Birth Details of Cristiano Ronaldo

Name: Cristiano Ronaldo
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 5 February 1985 Tuesday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 00:00:00 AM Standard Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins) : 00:00 West of Greenwich
Place of Birth: Funchal
Longitude &Latitude (Deg.Mins) : 16.55 West, 32.40 North
Ayanamsa :
Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 38 Min. 43
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Pushya – 4
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Karkata – Chandra
Lagna (Ascendant) – Lagna Lord: Tula – Shukra
Thidhi (Lunar Day): Pournami, Suklapaksha

Based on the position of Lagna the following characteristics may be present in the personality of Cristiano Ronaldo. He will be idealistic, quick-witted, vindictive, forceful, positive, well-informed, interested in logic and legality. He will be imaginative, perceptive, a bit of a dreamer, forceful and self-confident.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s horoscope shows, physically he will have attractive eyes, an impressive appearance. Cristiano Ronaldo will probably have an alias or nick-name. He will love justice, peace, and harmony. Cristiano Ronaldo will believe in divine power. He will enjoy working for the government or for a large institution.

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Cristiano Ronaldo shows that he will have more daughters than sons. He will be a good business person. Cristiano Ronaldo’s physical characters show that he will be skinny. He may tend to worry. If he is in the political or religious field, he will exert tremendous influence over others. Cristiano Ronaldo has the power to convince people because of his absolute faith in his own message.

His horoscope shows that he may force his views upon unwilling minds because of his zeal and enthusiasm. Cristiano Ronaldo loves music. He is exceptionally honest. Since his Lagna lies in the first Drekkana of its house, he will have financial success in business enterprises. Cristiano will do well with a career in arts and sports. He will live extravagantly. He will be a special individual.

His life can turn in any direction, depending on the influences in his life. The important years in his life is 17, 24, 31, 33, 40, 43 and 57. Since the ascendant lord is in the 6th, he will be courageous and scrupulous. Cristiano will make or inherit money. He has the capacity to be conniving or shrewd.

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He will accumulate debt, but will also have the wherewithal to pay off those debts. He may be in the armed services or achieve a position of power in the world of finance. He may, on the other hand, work in the field of health services. His career or education may be influenced by his brothers.

As Ketu is in the first house, He will have a lovely face. His behaviour will be pleasant. Since Lagna lord is exalted, he is eligible to occupy high posts of authority. Since Mars aspects Lagna, he will have a charitable mind.

Land and properties, wealth, family, speech, food and skills are some of the important topics highlighted by the second house in a horoscope. As the 2nd lord is in the 6th, he is destined to gain power and fame, privilege and wealth from and through his enemies. Cristiano will have the power to destroy those who do not agree with his personal agenda or convictions.

Only seldom he will fail to achieve what he really wants.  Since Saturn is positioned in 2nd house, he will be accused of being thoughtless or deceitful. He may experience monetary problems now and then. It is seen that Venus conjuncts the second lord. Cristiano will develop an interest in literature, visual arts, and graphics. People will see a romantic touch and passion in whatever he do.

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