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Clickastro is providing the very best Astrology Consultancy in the field of online astrology. It helps you connect with an astrologer of your choice. The list contains some famous names in the field of astrology. The service is impeccable. Our customer reviews testify to it. Your suggestions are valuable to us.

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Astrology Consultancy

Dr Nilima S very good astrologer.He explained it to me in a very nice way..

Anirban Ghosal
Posted on: 29-November-2021

Astrology Consultancy

I am extremely happy to have astro-consultation with Dr. Neelima. The most impressive thing about her was that she was forthright in her analysis and advice. She could explain to me in detail about my horoscope and aswered my lot of queries. I was little unsure about it to begin with as I always believe in rational thinking. However she explained everything with logical reasoning. It was really awesome. I am happy and grateful to get her advice and guidance. Thank you Dr. Neelima and

Surendra Shripati Wadikar
Posted on: 19-October-2021

Astrology Consultancy

Today I had a consultation with Dr. Neelima mam. She is very clear, confident . Excellent service

Dr. Snehal Bajaj
Posted on: 17-July-2021

Astrology Consultancy

Nimisha has been really helpful in scheduling the appointments with astrologers. She ensured that I was happy with the service received and really made an effort to look after my requirements.

Posted on: 16-July-2021

Astrology Consultancy

I have purchased Consultancy service by Dr Neelima Shekhawat. She is Very kind and flexible for particular requirements of our, and explained very well about our stars, guided me to the correct and prosperous path as much as possible. I respect and need the service in future. Thank you Clickastro

Posted on: 20-March-2021

Astrology Consultancy

It was good...

Jino Mathew
Posted on: 11-February-2021

Astrology Consultancy

I had a consultancy with Dr. Neelima. She is one of the finest, genuine and a mother-like astrologer I have even spoken to. It gave me so much positivity after speaking with her. She listened very patiently, remembers, understands and responds to everything very clearly. It totally gave me the feeling that she really cares and that the suggestion she gave is for my well-being. I will consider her as my mentor and will stay in touch with her for a long time, and undoubtedly I will recommend her to people who need astrology consultation.

Arjun Ramesh
Posted on: 18-September-2020

Astrology Consultancy

Dr. Neelima Shekhawat has an impeccable quality to study horoscope and make predictions. She is an excellent counsellor and guide to provide relief to one’s mental/physical ordeals. My appreciation for her for giving me and my daughters huge comfort.

Dipak Kumar Ghosh
Posted on: 14-September-2020

Astrology Consultancy

Very Good experience

Posted on: 23-July-2020

Astrology Consultancy

Excellent Service by the Staff member Aarvina !! Thanks a lot !!

Posted on: 23-July-2020

Astrology Consultancy

Really a awesome astrology i also recommend to others

Posted on: 07-December-2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free astrology consultation?

You can talk with leading astrologers from all over India here. Clickastro is a pioneer in the field of online astrology and is one of the most visited astrology websites. Articles of interest are available in the blogs section. Views and suggestions can be left in the Clickastro reviews section.

How much do astrologers charge per hour?

Depending on the astrologer, consultations can cost you from Rs 10 per minute (Rs 600/hr) to Rs 100 per minute (Rs 6000/hr). Services of the best astrologers in India can be availed at Astrology consultancy is a specialty of Clickastro, which is one of the oldest and most visited astrology websites.

Do astrologers get paid?

Astrologers make a good living through their astrology and astrology-related services. Clickastro offers one of the leading astrology consultancy services in the field. Clickastro reports are famed for their accuracy and style. Astrology articles of interest are available in the blogs section. Leave suggestions and opinions in the Clickastro reviews section.
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