Jupiter Transit is seen as an auspicious event in astrology as it is the planet representing teachers, money, children, and luck. Jupiter is also known as the biggest benefic planet in astrology. It is also the planet for happiness and optimism. Every planet changes signs, but the transit of bigger planets are life-changing. These planets stay in a sign for one year or more, so there will be more activity in the houses in which these planets are placed. Jupiter, the celestial guru, also known as the planet for wisdom, will bless the native if placed well. Jupiter Transit in November will bring a huge change in everybody’s life.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the transit of Jupiter. Even though this planet is a natural benefic, when it is placed in an enemy sign, or is debilitated, in retrograde, or combust, there will be many challenges. So, it is crucial to know how your Jupiter is placed during this transit.

What are the effects of Jupiter transit?

People think that yearly transits will bring new events in their life. What needs to be understood is that no transit can supersede the promise in the horoscope. You need to understand the horoscope and find out what the promised events in the horoscope are. The horoscope is the ultimate reflection of what you have to go through in your life. Jupiter stays in a sign for 12 months. However, the transit of Jupiter in November 2021 is very rare as it will be staying in Aquarius only for six months. After six months, it will move into the water sign of Pisces. So, the transit of Jupiter into the sign of Aquarius is a relatively short one.

Jupiter will enter Aquarius on November 20, 2021, at 11:23 AM and remain there till April 13, 2022, 4:57 PM. Technically, Jupiter has stayed in Aquarius for 12 months as it was in the same sign from 2021 April to September. Aquarius is a fixed sign and an air sign as well. Saturn rules it, and it is the Mool trikon sign for Saturn. It indicates hopes, wishes, international organisation, money, and elder siblings. So, for every sign, these matters will be prominent.

From which sign do you need to check Jupiter transit?

According to Sage Parasara, transits are studied through the Moon sign. However, astrology is being updated like never before. Some people check transit through Lagna as well. It is not easy to comprehend the course of Jupiter through Lagna and the Moon sign or Rasi. However, Lagna is your physical body, and the Moon indicates the mind. From Lagna and the Moon, Jupiter can be indifferent or the same house.

There are four elements in astrology; they are fire, earth, air, and water. All the twelve signs belong to these elements. The fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; and the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. So, in different elements, Jupiter will behave differently, and it will produce different results. These are the results of the upcoming Jupiter transits for each sign. You can check it through Lagna and the Moon sign.

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Transit of Jupiter is going to bring more friends and teammates to you. However, for the next six months, you will be focused on your long-term projects and dreams. As a result, there may be some changes in the existing long-term projects.

These projects can be related to scientific and technical communication. You will be very charitable, and this will connect you to NGOs. You can reap success and money if you are using this transit properly. The team will have some arguments, but that will vanish when Jupiter moves out of this house. This is also an important time for your elderly siblings and cousins


This is a critical phase for your career as well as home. The tenth house of career is not a favourite for Jupiter, so you have to be careful. Also, you may have to be very careful with your colleagues and bosses. Try to adjust with them; otherwise, you will have a tough time in your job.

New job opportunities can come up, but you should think twice as the transit is not happening in the right house for Jupiter. At times, Jupiter can make you feel overly optimistic and lazy. However, this is a time to work on big projects and foreign collaborations.


The transit Jupiter will bring foreign collaborations as well as long trips. You have to be very clear with your travel plans. This is also a critical time for those who work in media and mass communication too. You will have a lot of interest in spirituality and philosophy. Students and teachers will find this as an excellent time to work on some projects. At the same time, please stay away from arguments; otherwise, you may lose your energy.

Career-related training will also be a part of this transit. Fatherly figures and mentors also will be very demanding during this phase.


The transit is moving through the eighth house of finances and partnerships. This transit can be challenging as the sector of transformation will be very active. It would be best if you were careful with your emotional needs. At times, you may need someone to listen to your worries. You can expect some discussions regarding finances and settlements. There can be some concerns regarding your partnerships as well.

There will be discussions about getting and giving loans. This is a sensitive phase, so you have to be very careful with every area of your life. Love life also needs a lot of care as, throughout the transit, you will have some issues to solve.


Jupiter will impact the seventh house of marriage and professional relationships. This is the time to experiment with the relationships. Please try to improve your love life, as there will be challenges. If Jupiter is strong, then singles will even get married. A new phase in the relationship will come up. This change can also come in the professional sector. You may get new contracts and business deals too.

Jupiter will aspect your Lagna too, so you have to take care of your health as well. You have to control your diet; otherwise, there will be some health issues.


During this time, Jupiter will be moving through the sixth house of challenges. So, you have to be very careful with your health as well as your colleagues. Your projects will be very complex, and you will have to spend a lot of time on them.  New projects are possible, but you should be careful with the terms and conditions. There can be some delay in the existing projects as well.

Your health is also crucial as Jupiter is moving through the house of health. Jupiter is the indicator of “jeeva” so, your health is vital. If you are not careful, there are chances for physical issues.

Know the changes Guru’s rashi change will bring in you


During this transit, your creativity will increase, and you will be starting creative projects. New creative projects can come up, and that will make you very zealous. This is a significant time for those who work in arts and entertainment. Politicians and social workers also will have a lot of work. You will have to focus more on your children and have new goals in life.

There will be some opportunities to join a new team as well. Singles will also have options to find like-minded people. Pilgrimages and social gatherings will be plenty during this transit.


The transit of Jupiter through the sign of Aquarius will be crucial for your family matters. The fourth house of home and family is a good place for Jupiter. So, you can expect important events during this transit. There will be a lot of real estate deals or construction-related discussions. Family meets-ups, and you will be solving issues with your relatives as well.

Career will also be meaningful as Jupiter will aspect the career sector. You will have to be very careful with your managers as the aspect of Jupiter in the tenth house is not seen as a great one.


This is a sensitive transit for you as Jupiter will push you for multitasking during this transit. Since Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification, you need to be very careful with what you do. Firstly you need to control your financial expenses; otherwise, there will be a lot of losses during this time. There will be a lot of short travels, but there can be some delay in that as well.

You will have a lot of chances for communication, but please avoid being blunt. You may even buy an electronic device during this time. Students will learn new technical skills too.


During this time, Jupiter will be impacting your finances. Jupiter is the planet for expansion and magnification, so that you will have a lot of expenses. At the same time, you will be looking for a new job opportunity as well. This is a time to learn a new skill and improve your career.

You will have essential discussions regarding loans and ancestral property. Do not take any risk in loans or any financial matters. Family matters also will be necessary, and you will have to take more responsibilities during this transit.


Jupiter, the planet for expansion and magnification, is moving through your sign. This is a significant time for your life as Jupiter is the planet for luck and fortune. This is an excellent time for your future so, you should use this time very carefully. Singles will find a suitable partner during this time. However, it would help if you did not take solo decisions during this time. Please depend upon the elders during this transit. There will be new opening at work, and you should make use of this transit. Long trips also will be coming up shortly.


Jupiter is moving through the twelfth house of emotional needs, so naturally, you will have challenges. The most mysterious portion of your birth chart is currently activated. This will be a time to take a step back and

make some plans for your future. Your health will also be significant, and you have to take care of your health. During this time, you will have strange dreams, with a lot of messages from the universe. You need to understand the meaning as it will give you a lot of insights.

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