Mars the second smallest planet in the solar system, is the fourth planet from the Sun. It is the red planet. It is the ruling planet of the Zodiac sign Aries.  According to Vedic Astrology planet Mars is considered as the symbol of energy, confidence, aggression, courage and determination.  Mars governs sports, competitions and physical activities in general. So, the planet Mars Transit can influence life in various ways. Know the impact of Mars Transit in Caner and Leo

Mars Transit Start Date: 22nd June 2019

Mars Transit End Date: 9th August 2019

Mars (before/after) dust storm (July 2018)

Mars Transit in Cancer

The transit of Mars to Cancer generates a lot of interest among people because in Cancer Mars loses its temper. When Mars is in Cancer, that status is called debilitated. A debilitated Mars is very aggressive, but it will make the person, use his energy in the wrong way. When Mars is dignified in Cancer, it makes the person uses his energy in the right ways. 

Cancer is a water sign and Mars is not comfortable here, because Mars is a fiery sign. Martian energy goes directionless here. This planet will stay in one sign for nearly two months.  Mars is known as the planet for wars and aggression. It is very high energy and likes to be in the front. Cancer indicates family, mother, home, and homeland so, Mars will not be happy to represent these matters. The 4th house is a very private area, but Mars is a planet for wars. So, obviously, when Mars is in this sign, it brings some opportunity for clashes between family members.

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In the birth chart, when Mars comes in this sign, and that too in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12 houses, then that will create a Mangal dosha as well. 

Mars transit, when reaches cancer, then different houses will get activated for each sign. However, the planet Mars is in Cancer, brings concerns than positive matters.

Impact of the Mars Transit on 12 Zodiac Signs

Aries, Taurus and Gemini

For Aries, the focus will be on family matters including familial relationships and real estate deals. For Taurus, matters like communication, short travels and studies will be impacted. The 2nd house of money matters and speech will get triggered for Geminis. They have to be very careful about these matters.

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Cancer, Leo and Virgo

For Cancerians, their personal life, health, and relationships will be very important. Physical health and relationships may need more care. The emotional issues can get heightened for Leos as their 12th house of mysterious matters will get highlighted.  They will need a lot of rest and sleep. For Virgos, the 11th house of friendships and collective projects will get highlighted and that may create arguments in the relationships and projects.

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Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libras will find some challenges in the 10th house of career will get triggered.  They have to be really very careful regarding their work. Arguments at work also can come up.  Scorpio will be looking forward to long trips because the 9th house of foreign travels and spirituality will get highlighted.  Sagittarius will be looking more into finances. They will have a lot of transactions during this time period.

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Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorns will be trying to manage their personal and professional relationships as the 7th house of spouse, marriage and partnerships will get highlighted.  For Aquarius, the 6th house of work, colleagues, and health will get highlighted and you have to be very careful with the workplace. Workload will be coming up and arguments are also a part of this phase. Due to this workload, there can be health issues as well. When Mars enters the last sign of Pisces, it will be bringing more opportunities with creativity and there will be programs with children. Still, you need to be careful with these matters. As Mars in Cancer generally brings issues.

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Mars Transit in Leo

Mars Transit in Leo behaves very differently and that is quite a good experience. Its because Leo is all about fun and entertainment. Leo indicates, arts, entertainment, creativity, children and romance. When Mars is in Leo, it will be very aggressive, and it will make people very confident and not unhappy like it is in Cancer. Here Mars will be using its energy to make everyone very appealing. Mars will make people do many things, but in a very romantic way and also in a creative way. 

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