According to Vedic astrology, the seven days of the week are dominated by specific planets and celestial bodies and these planets influence the lives of individuals born on a specific day of the week. Sunday is the first day of the week and commences the preparations for the week ahead. Sunday is also the day of rest and worship. The Sun is the ruler of this wonderful day. Those born on Sunday shine in their life, like the Sun. Astrologically; it is believed that people born on Sunday are lucky ducks. Those born on Sunday are super special as per Vedic astrology. Sunday-born individuals are always on the lookout for something different and never satisfied with anything ordinary. They are eager to sparkle amidst the crowd with their brilliance. They are extremely creative individuals who aim to see themselves lead others in every aspect of life. They are bold, self-centred, proud, noble and confident individuals and are often a real asset to society. Want to know more? Let’s see how the other aspects of life affect the people born on Sunday.

Key Facts about people born on Sunday


As these individuals are ruled by the Sun, they grab attention wherever they go, ruling the domestic and social front. Just as other planets revolved around the Sun, people born on Sunday like to be surrounded by their friends, family, pets, and like being the centre of attention. They will only take into those people in their inner circle those people who give them prominence and accept them as a leader. They have a royal outlook and behaviour. Having fun and purposeful life is what they aim for. Royal as they are, they do not interfere in other’s matters and would not stand anyone interfering in their matters as this would make them very angry very quickly. They love their freedom just like a lion and possess strong willpower.


The planet Sun has a special effect on those born on Sunday which renders them a sharp face and beautiful features. They are especially attractive re is a special attraction in them that and this draws people towards them. They sound confident and they are indeed so; however, at times trials and tribulations may sometimes throw them off balance. As the Sun symbolises authority and power, those born on Sunday are brilliant, authoritative, powerful and distinguished. They are courageous, confident, influential, noble and creative. They stand out in a crowd which makes them extraordinary in some aspects. They can be arrogant and self-centred. They stay positive at all times. Those born on Sunday are generous and love to give to anyone who appreciates their efforts. They help the poor and the needy. Those born on Sunday tend to be suspicious about everything and do not open up to others easily. They are sensitive about what other people say about them. They tend to brood over other people’s opinions. They love solitude and like to spend their time away from distractions. They value their private space. They may procrastinate and cause a delay while embarking on a new activity. They tend to have a lot of abandoned projects. They get easily frustrated and tend to tire out easily. They are short-tempered, independent, helpful and stubborn. 


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Those born on Sunday are independent and love freedom, whether it’s personal or career-wise. They do not like working in a company where the boss hovers around them all day. They like to contribute their ideas, make decisions independently, and do not like to be bound by formalities and targets. They are free-spirited and, in some cases, they may find it difficult to gel easily with others. They work in their unique way even if they are assigned a heavy workload. Those born on Sunday fit the roles of a leader such as a team leader in a company. They can shine well in leadership roles in sectors such as politics, business, pharma industry or any authoritative job roles. They are very hardworking, ambitious and obstinate and are good leaders. They desire perfection ness in whatever work they take up and therefore become an example and inspiration for others. 

Love life

People born on Sunday love their independence. They tend to be an introvert and do not open up to others easily, hence they would have limited circle of friends. As they do have trust issues and suspect others, they fear being cheated. This makes it difficult for them to find their love life partner. However, once the right person comes along and who have gains ed their confidence and trust, and on whom they can depend, they love them unconditionally. Sunday-born people are usually stubborn and short-tempered and their partner should be able to understand and handle all their tantrums. 

Married life

The married life of those born on Sunday will have mixed prospects. While they are outgoing, they also value their personal space and freedom to enjoy their preferences in life. Their ego and pride will prove to be an obstacle in their relationship. They find it difficult to strike a balance between their domestic and social life. They can be self-centred and overbearing in their relationships, at times. However, once the partner gains their confidence and love, their love is unconditional. Understanding and accommodating the emotional needs of the life partner will help to make their married life a rewarding experience.

Miscellaneous features of People born on Sunday

Sunday-born individuals like to remain in the number one position in everything that they do and hence their lucky number is 1. Important events and new ventures can be commenced on the first of the month or on dates that add to the number 1 as this will prove to be lucky and successful for them. Offering prayer to Sun God and worshipping the Sun every morning, especially on Sundays, engaging in charitable activities, helping the poor and needy will bestow them with many blessings in life. While white is their lucky colour, the yellow colour would bring in positivity. Lucky days of the week are Sunday, Monday and Thursday. Those born on Sunday have a lot of fire in their body and normally are not susceptible to diseases.; however, once they are affected, it may be hard for them to recover from it. Any type of bad addiction, such as alcohol and or smoking, can turn out to be disastrous for them. 

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