rd                  Taitila                   Gara

25th                  Vanija                   Vishti

26th                  Bava                   Balava

27th                  Kaulava       Taitila

28th                  Gara                   Vanija

29th                  Vishti                   Shakuni

30th                  Chatushpada       Naga


How Different Karanas Impact Your Personality

Of the 11 Karanas, the first 6 movable Karanas or Chara are considered auspicious. The 7th Chara, along with the 4 Sthira Karanas, are considered inauspicious. This means being born on the 29th, 30th, and the first half of the 1st Tithi is considered inauspicious. The Karana in which a person is born also has a definitive impact on their personality. 

Moveable Karanas (Char)

Bava – Also known as ‘Simha Karanam’ (Lion), symbolizes sexual or creative energy.

This Karana is good for all moving deeds like transportation and fixed deeds like the sowing of seeds. Natives born in Bava Karana are spiritually inclined. They carry out their works with utmost sincerity and dedication. They are usually liberal-minded, rich, and happy. These individuals are fit for all kinds of jobs, whether it is a temporary job or a permanent one.

Balava – Also called ‘Puli Karanam’ (Leopard), is good for Yajna, Homa (fire worship), the study of Veda, etc. People born in this Karana are usually into worship and may undergo several pilgrimages in their lifetime. Like Bava Karana-born individuals, they too are highly spiritual and have an understanding of auspicious times and actions. They spend much of their time in religious activities, and they are bold, fortunate, and playful by nature.

Kaulava –  Also called ‘Panni Karanam’, symbolizes a traditional family. Kaulava born people follow a traditional path or a traditional job. They are good for all Sthira Karma or fixed Karma such as friendship, agreement, or anything supposed to stay firm for a long period. They are sociable and easily make friends with anyone. They love and care for others. These people are suited for all types of work and are usually great for friendships. They can also be very secretive and fickle-minded. 

Taitila – Also called ‘Kazhuta Karanam’ (Donkey), symbolizes respect. Taitila born individuals are good for activities related to authority and decoration. They do not lack wealth. Love plays an important role in the lives of such people. They are the best fit for government jobs. They can also become the possessor of buildings and properties. Love plays an important role in their life; they are firm and fierce in their attitude and are also adventurous and heroic.

Gara – Also known as ‘Gaja Karanam’ (Elephant), it symbolizes demanding nature. Those born in Gara Karana are very punctual. They like to have a disciplined life. They always have a destiny that favors them. The Gara borns are determined in nature and work hard to meet their objectives. They are experts in the science of mantras. Though physically weak, they will compensate for it through hard work. They are the best fit for animal husbandry jobs and/or in the construction of houses, buildings, etc.

Vanij – Its symbol is the cow. Those born in Vanij Karana are intelligent and smart. They are interested in business and use their intelligence to make money. They are good at trading. Vanij borns have extensive knowledge in business activities and are best suited for sale transactions. This ability helps them to attain prosperity in life.

Vishti – The symbol of this Karana is a hen. It is not considered to be an auspicious Karana. Human beings born in Vishti indulge in bad deeds, and their image also remains negative because of this. If someone has Vishti Karana in their Kundli, it means they have a distrustful character and might get involved in immoral deeds. This negative influence makes them appropriate for destructive activities like attacking an enemy, kidnapping, etc. They can be cruel, adventurous, and fierce by nature and will likely excel in all their undertakings.

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Fixed Karanas (Sthira)

Shakuni – The symbol of this Karana is a bird. Those born in Shakuni Karana are law-abiding and just. They are most interested in solving any problems. They can easily dispose of any quarrel with their wit. This makes them good mediators who are capable of terminating a quarrel. They are proactive at work, patient in disposition, are born intelligent, and have specialization in the study of omens

Chaturshpad – The symbol of this Karana is a four-legged animal. The people born in this Karana respect learned and spiritual people. They are also at the forefront of helping animals. Such people can become successful animal veterinarians. They are active and mighty. They can diagnose animals with diseases and prescribe medicines. They are fit for vanquishing enemies through Tantric methods. Professionally, those involved in business related to cattle may enjoy success.

Naga – The symbol of this Karana is a snake or a serpent. Those born in Naga Karana have extraordinary knowledge in their particular field. These people are likely to be faced with unpleasant events. With hard work and determination, they can achieve success in everything they do. These individuals possess great knowledge of minerals, metals and are attached to their work. Their life may seem full of struggles and problems, and only their hard work and determination can help them climb the ladder of success. 

Kistughan – The symbol of this Karana is insect-moths. Those born during this Karana are very fortunate. They are interested in charity works and other virtuous deeds. Kistughan borns receive all kinds of satisfaction in their lives. They will have a good education and will lead a good, rich life. People born in this Karana are known to be lucky and lead a wealthy lifestyle. They love doing charitable work that gives them every type of contentment in life. The individual of this Karana might be bereft of pleasures and live in loneliness.

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