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It may be your yoga to fall in love with astrology. And Clickastro may be the means to it. Find out more by availing of the Yoga report and know how special a person you are. This could be the most impactful action of your life. Our customers certainly think so. So share your suggestions too; they are most welcome.

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Good report -
Clickastro review


Muraree singh
Posted on: 18-May-2023

Good consultancy -
Clickastro review

Few months back I had consulted Astrologer Arun R. He is a world class astrologer with lot of experience. His guidance has helped me in my business and there have been lot of improvements in my life after consulting Arun Sir. I wholeheartedly thank Arun Sir and Clickastro for the support. Will certainly recommend to all for such high quality astrology consultation.

Jeevan Jose
Posted on: 01-October-2022

Accurate predictions-
Clickastro review

Superb Raja Yoga report and excellent career guidance given by Astrologer ARUN Sir. He provided detailed and easy to understand report with accurate predictions and practical remedies. It was very helpful and beneficial. Thanks a lot Sirji and Clickastro.

Pradeep Mishra
Posted on: 30-September-2022

Clickastro review-
To the point predictions

Predictions by Acharya Anandji were very accurate. It gave me indepth knowledge of my life as a whole. I could figure out my shortcomings as well as strengths. He guided me on my future goals and steps to be taken to achieve them.Acharyaji also analyzed the horoscopes of my family. Overall I was told and guided in totality.

Posted on: 05-May-2022

Yoga Predictions

Very satisfied with the prediction s. Am able to relate to most of them

Posted on: 21-October-2018

Yoga Predictions

Thank you very much Anjali Madam. Can you please provide me report having details of special yogas in my horoscope and when my good time will start. Please Anajli Madam looking for positive reply. Thank you. Have A Great Day Madam.

Alok Arora
Posted on: 23-June-2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find yoga in astrology?

Yoga is the relationship between one planet, sign, or house to another by placement, aspect, or conjunction. You can learn more about different kinds of yoga at the Clickastro blogs section. You can also avail of Clickastro Yoga prediction reports which will explain the different yogas you have during your life on Earth.

Which yoga is good in kundali?

There are hundreds of yogas in Vedic astrology. Some popular yogas in Vedic astrology are Gaja Kesari Yoga, Panch Mahapurush Yoga and Neecha Bhang Raj yoga. Avail yoga prediction report from to know the yogas you have in life. You can read more about different yogas and their effects at the Clickastro blogs section. Leave comments at reviews.

Is Hamsa yoga rare?

The formation of Hamsa Yoga in a horoscope is a rare phenomenon, and it is not something that may repeat in several horoscopes. To know the different yogas in your life, avail Yoga prediction reports at Clickastro reports are known for their accuracy and reliability. You can leave comments about your Clickastro experience at the reviews section.
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(Today - September 22, 2023)


(Today - September 22, 2023)

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(Today - September 22, 2023)

Cancer Horoscope Daily

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(Today - September 22, 2023)

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(Today - September 22, 2023)

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(Today - September 22, 2023)

Aquarius Horoscope Daily

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(Today - September 22, 2023)

Pisces Horoscope Daily

Your irresistible sense of humor makes you very popular among friends and others you meet today. It would also enthuse people who you work with.You will feel inactive and exhausted today. This is a total contrast to your active true self. Also you'll...

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