There exists a relationship between the day, date, time and place of birth of an individual with his or her nature and character. Each day of the week is owned by a certain planet. Wednesday is the day of Mercury. As per Vedic astrology, Mercury contains both masculine and feminine qualities. It is the planet of intelligence and rationality. A strong Mercury enables the person to have good psychic powers, good memory and a strong nervous system. A weak Mercury may cause the individual to suffer from diseases of nerves, brain. It can cause a nervous breakdown, skin diseases, speech defects like stammering, insomnia and sexual weakness like impotency. The following are the unique characteristics of people born on Wednesday.

The character of People Born on Wednesday

Wednesday born persons usually have high intelligence. They take the effort to analyse a problem from all angles before approaching it. They are capable of multitasking. They are versatile and have a wide range of interests, from hunting to music. They communicate effectively. They are active and energetic. To them, being virtuous is more important than being rich. They have a sympathetic ear and can be quite understanding as a person. This makes them good friends.

However, they can be anxious, careless and unpredictable. The ideologies they uphold today may change a year from now. They can be prejudiced and arrogant. They can also be relatively insensitive. While ensuring rationality in their judgement, they may also overestimate their ability to remain unbiased. They can be cruel to what they do not like. Rationalists making fun of religious faith is a good example. They may also blindly follow someone without rhyme or reason.  

Personality Traits of People Born on Wednesday

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Wednesday born individuals may be attractive by virtue of their intellect. They may have a good attachment with family and friends. They tend to be talkative and also good listeners. Having quality conversations is their speciality. They do not do well in long-distance relationships. Solving problems is something they can excel at. This makes their services invaluable during times of crisis. They are diplomatic and sensitive to details.

They can be good mediators and can make warring parties come to a mutually beneficial agreement. They can be flamboyant. They may have an air of a polymath in them. They love to flaunt their superior intellect. They can also be funny with a good sense of humour. Their confident and assured demeanour may attract many. They can be pretty popular among the opposite gender.

Suitable Career for Wednesday Borns

People born on Wednesday believe in logic. As teachers, they will take care to instil the value of science and reason in young minds. As scientists, they will research and explore new avenues of knowledge. They are efficient and sincere. They love to travel and communicate well with others. As analysts or social commentators, they observe things others do not. Their perspectives carry depth and are of great value. They can also be good writers and orators. They like to explore the different realms of creativity. However, a lack of creative satisfaction may propel them to a change of career. This can happen multiple times. Taking up yoga or meditation may be of immense help.

The love life of Wednesday born People

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Wednesday born individuals are easy to love. They ask less and are willing to adjust. They are sympathetic and are good listeners. The only problem is they tend to insist on the logic behind everything, which may cause problems when it comes to being romantic. On their part, they will ensure that the relationship remains stable and healthy. It is up to the partner to bring in romance and pleasure.

They are willing to overlook mistakes, faults and shortcomings. They do not get carried away by external appearances. They will appreciate and reciprocate the efforts being put in by the partner to make the relationship work. However, they may tend to get lost in their other pursuits and ignore the needs of the partner for extended intervals.

People Born on Wednesday – Married life

Wednesday born individuals usually have good communication skills. This helps them succeed at remaining married happily. Also, their rational thinking will ensure that the family remains secure in a financial sense. Their willingness to adjust and adapt ensures the smooth run of the family. However, they tend to oversimplify things. They may not give due attention to emotional needs while making decisions.

They may bring about random changes which may affect the continuity of family life. They may not stop to consult the matter with others in the family. Emotionally, they may remain out of reach even to their spouse. This may lead to a gradual estrangement of relations. But for this risk, marital life for them may stay happy and content.

Miscellaneous features

The number 5 is a lucky number for those born on Wednesday. Their auspicious colour is green. They prefer a sanitised environment as they are prone to allergies and infections. They may have a craving for oily and spicy food. This may result in digestive problems. They may be physically smaller and more agile. Their health may fluctuate in old age. Helping the poor and needy on Wednesdays will do them overall good.

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