Cancellation Policy

ASTRO-VISION astrological calculations are based on scientific equations and not on any specific published almanac. Although broadly based on Indian Predictive Astrology / Numerology, the reports generated should be considered as an independent work of Astro-Vision and the predictive texts shall be considered purely as an opinion based on the principles of Astrology. Astro-Vision shall not entertain any dispute on differences arising out of such comparisons. However, Astro-Vision shall reply to any customer complaints or feedback within a reasonable time period and clarify any point based on the prediction made by Astro-Vision.

While Astro-Vision shall try to ensure that each report is prepared meticulously and with utmost care, Astro-Vision does not rule out the possibility of any unexpected errors. In case of any such errors, Astro-Vision's liability is limited to the extent of replacing the report with a rectified one.

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