To understand the basics of Astrology, precisely Indian Astrology you must familiarize yourself with various houses in Astrology. There are 12 segments called as houses in astrology or Bhava in Vedic astrology. Each house is represented and assigned with a zodiac sign from Aries to Pisces.  12 zodiac signs, called Rashis in Vedic astrology archetypes indicate various aspects of your life. It is otherwise the houses in Astrology which plays the pivotal role. Each house in astrology represents a distinct element from people’s character, education, suitable career options, circumstances encountered in life and more. 

The 12 different houses in Astrology

First house in Vedic astrology – House of Self

First house in Vedic astrology or Indian astrology is also called Lagna or Ascendant. First house in astrology represents the self and beginning of life. 

Vedic Astrology calls it Tanu Bhava which means house of the body. 

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It represents the individuality, characteristics, physical features and attraction and overall strength. First house in Indian Astrology also shows an overview of life, choices, events, etc. 

First house in astrology is the default reference to all the other houses. 

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Second house in Vedic astrology – House of Family and Wealth 

From the environment of knowing self, the second house signifies family and growing up. It represents basic education, growing up, immediate family members, material wealth, accumulated wealth, and commonly called the house of possessions. Since it associates with possessions, it also denotes the ability to earn, financial status, etc.  

Vedic astrology calls it Dhana Bhava. 

Third house in  astrology – House of Courage, Communication, and Siblings 

Third house signifies the courage and valor of an individual. It generally relates to mental intelligence, thought process, all modes of communication and siblings. The realm of the third house in Indian astrology indicates how well you harness communication. 

Vedic astrology calls it Sahaj Bhava. 

Fourth house in Vedic astrology – House of Mother, Possessions and Pleasures 

Fourth house signifies your native ties and roots. It is the house that represents your mother and your relationship with her. It also associates with family values, immovable properties and possessions like land, properties, and all associations with the homeland. The realm of the fourth house in astrology falls into cultural values, heritage, family history, inheritance, and societal norms. 

Vedic astrology refers to it as Bhandhu Bhava. 

Fifth house in astrology – House of Progeny and Punya 

Fifth house indicates the progeny and a virtuous act of an individual in the past lives. It also denotes self-expression, romance and love affairs, creative ability, hobbies and sports. The deeds and virtuous acts of the past lives (Poorva Punya stana in Vedic astrology) are indicated in the fifth house.

Vedic astrology refers to it as Putra Bhava. 

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Sixth house in Vedic astrology – House of disease, debt and enemy

Sixth house associates with three major aspects of a person’s life. This house indicates the risk of diseases, debt and enemies, how a person will handle diseases, opposition from enemies, debt, how to overcome and more. This is collectively indicated by the sixth house in astrology. 

Vedic astrology calls it Shatru Bhava. 

Seventh house in astrology – House of Marriage and partnerships 

Seventh house is an important significator of the partnerships, precisely marriage. It is the house in astrology placed opposite to the first house. First house means self; seventh house means spouse or partner. These two houses in astrology complement each other in terms or relationship. Seventh house in Indian astrology governs all elements of marriage, attraction towards opposite sex, desire to get a partner or not, aspects of marriage life, commitment level, etc. 

In Vedic astrology, it’s called Kalathra Bhava.

Eighth house – House of death and accidents 

It is considered a malefic house in Vedic astrology, which means negative as the house signifies death and accidents. It is an indicator of sudden death, longevity, nature of death, and sudden unexpected events. Eighth house in Indian astrology also associates with sudden profits and losses, defamation/rise to fame, dark side life, hidden resources and legacies to inheritances. Contrary to the popular belief, Eighth House is purely malefic; it also equally signifies positivity, strength and longer life span.  

In Vedic astrology, it’s called Ayu Bhava. 

Ninth house  – House of Father, fate and fortune 

Ninth house is the indicator of the ethics, religious inclinations, values, spirituality, fate, fortune and relationship with father. It also associates with higher education. Ninth house in Vedic astrology is also a significator of philosophical mind, charity and being generous.   

Vedic astrology calls it Dharma Bhava. 

Tenth house in Vedic astrology – House of profession

Tenth house is the indicator of your profession, career, job and business, related to your nature and type of occupation. This house in astrology is the key to understand business or profession. A deep anaysis and research of your tenth house gets a clear picture of your career or business goals. Tenth house in Indian astrology also indicates the higher positions and your earning capability.

Vedic astrology calls it Karma Bhava. 

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Eleventh house in astrology – How of gains and casual incomes 

It is an auspicious house that signifies gains, abundance and sudden prosperity. The fulfilment of aspirations and desires is governed by this house. A thorough analysis of the eleventh house can help you find what endeavours brings you success.

In Vedic astrology, it’s called Labha Bhava. 

Twelfth house in Vedic astrology – House of expenses and solitude  

While the first house represents the beginning Twelfth House in astrology signifies the end by completing the lifecycle. Solitude, foreign travel, isolation, separations, materialism, jail sentences, and source of expenses are signified by the Twelfth House in Astrology. It associates with moksha that liberates the soul.

Vedic astrology calls it Vyaya Bhava.

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