A horoscope is a chart detailing the positions of the various planets at the time of the birth of a person. An expert astrologer can deduce the personality, character, strengths and weaknesses after taking a look at his horoscope. In Vedic culture, the horoscope of a person is considered very important. Consulting an astrologer to read from the horoscope is a common affair in most families during occasions like marriage, house construction, business initiatives and other life events.

Though reading from the horoscope is colloquially termed prediction, it is more of advice on what may happen in one’s life and how to move forward. It acts more as a guide or a helping hand to get the individual through bad times and get maximum advantage out of good times. Vedic astrology and horoscope have been around for several millennia and have withstood seismic changes and destructive attacks from outside. Much slander has been thrown in the way of Vedic Astrology by modernists, some out of misunderstanding, but mostly out of spite.

Online Astrology

Today, as the world settles with the influx of technology in all aspects of our lives, astrology, too, has found a way to adapt through services such as online horoscopes and others. Vedic Astrology is still going strong, making life better for billions around the world. In doing so, it has adapted to the numerous changes that occur as years become decades and centuries. That Vedic Astrology still thrives stronger than ever is testament to the open-minded nature of its followers and pundits alike.

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This is the digital era. The world is shrinking – if it hasn’t already shrunk – to a laptop, or indeed a smartphone. Astrology too has embraced this change. This is the age of online horoscopes.  Pioneering companies in the field, including Clickastro, are taking the benefits of Vedic astrology to millions of people with the services of free online horoscope. Using complicated software and artificial intelligence, it is possible today to generate horoscope of a person within seconds. Such horoscopes generated through computer software are comprehensive, simple and error-free.

In a pandemic-hit world, where people are sceptical to physically venture outside their safety zone and try to avoid contact with other people, the prospect of visiting an astrologer in person can be a turn off for many, if not all. That is why online horoscopes are much in demand these days. This, along with its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, has made digital era conducive for the rebirth of an ancient tradition in a contemporary form. Now, as the world tries to limp back to normalcy, it is clear that few things are beyond human understanding, and that Vedic Astrology has to have a place in the modern world.

The best online astrology companies, with Clickastro at the forefront, will generate a horoscope with just the date of birth and time of a person. All you have to do is to click on the website and enter the details. You will be given a free life prediction covering all aspects of your life, including profession, marriage, finances and family. This free online horoscope will tell you how the different planets are seeing you and how they are affecting your day-to-day life. But if you are serious about knowing more about yourself and how the coming days are going to affect you, purchasing a premium horoscope is recommended. Great offers await you.

The free horoscope prediction will tell you at what stage of which Dasha period you are in and enlighten you about your strengths, weaknesses, as well as your favourable and unfavourable times. It will cast light on the path of your life and enable you to see what’s coming up. It also generates a multidimensional map of your life and lets you see your part in the bigger picture and how you can contribute to society. Online horoscopes have a proven track record and have improved the lives of millions. It becomes especially handy in this pandemic-struck world where the future is still beyond cognition.

Generate online horoscope by date of birth

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Your free horoscope by date of birth and time helps you understand the Dasha periods in your life. The doshas are indications of how planets affect your life. A dasha period is a period when one of the nine planets exerts control over your life, and its impact is determined by the position of the planet in the horoscope. Different dasha influences different aspects of your life and provide you with details about favourable timings and unfavourable periods. Further by analysing your online horoscope, it is also possible to know whether you are suffering from any doshas and if yes, also provide remedies to overcome it.

Using your free horoscope prediction, you can learn how your career is spanning out and whether a change is required. It can also identify auspicious moments to earn more wealth and thereby, constructively plan your investments to avoid the financial crunch. Problems in life happen as a result of the malefic effect of a planet or a combination of planets upon you. From the free online horoscope, it is easy to identify such instances and to come up with suitable solutions. 

Importance in horoscope matching

Horoscopes are very important in your married life also. The online horoscope will tell you the best time to get married and also what to expect out of married life through horoscope matching (kundali matching). The free online horoscope tells you about your character and warns you about what not to do in life so as to enjoy kindness and compassion from people around you. This also tells you about your children and what kind of a parent you will be. It will tell you about what to expect from your offsprings and how you can raise them up to be model citizens.

The free online horoscope generated by date of birth and time will tell you about your married life and your pleasures in life. It is essential that you need to indulge in pleasures in a healthy way so that you can enjoy them to the maximum and build towards a positive future of satisfaction and content. There are also hints about your creative nature and how much of an art person you are. Some may like combat sports; others may like to construct poems. The free online horoscope will tell you to which category you belong and how you can maximise your potential in the creative field. 

In life, we come across various kinds of situations, both good and bad. Some can bring us great benefits, while others can cause great problems. Our day-to-day life is a mix of sufferings, obstacles, personality clashes, and the constant struggle to remain sane and be a loving friend and family member. This seemingly senseless list of events in life is determined by the effects of the stars, planets, their combinations, yogas etc.

In Vedic Astrology, apart from predicting the future, we also provide various remedies which help a person to reduce the malefic effects of cosmic alignments and increase the positive effects. By making use of such remedies, one gets the strength and finds ways to overcome difficult situations in life. Vedic remedies are also helpful to people who are living a reasonably happy and cheerful life as they get to know the right remedies to multiply the positive effects in life. This science is also essentially spiritual.

So, in addition to gaining material benefits, your free online horoscope by date of birth and time will give you ways and options to get close to the higher power and gain the balance of energies in life. This will help you shed ego and see the world in a different light. Thus, getting an online horoscope not only helps you to live a better life, it also helps you to become a better person in life. It helps you to be that positive change that you hope to see in the world around you. 

Yes! Online Horoscope is Accurate

Some people are still sceptical. For them, the only way is giving them proof. As a human being, an astrologer may unknowingly commit errors while dealing with complex calculations. It is best to rely on computers to do the job to avoid human error. Go to Clickastro website and generate free horoscope online by just giving your date of birth and time. Get your free life prediction and match it against the life you are living in. You will see how the positions of the various planets are affecting your life.

You will find explanations for the seemingly random events that however seems to have had a lasting impact on your life. You will find answers to the whys and hows of life that had been perplexing you for a long time. You will be able to make wise decisions regarding your education and career. You will find ways to mend strained relationships and form new ones. You will start seeing opportunities where there weren’t any and make gains in wealth and fame.

You will also see that in spite of all the setbacks and misfortunes, how you can build your way to a better and prosperous future by making minimum changes in your life. It also helps you to set a good example for the next generation to follow and thus make the world a better place to live in. Online horoscope works, and it can make life better, for you and for those around you. 

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