There was a time when astrology was an alien subject, and the family astrologer was the only mode of entry to your horoscope. These days people are more aware of astrology, and so many people worldwide are studying astrology. Astrology is not just fully based on ancient text, but it is mixed with psychology and updated techniques. A fresh new approach to astrology is helping people to understand their life better through horoscope analysis.

Horoscope analysis is a very detailed process, and we have to pick up all the minute details of the horoscope. Among these details, the role of benefics and malefics are so important. This is a tricky concept as there are two kinds of malefics and benefics. They are

  1. Natural Benefics and Malefic Planets
  2. Functional Benefics and Malefic Planets
There is a general rule that some planets are malefics and some are benefics. For example, Jupiter is known as a natural benefic, while Saturn is known as a natural malefic. For some Lagna, Jupiter can become malefic, and Saturn can become benefic, so they become benefics according to the Lagna, which is called functional benefics and malefics.

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There are so many techniques involved in finding the functional benefics and malefics. One such technique is finding the relationship between the planets. Other than benefics and malefics, there is another status called Neutral also.

The concept of functional benefics and malefics are unique parameters of Vedic astrology. These concepts are now adopted by western astrologers as well. Not only this, but Vedic astrology has so many such techniques, which make horoscope reading accurate.

Natural benefics and malefics

Out of the nine planets, Saturn, Mars, and Rahu are malefics, and the Sun is malefic, but it is not as damaging as the other malefic planets. Jupiter and Venus are seen as natural benefics while the auspiciousness of the Moon and Mercury depends upon the planets in conjunction with them. If they are conjunct benefics, they will turn benefits, and if they are conjunct malefics, they will behave as malefics. So they are neither benefics nor malefics.

In astrology, Jupiter has a high place, but in the Vedas, it is visible that Venus is more knowledgeable than Jupiter. Jupiter or Brihaspati is known as the Guru of the Devas, and Venus is the Guru of Asuras. Jupiter is known as Brihaspati, and Venus is known as Shukra. Shukra knows the Mritsanjeevani mantra, and Brihaspati did not know that. The Moon in Shukla Paksha or waxing phase is considered a benefics. The Moon in Krishna Paksha or the waning phase is considered malefic.

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What are Functional Benefics?

The main point in the horoscope is Lagna and the Lagna lord.Saturn Transit

Aries Lagna

Jupiter, Mars, Moon and the Sun are benefics for Aries Lagna. The Lagna lord is Mars, and the Sun, Moon and Jupiter are the friends of Mars, so naturally, the dasa of these planets will be good for Aries Lagna.

Functional Malefic: Rahu and Ketu are enemies of Mars, so they are malefics for Aries Lagna. Mars shares a neutral relationship with Saturn and Venus in the planetary friendship table. Still, Venus is a maraka planet for Aries Lagna. Mercury is an enemy planet for Aries Lagna, and it owns the 6th house of negativity.

For Taurus Lagna

Venus is the ruler for Taurus Lagna, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury are functional benefics planets as they are the friends of Venus. Saturn rules the ninth and the tenth house; Saturn becomes benefics for Taurus.

For Taurus Lagna, the Lagna lord is a functional malefic as it rules the sixth house of negativity. Other functional malefic planets for Taurus are Moon, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, and Jupiter. Even though Sun and Venus are not friends, Sun is a neutral planet for Taurus Lagna.

For Gemini Lagna

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Mercury is a friend to Venus and Saturn. So they are beneficial for Gemini Lagna, but Venus is the most benefics planet.

For Gemini Lagna, Mars is the most malefic planet, and other malefics are Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, and the Sun. Moon and Mercury are neutral planets for Gemini Lagna

For Cancer Lagna

The Moon is the ruler for Cancer Lagna, and Mars and Moon are the only functional benefics for Cancer Lagna.

For Cancer Lagna, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are functional malefics. Therefore, they rule the three negative houses.

