Jupiter Transit for Virgo/Kanya

Jupiter's transit through the eighth house will have a significant impact on Virgo's personal and financial life over the next year. As Jupiter governs expansion and magnification, you may feel the urge to take risks in financial matters, such as borrowing or lending money. However, it is essential to proceed with caution, as this transit may not be a good time financially. You must keep an eye on your expenses, as there may be unforeseen costs that could put a strain on your budget. Jupiter's influence in the eighth house also indicates an interest in the study of science and the occult. You may be drawn towards exploring topics such as astrology, psychic abilities, or other areas of esoteric knowledge.
Jupiter's presence in the eighth house also suggests that you may encounter significant events related to your home and family. This could include gatherings, negotiations, or problem-solving sessions. Additionally, long-distance travel or pilgrimages may be planned during this time. It is essential to manage your finances carefully, as Jupiter's transit will activate the sectors for expenditures and emotional self-worth. You may feel a sense of urgency to raise your self-worth and learn about topics related to the occult and spirituality.
In summary, Virgo, it is crucial to proceed with caution when it comes to financial decisions during Jupiter's transit through the eighth house. While there may be opportunities for growth and expansion in areas such as the study of the occult, it is essential to manage your expenses carefully and prioritise your financial well-being. Additionally, significant events related to your home and family may occur, and it is important to approach them with a level head and a willingness to negotiate and problem-solve.

Suggested Puja for Virgo/Kanya Rashi

Guru Jaap - 76000 chants

Guru Jaap - 76000 chants

Guru Jaap can help rectify the negative effects of planet Jupiter in a person's birth chart. This practice is especially recommended for those who have an unfavorable placement of Guru. By doing the Jaap, one can strengthen the positive influence of Guru and promote a happy, successful life. It can also lead to financial security and wealth.

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