Saturn transit predictions: Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn completes one orbit of the zodiac every 30 years. Saturn moved to Aquarius, his other house, on January 17, 2023. This period will see significant changes in everyone's life. The impact of Saturn's transit is more pronounced than that of any other planet because of its slow speed. Saturn is a Karma symbol. Past actions will come back to as a result of this transit. You'll be able to discern what needs to be done and how righteous you ought to be. Read on to find more about Shani Gochar on your Rashi.


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Saturn Transit Impact on Aries (Medam/Mesha)

There will be loss of opportunities. You will fail to meet deadlines at work. Losses may be incurred. Superiors will lose their trust in you and relegate you to jobs demeaning your status and position. It will be hard for you to fulfil any objectives. This may result in frustration which you make take out on your near and dear ones. There will be arguments and quarrels at home. You may also fight with your friends and relatives. It will be tough for anybody to sympathise with you. Such conflicts will also loosen your chances of getting invited to social occasions. Your health will deteriorate. You may fall ill and may even be bedridden. Consultation and treatment may cost you a fair amount bringing further imbalance and bitterness into your life. Illness will affect your professional life as it may cost you opportunities to set everything straight with your superiors.

Saturn Transit Impact on Taurus (Edavam/Vrishabha)

There will be an increase in enemies. They will get together and conspire to bring harm upon you. And they will succeed as well. You will be robbed of your peace of mind and your cheerful nature. You will become nervous and afraid of the worst that can happen. This will stop you from fulfilling your duties in both your professional and personal life. You will be preoccupied with dealing with your enemies which will make you miss out on important tasks. There is also the risk of bondage. This can be literal, as in you may have to suffer the indignity of getting incarcerated. Or, it can be that you will become enslaved to certain activities that will shield you from all good things in life and also cause your standing among family and friends to take a hit. Do not make decisions in haste and keep emotions under control.

Saturn Transit Impact on Gemini (Midhunam/Mithuna)

There will be problems with the heart. It can be literal or in the form of heartbreak. Something which you had deeply believed in and into which you had spent countless hours and energy may turn out to be the opposite of what you were expecting. There may be loss of money as well as loss of good name. This may come as a result of you indulging in sinful activities that are against traditions and norms. You may revel in giving pain to the orthodox members of your family and circle of friends. Insulting them and calling them names will give you pleasure. You may also be willing to spend money on it. This will result in you losing the reputation and goodwill that had taken you all your life to build. Keep expectations to a minimum and do not wish to seek pleasure by hurting others.

Saturn Transit Impact on Cancer (Karkidakam/Karkata)

You will enjoy good relations with members of the opposite sex. They will be attracted to you because of your success, merit and strong personality. Physical relationships can also happen. There will be profits in all material aspects of life. Wealth will see an increase, as will productivity and ownership. There may be an influx of money. A salary increment is likely. Investments done in the past may bring in benefits. Life will be comfortable and there will be no dearth of essentials. Your status in society will improve. Power of glory will be vested upon you. Others will look upon you as a shining example of a life worth living. Your standing among friends and family members will rise. Like moths attracted to light, dreamers and aspirants will come to you for guidance and advice. How you deal with them will cement your legacy.

Saturn Transit Impact on Leo (Chingam/Simha)

Prepare to endure immense suffering. These may be more emotional than physical. Circumstances will pop up again and again which will bring you pain and agony. This will involve both personal and professional life and you will not be able to get away from it. There will be difficulty in moving. Obstacles may hinder you from important journeys. Further travelling may bring you hardships in the form of health issues and bad experiences. It is best not to travel and postpone any trips you have planned. There will be a loss of money. Unwise spending may land you in a financial crunch. Be prudent when it comes to money matters. Otherwise, you may be forced to take out loans which will bring additional pain to your already disturbed mind. Loss of wealth can also affect non-financially like health getting affected or relationships getting strained.

Saturn Transit Impact on Virgo (Kanni/Kanya)

There is a risk of fire and poisonous animals. Exercise extreme caution while handling electric equipment. Food poisoning and problems due to indigestion may come up. Be careful about what you eat. Avoid meat and spicy food. You may face harsh experiences from friends and relatives. Pain and bitterness may come from close relatives. Friends may not be there when you need them. Do not expect help or support from anybody at this time. Most probably, those whom you were counting on as aides may revel at seeing you go through hard times. Time is not conducive to undertaking journeys. It is better to postpone any planned trips. If you do go ahead with the trip, be prepared to face obstacles and hardships on the way. Money may be lost and health may take a hit. On the whole, it is better for you to keep to yourself at this time.