Rahu, Ketu, Venus, and the Sun are neutrals for Cancer Lagna

For Leo Lagna

Leo Lagna, the Sun is the ruler, so Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun are functional benefics planets for Leo Lagna

For Leo’s Lagna, Mercury, Venus, Rahu, Ketu, and the Moon are seen as functional malefic. Meanwhile, Saturn is a Maraka planet for Leo Lagna.

For Virgo Lagna

Mercury is the ruler for Virgo, and Mercury and Venus are the only functional benefic planets for Virgo Lagna.

Functional Malefic for Virgo Lagna are the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, and the Moon.

For Scorpio Lagna

Mars is the Lagna lord of Scorpio, and the functional benefic planets for the Scorpio Lagna are Mars, Moon, Jupiter and the Sun.

For Scorpio Lagna, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are functional malefics.

For Sagittarius Lagna

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and Mars and the Sun are functional benefics planets for this Lagna.

Functional Malefic for Sagittarius Lagna are Mercury, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are functional malefic. Among these, Venus is the most malefic.

For Capricorn Lagna

Saturn is the ruler for Capricorn Lagna, and the functional Benefics for Sagittarius Lagna are Venus, Mercury and Saturn. Venus is the most benefics because Saturn and Venus are friends.

Functional Malefic planets for this Lagna are Mars, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu.

Aquarius Lagna

Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius Lagna, and the functional benefics for Aquarius Lagna are Venus and Saturn are the functional benefics for this Lagna. Meanwhile, functional Malefic are Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Rahu, and Ketu.

Pisces Lagna

Jupiter is the ruler for Pisces Lagna, and functional benefics for this Lagna are the Moon and Mars. Functional Malefics are Venus, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu.

Functional Benefic Planets in the birth chart for each Zodiac Sign

Aries Mars, Sun, Jupiter, and Moon
Taurus Venus, Saturn, and Mercury
Gemini Mercury, Venus, and Saturn
Cancer Moon and Mars
Leo Sun, Mars, and Jupiter
Virgo Mercury and Venus
Libra Venus and Saturn
Scorpio Mars, Jupiter, Moon, and Sun
Sagittarius Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Sun
Capricorn Venus, Saturn, Mercury
Aquarius Saturn and Venus
Pisces Jupiter, Moon, and Mars

Functional Malefic Planets in the birth chart for each Zodiac Sign

Aries Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
Taurus Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu
Gemini Rahu and Ketu
Cancer Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Leo Moon, Rahu, Ketu
Virgo Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Libra Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
Scorpio Venus, Rahu, Ketu
Sagittarius Moon, Rahu, Ketu
Capricorn Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu
Aquarius Moon, Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
Pisces Sun, Saturn, Venus, Rahu, Ketu

9 planets and their characteristics in astrology

The nine planets in astrology are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. These planets are broadly divided based on their auspicious or inauspicious nature. The nine planets have specific meanings and significance. They are the key aspects behind personal qualities. The planets act on humans both individually and in conjunction with other planets. When two planets share the same sign, they are said to be conjunct. Planets, like people, are friendly with some and not so friendly with others. The following are the friendly and enemy planets of each of the nine planets in astrology.

Friendly planets and enemy planets

  • The Sun friendly planets are the Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The Sun’s enemy planets are Saturn and Venus. Mercury is neutral.
  • The Moon friendly planets are The Sun and Mercury. The Moon’s enemy planets are none. The rest of them stay neutral when conjunct with the Moon.
  • Mercury friendly planets are Venus, Sun and Rahu. Mercury’s enemy planet is the Moon. Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter remain neutral.
  • Venus friendly planets are Saturn, Mercury and Ketu. Venus’s enemy planets are the Sun, Moon and Rahu. Mars and Jupiter are neutral.
  • Mars friendly planets are the Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Mars’ enemy planets are Mercury and Ketu. Venus, Saturn and Rahu remain neutral.
  • Jupiter friendly planets are the Sun, Moon and Mars. Jupiter’s enemy planets are Mercury, Saturn and Rahu. Venus and Ketu remain neutral.
  • Saturn friendly planets are Mercury, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. Saturn’s enemy planets are the Sun and Jupiter. The Moon and Mars remain neutral.
  • Rahu friendly planets are Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Rahu’s enemy planets are The Sun, Mars and Jupiter. The Moon and Ketu are neutral.
  • Ketu friendly planets are Venus and Saturn. Ketu’s enemy planet is the Sun. The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu remain neutral.


