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A kundali or horoscope captures the planetary positions at the time of birth and sheds light on the various aspects of life. The unique planetary arrangement with respect to the time and place of birth is the cosmic design of your general character, physical & mental properties, family status etc. Do not wait? Generate this report to discover the unknown factors about you & personality. You can generate online janam kundali in Hindi by filling in the above form.

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Panchanga Predictions

This free janam kundali features the panchanga predictions based on birth details. Panchanga or the basic data in kundli making includes predictions based on Weekday, Birth Star, Thithi, Karana & Nithya Yoga. The weekday predictions can reveal some basic traits & tendencies. The online janma kundali report finds out your birth star and gives predictions based on that. The thithi (lunar day) and karana (half of thithi) can reveal information about mindset and character while the nithya yoga or birth yoga can give information about behavior and traits.

Bhava Predictions

There are 12 bhavas which represent twelve different fields. This online janam kundali report analyses 12 bhavas, their rasis and the planets positioned in each bhava to give predictions on various aspects – your personality, relationships, family, wealth, career, education, marriage etc. You can know what each bhava or house represents and get a detailed analysis of all bhavas. Read this free janma kundali in Hindi to get forecasts on all fields of life.

Favourable Periods and Effects of Dasa/Apahara

Good or bad luck at a specific time is influenced by various features of horoscope. This janam kundali report makes a holistic study of horoscope to reveal the favourable periods. The report studies in detail about dasas and apaharas too. You can know from this report, the favourable periods for career, marriage, business, house construction etc.

Remedies and Recommendations

Horoscope can be a perfect guide by recommending remedies or solutions to the malefic influences and obstacles. You may encounter certain difficulties or hard times in life due to the effects of a specific dasa or certain features of birth star. This online janma kundali will give you star and dasa based remedies. Also, it checks for the various doshas (Kuja dosha, Rahu dosha & Ketu dosha) and suggests remedies for them.

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