2022 Libra Horoscope

Libras are romantics. They love to surround themselves with beauty and luxury. They are willing to go to any extent for the sake of the person they love. This also makes them vulnerable to emotional manipulation and blackmail. However, they believe in peace and fairness in life. They hold no bias towards anyone. They treat everyone equally. Libras are good talkers and can carry a conversation on almost any subject. They have a good sense of humour and are also good listeners. This makes them universally liked by their colleagues and friends. But Libras are rarely strong personalities. They are not the kind you want to steer the ship when the sea gets rough. Libras are indecisive and prefer to leave decision making to others. They are not cut to be leaders. Rather, they are flirty characters who win everyone over with their charm. They value feelings and are deeply sensitive when it comes to the feelings of others. Libras are also impartial. They hear both sides of the argument before coming to a conclusion.

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Libra 2022 Horoscope

The year 2022 will give you multiple opportunities to be stable in your life. The planet for expansion and optimism will impact your personal life. You will be feeling much better during the first half of the year due to the aspect of the benefic planet Jupiter. It would help if you were careful about your health as wealth. Otherwise, there will be wrong plans during this year. Career related discussions and interviews can also come up, and this is a very important year for job seekers. Please use the opportunities wisely to reap maximum results from your career. Love life and marriage also will be the highlight of this year, and singles will surely get some time to meet interesting people. However, if the horoscope does not support a marriage, you should not get into a wrong commitment during this year. The yearly horoscope of 2022 shows stability and prosperity for Librans, even if they have to work hard. The universe will bring such opportunities, and Librans have to be careful and use these opportunities wisely. The first month of 2022 can be complex due to the retrogression of Venus, but you will be making it up in the coming days. There will be multiple opportunities to meet friends and family, so this is also a year for celebrations. This is also a year for construction and other real estate deals. Saturn is a friendly planet for Libra will be in the fourth house of home and family, which shows the chances for agriculture and construction. Even though Saturn is not a bad planet for Librans, there will be some delay in the construction. If you are going for any real estate deals, then you have to be careful with the terms and conditions. The second quarter of the year will bring more changes in a positive manner. The majority of the growth will be seen during this time. There will be gains from the ancestral property also. Moveable and immoveable property related discussions will come up during this time. New members will be coming up in your family, and you will have a good relationship with most of the family members. However, health can go through ups and downs, so you have to be careful. There will be some stress regarding work and real estate deals, so you will have to be careful.
Libra 2022 Love and Marriage
The year 2022 will be very important in love and romance. The beginning of the year will be not very good for all the signs as Venus; your ruler will slow down the planet for love and romance. This slowdown will impact everyone's love life in a complex mode.The situation will slowly change, but it will not be smooth as Jupiter moves into the sign of Pisces.When Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius, single Libra natives will think about getting married. If the maha Dasha and Antar dasa is supporting a marriage, then Libra natives will get married. Otherwise, they will find someone whom they like, and some people may postpone the decision for matrimony. However, 2022 will be a big year for married couples as well.


Libra 2022 Career and Business
Throughout the year, multiple planets will impact your career and business. This is a challenging phase for business owners, and they have to stay away from anything risky. Saturn will be in the sign of Capricorn until the mid-portion of the year, and in April 2022, it will move into the sign of Aquarius. When it is Capricorn, Saturn will be blocking the progress in the business, and that doesn't mean there will not be any progress. The challenges will be evident when Saturn is about to leave for Aquarius. During its plight through Aquarius, those in business will have a lot of work. This is also a year for those who look for a job change or a new job. During the second half of the year, there will be a lot of opportunities to improve your business ventures. Still, it would be best if you were very careful with the terms and conditions of the business agreements.


Libra 2022 Health
This is a very important year for mothers to be and couples who want a child. Until April 2022, Jupiter will be in the sign of Aquarius, and this is a good time to get conceived, so the pregnant woman has to take care of their health and medication. The transit of Saturn through the sign of Aquarius will bring health-related concerns. The lower abdomen area will be very much active during this year. If you are taking the wrong diet, it will trigger lifestyle diseases, so you have to take care of the diet. Throughout the year 2022, you may feel a little down about health, but from April 2022 onwards, you will be able to handle your health-related concerns. During March, June and October, your ruler Mercury will be moving in a slow down mode, and this time can bring some stress, so you have to be careful.


Libra 2022 Wealth and Finances
This is a progressive year for finances, but the beginning of 2022 will be challenging as the ruler of your finances, Venus, will be in a slow down mode during the first month. So, the first month of the year 2022 will be of challenges, but you should not get discouraged. This year will you will be able to have stability in your income. The more giant planets, Saturn will be aspecting the second house of savings and wealth. There you will get enough opportunities to make better plans for your finances. You can also expect some financial adjustments. You will be able to settle or restructure your debts in 2022. You will be very cautious about your wealth, and please try to make better plans with the help of financial experts. You will indeed have some profits from your ventures.


Libra Compatibility
Libra Highly Compatible Zodiac
 ||  Leo
 ||  Sagittarius
 ||  Aquarius
Libra Strength
Cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social
Libra Weakness
Indecisive, avoids confrontations, carries grudges, self-pity
Libra Favourable Colors
Pink, White, Blue, Green
Libra Favourable Numbers
5, 6, 9
Libra Love Compatibility
Libras prefer to play the second fiddle in a romantic relationship. They prefer to be loved than to love. They are uncertain about how to move forward when in a relationship and rely on the partner to do it for them. Libras want to be pampered and be showered with gifts and surprises. Their expectations when it comes to love are lofty, surreal even. They consider love to be higher than the individual involves. They expect it to be based on ethics, parity and sincerity to one another. Love to Libras is not just about sharing a good time, it has to be a sharing of politics, arts, passion and ideologies. They are good talkers and can win anyone over with their charm and wit. They are also good listeners who can judge a situation dispassionately in a fair manner. Though they act like they have little interest in public displays of affection, they love it when they are subjected to it.
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