How to know if a planet is benefic or malefic?

Generally speaking, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are considered benefic planets while the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are considered harmful (malefic) planets

How to know if Mercury is malefic or benefic?

Mercury is usually considered a neutral planet. It takes the features of the planet it is aligned with or the house it is positioned in the horoscope. So, Mercury is considered malefic when it is associated or positioned with a malefic planet or situated in the 4th, 6th, 8th, or 12th house.

How to know if the Sun is benefic or malefic?

In general, the Sun is considered beneficial to people born in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius ascendants.

How to know if Jupiter is benefic or malefic?

Jupiter is seen as a natural benefic in astrology.

How to know if Mars is benefic or malefic?

In general, Mars is considered a benefic to people born in the Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac signs.

How to know if Venus is benefic or malefic?

Like Jupiter, Venus is seen as a natural benefic in astrology

How to know if Ketu is benefic or malefic?

Ketu is usually a malefic planet. But it can act as a benefic when placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th house of a birth chart.

How to find benefic and malefic planets?

Generally in astrology, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are considered benefic planets, while Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered malefic.

How to find a malefic planet in a horoscope?

Malefic planets are those which cause bad or harmful effects on a person. In astrology, the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are generally seen as Malefic planets.

Which planet is strong in my birth chart?

In order, the planets which are strong in a horoscope are the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn.

Which planet is responsible for business in astrology?

Mercury is the planet responsible for business in astrology.

What is planet conjunction in astrology?

Planets are said to be in conjunction when they are placed close together, usually in the same sign, in the horoscope.

Which planet is for education in astrology?

Jupiter, also called ‘Guru’ is the planet for education in astrology.

Which planet is most important in astrology?

As the planet which gives energy and light, the Sun is considered the most important planet in astrology.

Which planet is responsible for money in astrology?

The planet Venus represents wealth and money in astrology

How to see the degree of planets in astrology?

The degree of the planet shows their placement in the chart. A chart represents the 360 degree zodiac. It is divided into 12 signs of 30 degrees each, starting from Aries to Pisces. If a planet is said to be in 15-degree Aries, it means the planet is positioned in the middle of the Aries sign in the Zodiac.

Which planet is most powerful in astrology?

The Sun is considered the most powerful planet in astrology

How to calculate the strength of planets in astrology?

The strength of a planet is calculated using the Shadbala concept. Shadbala means six types of strength. They are:

Positional strength – The strength a planet derives from the position it occupies in the horoscope.

Directional strength – Directional strength of a planet is determined by the houses they occupy that represent different directions

Temporal strength – The strength of a planet during the time of birth

Emotional strength – Slow-moving planets and retrograde ones tend to focus their energy more

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Natural strength – The strength of the planet depending on their luminosity

Aspectual strength – Strength of a planet with other celestial bodies

How to improve the Moon planet in astrology?

  • Wear white clothes.
  • Use silver jewellery.
  • Use silver vessels to drink water and milk
  • Conserve water.
  • Donate to those in need.
  • Eat plant-based foods.
  • Fast on Mondays.
  • Meditate in Moonlight
  • Chant Moon mantra
  • Respect your mother
  • Pray to Lord Shiva

How to improve the Sun planet in astrology?

  • Wear Red and Saffron clothes
  • Respect for your father and other authority figures in life
  • Pray at the rising sun with naked eyes.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu or Lord Sun every day
  • Wearing the gemstone Ruby will help

What do the planets represent in astrology?

As per astrology, a planet represents the medium to carry out the divine will upon life on earth

What is a retrograde planet in astrology?

Slow-moving planets which occasionally seem to move in the reverse direction when viewed from Earth are called retrograde planets.

Which planet is responsible for attraction?

Venus is the planet responsible for lust and attraction in astrology.

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