Name: Neymar
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 5 February 1992 Wednesday
Time of Birth (Hr.Min.Sec) : 00:00:00 AM Summer Time
Time Zone (Hrs.Mins) : 03:00 West of Greenwich
Place of Birth: Mogi das Cruzes
Longitude &Latitude (Deg.Mins) : 46.13 West, 23.32 South
Ayanamsa: Chitra Paksha = 23 Deg. 45 Min. 6Sec.
Birth Star – Star Pada (Quarter): Dhanishta – 4
Birth Rasi – Rasi Lord: Kumbha – Sani
Lagna (Ascendant) – Lagna Lord: Tula – Shukra
Thidhi (Lunar Day): Dwitheeya, Suklapaksha

The first house of the horoscope represents the personality characteristics, physical structure, status and fame of the person. Based on the position of Lagna the following characteristics may be present in Neymar’s personality.

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Neymar’s horoscope shows that he will be idealistic, quick-witted, vindictive, forceful, positive and well-informed.
He will be interested in logic and legality. He will be imaginative, perceptive, a bit of a dreamer, forceful and self-confident. He will enjoy, travelling, poetry, music and art. Physically he will have attractive eyes, impressive appearance.

He will probably have an alias or nick-name. Neymar will love justice, peace and harmony. He believes in a divine power. He will enjoy working for the government or for a large institution. He can be a very good business person. Horoscope of Neymar shows that he will be skinny early in life. He tends to worry. He will be a dreamer. If he is in the political or religious field, he will exert tremendous influence over others.

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He may have the power to convince people because of his absolute faith in his own message. He can force his views on unwilling minds because of his zeal and enthusiasm. He will love music. He is exceptionally honest. Since his Lagna lies in the second Drekkana of its house, he should be prepared to face sudden financial reversals. Be careful with others’ money, because if he is’t totally honest he will get into trouble through mismanagement of funds.

He will see business as drudgery. He has a chance to make money from literature. He will find innovative and exciting ways in which to spend his money. The important years in his life are 15, 22, 24, 29, 31, 36, 42, 44 and 51.
Since the lord of the ascendant is in the 3rd house, he will participate in acts that are courageous and honourable.

He will be capable of maintaining parallel relationships with different people, which is fine in casual friendships but dangerous when it comes to romance. Some of his ways appear unorthodox or unnatural to others. People may talk about him, so if he doesn’t want them to, it’s better not to flaunt lifestyle.

He may gain acceptance in the world of sports or mathematics, especially through the help of his brothers. His health will be variable. The aspect of Saturn on the first house, seen in his horoscope, is not a good indication and it is
essential to take all efforts to keep away from the unclean environment and the doubtful company of friends.

Land and properties, wealth, family, speech, food and skills are some of the important topics highlighted by the second house in a horoscope. As the 2nd lord is in the 3rd, he will be wise, brave, ethical, and parsimonious. He will equate love with the essence of existence itself. He accepts and returns love spontaneously without analyzing its merit or value.

Neymar’s horoscope shows that he may eschew religious beliefs and become addicted to material diversions. He will be helped by a sister. Interest in fine arts and music will prove rewarding in time. He instinctively feels the need for companionship in both love and business. May not pay much attention to religious ceremonies.

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It is seen that Jupiter aspects the second lord. He can find happiness in reading and comprehend 8 ancient history and epics and be sharing his wealth of knowledge with others. It is seen that Venus conjuncts the second lord. He will develop an interest in literature, visual arts and graphics. People will see a romantic touch and passion in whatever he do.

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