In astrology, planets are considered celestial beings. They exercise control over the life and behaviour of a person. Each day of the week is ruled by a particular planet. Tuesday is the day of Mars. After Shani, the fiery red planet is the most feared. A strong Mars facilitates the transition of the person’s energy and valour towards constructive purposes. It can announce the arrival of a great leader who may usher in revolutionary changes in society. A weak Mars may make the person angry, impatient and consequently, destructive.

Based on Vedic astrology, being born on Tuesday means being born on a day with Martian features. Most – if not all – of those born on Tuesday are fighters. While their moral sense may be askew, their fighting spirit is straightforward. They face challenges head-on. Mars is the nearest planet to Earth after the Moon. This makes Martian qualities to be more profound. Its effect depends on the moral inclination or the free will of the person.

People born on Tuesday Personality Traits

Tuesday born people tend to be brave. They can also be rash. Being diplomatic is not their virtue. They are warriors; they prefer to fight and win. This makes them good kings but bad politicians. People born on Tuesday are usually clear of the heart but may fail to get the joke. Worse, they tend to take it personally. They may prefer boxing over a game of chess. They will help themselves forward with tenacity until they win. They are the people who help materialise dreams.

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Courageous, intelligent and motivated are what they can be on a good day. On a bad day, they can be stubborn, masochistic and insecure. They tend to be polarising. People may love them or hate them, but they can’t be ignored. Treading the middle path may be a hard task for a Tuesday born. To their opponents, they are resilient enemies who just won’t give up.

The personality of People Born on Tuesday

Tuesday born people may have a certain way about the way they dress. They take care to dress according to the situation. They may not have a critical eye, but they choose only the best brand. The clothes they wear are an extension of their personality. They are lured by power and glamour. They crave speed, fame and pleasure. They are disciplined and driven by motivation. Striking a compromise may be a hard thing to do for them. They uphold principles and ideologies. They make good soldiers. They make good athletes. It also makes them intolerant. They may not hesitate to pick up a fight. New experiences and challenges may excite them. However, vision and wisdom may be late in coming.

Which Career is suitable for a Tuesday born?

Tuesday born people tend to be no-nonsense guys. They are straightforward and efficient. They believe in getting things done. As managers, they carry out their responsibilities to perfection. As someone new to the field, they learn things quickly and may reach the level of the more experienced people in no time. They like to remain active, more physically than mentally. As supervisors, they will remain loyal to the company and sincere to their instructions. To them, their career may be as – if not more – important as their marriage. They appreciate the value of money and can make for good auditors.

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Having them as colleagues means the team is vibrant and focused. However, they may not be so great as friends. They tend to be more to the point and rather insensitive. They can also be authoritarian as the boss. They are not good at seeing the larger picture. They can be influenced and manipulated. They are immune to complacency but vulnerable to callousness.

The love life of People Born on Tuesday

Tuesday born people can be very passionate. They can be brave and daring as lovers. They may be more physical in their show of love. They can be callous also. Breakups, if they happen, can be as ugly as the love was beautiful. Sweet-talks and holding hands are not their cups of tea. Also, they can be quite assertive and stubborn. They tend to be carried away by physical beauty. They are not the type to appreciate the softer skills of the partner. They are vulnerable to seduction and lust. Emotionally, they may tend to play alpha in a relationship. They may want their partner to follow them and not vice versa. Partly, they may view a partner as a social asset. They may attach love to their standing in society.

Tuesday Born Peoples Family life

According to astrology, the family life of Tuesday born people may see its ups and downs. There may be petty quarrels and power struggles. However, they can also be very protective of their family. They will not tolerate outside interference on family matters. Even when fighting with them, they may valiantly defend the name of their family in front of others. They may also bequeath the value of courage and tenacity to children. They may lead from the front and set examples on how to overcome struggles and challenges.

People born on Tuesday believe in tough love and leave the emotional side for their spouse to take care of. They may inspire children to dream and work hard. They may be good in the role of an uncorrupt, unbiased and uncompromising authority figure in the family.

Miscellaneous features of Tuesday Born People

Tuesday born people tend to have curly hair, a long neck and wide shoulders. Many may eventually sustain some kind of distinguishing mark on their face or person. They usually have a lighter skin texture. They may be physically tough and resistant to diseases. There may be problems related to blood. They are also prone to accidental injuries. Red and Maroon colours are auspicious for them. So are the numbers 3,6, and 9.

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