Saturn Transit Impact on Libra (Tulam/Tula)

Things may not be smooth in the family. Disputes over money, property and rights may erupt more than once. You are advised to exercise patience at this time. It is unwise to be a part of the dispute, or worse, be the reason for the dispute. Loss of money or property through theft is a possibility. Never go easy on anything. Make sure to adhere to all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your valuables. Also, do not be that open about your savings or collections of value to anyone, including close relatives. In fact, it is better to keep any and all conversations to a bare minimum at this time. Keep any plans for going on a journey on the back burner for now. Travelling now will bring hardships and bitter experiences. Everything that can go wrong will probably go wrong if you insist on travelling at this time.

Saturn Transit Impact on Scorpio (Vrischikam/Vrischika)

Good fortunes will come from all four directions. You will be in a good place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will experience growth and prosperity in all facets of life. There will be good times in the family and at the workplace. Relationships will get better. Friends will take you seriously. There will be an increase in wealth. The business will turn a profit. This is a good time to make investments. There may be a hike in salary. Agricultural practices will bring good results. Farmers can expect a good harvest. Those involved in the trade of agriculture and farm products can expect good returns. All your wishes may come true at this time. You have the blessing to convert aspirations to reality. However, be careful what you wish for. For instance, wishing harm to others will come back to haunt you later in life.

Saturn Transit Impact on Sagittarius (Dhanu)

You may not be thinking straight. Instead of trying to get ahead of others, you will be convinced to spend your energy on pulling others back. Such negative stimulation will end up being hurtful to both your life and career. Your relationships will be going through a bad phase. There may be arguments and quarrels with your wife. If allowed to escalate, estrangement and even formal separation may happen. And all fault will be laid on your attitude. This is not limited to personal life alone. Your social life may also suffer. You are likely to indulge in unnecessary arguments and get into fights with strangers on the road. People may view you with contempt. Friends and relations will prefer to keep you at arm's length. Unless you take a great effort to focus your thoughts in the right direction, this will prove to be a very bad phase for you.

Saturn Transit Impact on Capricorn (Makaram/Makara)

You will be separated from your son. This can happen literally. You may have to endure a period of separation from your children. Or, this may be figurative. You may be taken away from a project that was your brainchild, or you may be refused due credit for the effort and creation you have put in to make a plan succeed. This will lead to worries in your mind, which can in turn affect your sleep and your ability to think clearly. Constant worrying will rob you of the small pleasures in life which are at the core of your existence. It can also affect your health and appetite. Your career may take a downturn. Do not be surprised if you are kept away from major tasks at the office. In business, your partners may shun you and move forward without you.

Saturn Transit Impact on Aquarius (Kumbham/Kumbha)

There will be an improvement in your health. Any ailments that have been giving you discomfort will cease. There will be an improvement in mental health also. You will be cheerful, energetic and brimming with confidence. Enemies will be overcome. Their scheming and attempts to defile your profile will fail. On the other hand, you will be able to stay ahead of them all the time and outsmart them when the opportunity arises. You are blessed with the ability to realise all your objectives, this includes showing enemies their place. You will be able to complete tasks entrusted to you within the allotted time and thus win the confidence and goodwill of superiors. This will reflect on your personal life also. You will be able to bring happiness into the lives of your near and dear ones and fulfil their wishes as well.

Saturn Transit Impact on Pisces (Meenam/Meena)

You may be pulled into illicit relationships. Seeking pleasures of the flesh, you may end up being in the company of amoral persons. You will be led to more debased activities which can damage you physically and emotionally. Your journey in life will be affected. It will become difficult for you to be taken seriously and treated with respect and concern by others. Money will be spent unwisely. You will be lured into parting with huge sums under the promise of experiencing pleasures which turn out to be hollow and morally depreciating. Your virtue will fall. You will lose self-respect and may be shamed in front of others. People in general will keep their distance from you. Only the corrupt and the depraved will give you company. Make sure you have your moral compass set straight, otherwise too much damage may be done.

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My Saturn Transit got me good things. One of them is Clickastro. Their reports and horoscopes enlivened me. They made me see things from a new light. I am happy I got to know Clickastro. My best wishes for the entire team.
Clickastro's Saturn transit report is excellent. I am confident and look forward to the challenges now. They have excellent services as well. If you are looking for astrology solutions, Clickastro is the no.1 choice.
Clickastro's Saturn transit report is excellent. I am confident and look forward to the challenges now. They have excellent services as well. If you are looking for astrology solutions, Clickastro is the no.1 choice.
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Ihave vecoma a regular customer if yr org. since May 2020. Thereafter myself ordered for 4 more horoscopes. I feel the analysis and prediction of yr much satisfactory. I also came into contact of Dr Neelima man,Astrologer through Nimisha Unnikrishnan for Gems recommendations and 3 questions of mine. I am very much Thankful to her for absolute correct prediction. I will be in contact with yr organisation in future also.
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I have faith in guruji prediction
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