Astrology, an ancient practice that examines the celestial bodies’ influence on human affairs, encompasses a rich tapestry of symbolism, archetypes, and interpretations. Among its many facets, the association between planets and colours holds a significant place.

The Significance of Colors in Astrology

Color therapy, an alternative healing modality, posits that different colors possess distinct energetic vibrations that can affect physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When integrated with astrology, color therapy offers a holistic approach to understanding and harnessing planetary energies for personal growth and healing. In the third chapter, Planetary Character and Description, we can see Sage Parasara talking about the colours of planets.

The Solar Radiance of Sundays: Gold and Yellow

In Vedic astrology, the color of the Sun emanates a vibrant golden hue, symbolising its authoritative and radiant energy. This luminous orb commands attention, its brilliance speaking of vitality and power. Vedic seers describe it as a fiery sphere, casting its warm glow upon the world. Its colour pulsates with life, embodying strength and vitality. As it rises in the morning sky, it heralds the dawn of a new day, infusing the world with its golden brilliance, igniting courage and ambition in those it touches. The colour of the Sun in Vedic astrology reflects its profound influence on human life and destiny.

In Vedic astrology, the colour associated with the Sun is gold or yellow. Representing vitality and enlightenment, these hues embody the Sun’s radiant energy and leadership. Wearing gold or yellow on Sunday, the day ruled by the Sun, enhances one’s connection with solar energies, promoting confidence, self-expression, and success. It’s believed to attract abundance, prosperity, and positive outcomes, aligning with the Sun’s influence on authority and vitality. Donning these colours on Sunday can invigorate the spirit, instil a sense of purpose, and radiate warmth and positivity, setting the tone for a fulfilling and empowered day ahead.

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Lunar Calmness on Mondays: Whiteindepth horoscope

In Vedic astrology, the Moon is described as emanating a serene and luminous white or silver glow, symbolising its profound influence on emotions and intuition. Its soft radiance bathes the night sky, casting a tranquil aura over the earth. Vedic seers liken it to a celestial pearl, radiating gentle energy that influences the ebb and flow of human emotions. The Moon’s colour speaks of purity and sensitivity, its silvery beams stirring the depths of the soul.

Wearing white on Monday, the day ruled by the Moon, offers several benefits. It promotes emotional balance, enhancing intuition and fostering inner peace. White attire amplifies creativity, inviting clarity and fresh beginnings. By connecting with lunar energies, it aligns with the Moon’s soothing vibrations. Overall, wearing white on Monday brings a sense of serenity and purity, ushering in a harmonious start to the week.

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The Fiery Energy of Tuesdays: Red

In Vedic astrology, Mars is depicted with a bold and fiery red hue, symbolising its dynamic and assertive energy. Its intense colour ignites passion and courage, embodying the warrior spirit within. Vedic seers describe Mars as a fierce celestial body, radiating strength and vitality. Its crimson glow commands attention, evoking a sense of determination and drive. The colour of Mars speaks of action and vitality, its fiery energy propelling individuals towards their goals with unwavering resolve.

Wearing red on Tuesday, governed by Mars, yields several benefits. It bolsters courage and vitality, infusing one with assertiveness and determination. The fiery hue ignites passion and energy, enhancing physical strength and resilience. Red attire invokes a sense of confidence and boldness, empowering individuals to tackle challenges head-on. It stimulates motivation and drive, propelling one towards their goals with fervour. Ultimately, wearing red on Tuesday fosters a dynamic and proactive mindset, ensuring a spirited and productive start to the week.

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Mercury’s Influence on Wednesdays: Green

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is associated with a versatile and vibrant green colour, symbolising its adaptability and intellectual prowess. Its hue reflects the planet’s ability to communicate and express ideas with clarity and precision. Vedic seers depict Mercury as a luminous orb, radiating a verdant glow that stimulates the mind and sharpens intellect. Its greenish tint embodies growth and renewal, inspiring creativity and innovation in those under its influence. The colour of Mercury speaks of versatility and agility, mirroring the planet’s capacity to navigate diverse situations with ease.

Wearing green on Wednesday, under Mercury’s influence, offers numerous benefits. It enhances communication skills, fostering clarity and eloquence in speech. The verdant hue stimulates intellectual growth, promoting learning and adaptability. Green attire encourages creativity and innovation, inspiring fresh ideas and problem-solving abilities. It cultivates a sense of harmony and balance, facilitating harmonious interactions and social connections. Ultimately, wearing green on Wednesday nurtures a sense of vitality and renewal, ensuring a vibrant and productive day ahead.

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Venus’s Elegance on Fridays: White or Pastel

In Vedic astrology, Venus is depicted with a soft and alluring white or pastel colour, symbolising its harmonious and aesthetic influence. Its gentle hue radiates a sense of beauty and grace, captivating hearts with its serene glow. Vedic seers describe Venus as a celestial goddess, adorned in shades of white and pastels, exuding charm and elegance. Its colour speaks of love and romance, inspiring deep connections and emotional fulfilment. The softness of Venus’s hue reflects its nurturing and compassionate nature, fostering harmony and balance in relationships.

Wearing white on Friday, the day of Venus, bestows numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances your aura, radiating purity and tranquillity. Secondly, it attracts positivity and harmony into your life, fostering a sense of peace and balance. Thirdly, it symbolises clarity and new beginnings, encouraging fresh perspectives and opportunities. Additionally, it promotes unity and connection with others, fostering bonds of friendship and love. Moreover, it exudes elegance and sophistication, elevating your style and demeanour.

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Jupiter’s Abundance on Thursdays: Yellow

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter shines with a brilliant and expansive yellow or golden colour, symbolising its benevolent and auspicious influence. Its radiant hue illuminates the heavens, bestowing blessings and abundance upon the world. Vedic seers depict Jupiter as a majestic planet, bathed in hues of yellow and gold, exuding wisdom and magnificence. Its colour speaks of optimism and growth, inspiring hope and positivity in those it touches. The golden glow of Jupiter reflects its expansive and generous nature, offering guidance and protection on life’s journey.

Wearing yellow on Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, offers manifold benefits. It amplifies optimism and positivity, infusing one with a sense of abundance and gratitude. The sunny hue fosters wisdom and expansion, encouraging personal growth and self-improvement. Yellow attire attracts good fortune and prosperity, paving the way for success and opportunities. It cultivates a sense of generosity and benevolence, inspiring acts of kindness and goodwill.

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Saturn’s Discipline on Saturdays: Black

In Vedic astrology, Saturn is characterised by a sombre and dark hue, often described as black or deep blue, symbolising its stern and karmic influence. Its brooding colour casts a shadow over the celestial realm, imparting lessons of discipline and responsibility. Vedic seers depict Saturn as a solemn planet, shrouded in dark hues that speak of restriction and endurance. Its colour reflects the weight of karma and the importance of facing life’s challenges with resilience and fortitude. The dark presence of Saturn serves as a reminder of the need for discipline and self-mastery in order to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Wearing black on Saturday, the day of Saturn, offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it signifies strength and resilience, empowering you to overcome challenges with determination. Secondly, it fosters discipline and focus, aiding in the accomplishment of tasks and goals. Thirdly, it promotes introspection and self-awareness, encouraging personal growth and development. Additionally, it exudes sophistication and authority, commanding respect and admiration. Moreover, it provides protection from negative energies, shielding you from harm and adversity.

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