Moon Sign Calculator

Moon Sign Calculator

What is the Moon sign?

The sign occupied by the Moon in the chart at the time of their birth is called the Moon sign of a person. Vedic astrology lays most emphasis on the Moon sign calculator. The daily prediction for an individual as per Vedic astrology is calculated using the Moon sign calculator. The Moon sign describes the unconscious and instinctive reactions of a person. It determines his or her natural, inborn side which is inherited primarily from the mother or reflects the feminine part within the person. By analyzing the Moon sign, predictions regarding the kind of experiences one would want to go through to feel emotionally satisfied can be made.


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Importance of Moon sign

The Moon Sign calculator by date of birth is used to calculate or deduce astrological predictions for an individual. The Moon sign plays an important role in determining an individual’s behaviour. It defines emotional growth and expresses the unconscious side of personality.

The Moon sign finder also defines character traits like anger, hate, jealousy and fear. As a fast-moving planet, the Moon affects your life more than any other planet. The Moon determines how the senses would work. The Moon sign accurately describes the personality of an individual. It helps to determine fate and the willingness to drive oneself towards the right path. The Moon sign plays a pivotal role in finding compatibility with others and helps sustain a long-lasting and harmonious relationship with everyone. It determines your life path, luck and mental build-up of a person. Without knowing the Moon sign one can't proceed through Indian Vedic Astrology.

How Is Moon Sign Calculated?

The Moon Sign Calculator can determine in which zodiac sign the Moon is placed at the time of birth of a person. It is done by taking into account the date, time and place of the birth of the person. Just the date of birth is not enough. This is because the moon makes quick transitions and stays in a sign only for about two and a half days.

The Moon completes its travel cycle in 28 days. The laws of the moon's motion are quite complicated and involve a complex algorithm. For the accurate use of the Moon sign finder, time and place of birth are necessary along with the date of birth. Through Clickastro Moon Sign Calculator India, you can find all that you wish to know about your Moon Sign.

12 Moon signs

There are 12 Moon signs as there are 12 Rashis or Zodiacs defined in Vedic Astrology. The signs and the human nature they represent are given below:

  • Aries: The person will be impulsive and impatient, but will be a quick learner.
  • Taurus: This is the best Moon position to have in a horoscope. The person will be mentally stable.
  • Gemini: The person will be dual-minded.
  • Cancer: The person will have a motherly attitude and likes to take care of everyone.
  • Leo: Like a lion, the person will espouse pride and is a natural leader.
  • Virgo: The person will be practical-minded.
  • Libra: The person will have a balanced mind, but maybe a perfectionist.
  • Scorpio: The Moon is not comfortable here. The mind of the person will be fluctuating.
  • Sagittarius: The person will have a religious mind.
  • Capricorn: The person will have a stable mind and will be rigid in approach.
  • Aquarius: The person will be social and communicative and mingles well with others.
  • Pisces: The person will be spiritual and will like to explore different worlds.

Planet moon and its importance

The Moon is the second most important planet in astrology after the Sun. It deals with the mind, its emotions and feelings. "Calculate my Moon sign" is one of the most searched astrology-related queries on Google. The Moon has an important role in maintaining everyday relationships. The Moon denotes the mental and emotional power to tackle adverse situations and also maintain the balance between reality and imagination. In the horoscope, the Moon is seen as the ruler of the signs Cancer and Taurus. Considered a female planet, the Moon is seen as the queen among planets.

A functional benefic, the strength of the Moon can be analyzed through the planet Jupiter as the combined effect of these two planets indicates wealth, wisdom and prosperity. A positively placed Moon in the horoscope will bless the person with mental peace and happiness. An afflicted Moon on the other hand can cause depression and mental stress. The Moon sign chart enables one to get a clear picture of emotions. It also has a special preference at the time of marriage.

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