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Rated one of the best available, Clickastro Horoscopes are prepared in detail with special attention given to each of your life events. It is a mirror of your life and offers a peep into your future. Tell us what you felt after reading your horoscope. Your feedback is essential for us to improve ourselves. Also, let others know of your experience with Clickastro Horoscope through a review.

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Full Horoscope

It's best place to know about ur future.Its prediction is completely true as it described me completely what I am . Thank you click astro

Shalini Kumari
Posted on: 28-December-2021

Full Horoscope

Holistic approach to astrology covering all planetary aspects..really liked a lot

Dhiraj Mittal
Posted on: 20-December-2021

Full Horoscope

Excellent reviews by astrologer, with accurate predictions. The team is also very responsive and provides customer satisfaction at its best.

Posted on: 16-December-2021

Full Horoscope

I got consultation for me, my wife and my 2 kids. We were amazed how Dr Neelima could tell so accurately about all of us. She gave in-depth analysis of all the horoscope and was very much keen to answer any questions I had during the consultation. She gave remedies to be followed in order to improve our problems which may occur in future. We really liked how she approached regarding the advice for our kids, her experience of educationist was clearly visible in her advices. Overall highly recommend her for all type of consultation šŸ‘

Rohit Naik
Posted on: 08-December-2021

Full Horoscope

Thanks anusha mam For your great service i will rate 5stars to your work And reports are so fast as well

sagar chainani
Posted on: 07-December-2021

Full Horoscope

Nice interactive consultation with Dr. Neelima

Posted on: 13-November-2021

Full Horoscope

never expected quick and valuable customer support . I must thank Suja for helping me post business hours on Sunday. I got a call immediately after I wrote about my issues over email. I was very happy to see her response and she provided solution in short span time. Will recommend clickastro to others.

Posted on: 25-October-2021

Full Horoscope

His suggestion were very helpful

M N Sai Shankar
Posted on: 30-September-2021

Full Horoscope

Iā€™m very happy about the reading. Very accurate. And the service is very good.

Posted on: 29-September-2021

Full Horoscope

Great website. Holds depth for many things. Definitely recommended

Ishaa Rajpoot
Posted on: 24-September-2021

Full Horoscope

I have found details given are very useful and there is a clarity in explaining the same. The relationship representative has guided fully and service is excellent. I recommend to use this facility.

Sanjay Mathur
Posted on: 06-September-2021

Full Horoscope


Posted on: 31-July-2021

Full Horoscope

Very prompt in replying and delivering the report. Professional behaviour and easy to communicate. Extremely helpful.

Navroze Pajnigara
Posted on: 24-June-2021

Full Horoscope

The correct and useful in app

Udhayakumar Nadi astrolo
Posted on: 21-June-2021

Full Horoscope

Report looks like to be useful guide for future.

Posted on: 11-June-2021

Full Horoscope

Best report

Santosh Pawar
Posted on: 10-June-2021

Full Horoscope

The horoscope was interesting to read and Akhil was very accommodating. He also arranged a consultancy session with Ms. Neelima and she was enlightening and accurate. I felt motivated. Thank you.

Posted on: 10-June-2021

Full Horoscope

I was supported by Mr. Akhil , who is the relationship officer at clickastro. Excellent support by him . He provided me the resolution for 3 of my horoscope cases and I am pleasantly surprised by his dedication and helpful nature

Uzwal Kumar Chatterjee
Posted on: 14-May-2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are horoscopes 100% true?

You cannot expect to know 100% how your future is going to be. According to a Clickastro user, reports purchased from Clickastro.com have proven to be accurate. Horoscope reports analyze the effect of planets and stars on your life as per your birth chart. You can read about it and more by visiting Clickastro.com blogs. There is a lot of free will too in our life. Astrology can be used as a guiding tool in our life.

How much of astrology is true?

The growth of online astrology is proof to the growing popularity among the new generation. It is because people have used online astrology services and found it to be reliant that more websites dedicated to astrology are coming up. Clickastro.com is one of the oldest and most visited astrology websites. Clickastro reports are known for their accuracy and in-depth analysis. Interesting astrology articles are available at Clickastro.com blogs.

How can I check my horoscope?

Check an online publication for your daily horoscope. Clickastro.com is one of the oldest and most visited astrology websites in the country. One can avail of free and premium horoscope reports here. Clickastro reports are accurate and easy to read. You can also interact with the best astrologers in the country personally if you want to. Leave suggestions and opinions in the Clickastro.com reviews section.
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