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An In-Depth horoscope presents a detailed analysis of your life, character and destiny. In the 60 pages of the detailed report, the horoscope covers every aspect of your life related to astrology. You will love it; a look into our customer feedback will tell you that. Also, do leave suggestions for improvement.

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In-Depth Horoscope

I loved consulting satheesan sir. Would love to consult again

Aditya S Rajan
Posted on: 20-January-2022

In-Depth Horoscope

Everything is good.. excellent precise, ontime service

Posted on: 08-January-2022

In-Depth Horoscope

Thank u for this detail analysis....

Anamika Dutta
Posted on: 05-January-2022

In-Depth Horoscope

I found almost predictions by clickastro too close to my nature and behaviour. I strongly recommend clickastro to others too πŸ‘πŸ‘

Shekhar Chander Azad
Posted on: 22-December-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

This is my second time purchasing in depth horoscopes. The things were really accurate and the dasha calculations were great. Predictions were amazing. The agent Aarvina helped me with my second purchase. Their service is perfect. Thank you click astro

Posted on: 16-December-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Super service

Isha kaushik
Posted on: 15-December-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

The Horoscope was well presented and gave good remedies. Tried some chants that were suggested in the document and it seems to work !! Thank you.

Posted on: 04-December-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Excellent prediction said are matching

saikat bose
Posted on: 03-December-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

I found it more relatable. Fully satisfied with fast paid service. Authentic.

Baishali Gurung
Posted on: 22-November-2021

In-Depth Horoscope


Posted on: 06-November-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Its good

Roopa Manjunath
Posted on: 02-November-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Detailed horoscope and predictions looks correct. Thanks

Posted on: 31-October-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Good excellent response πŸ‘

R. Sakthivel
Posted on: 04-October-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Exactly explained what was happened and happening in our life. Got new hopes and pretty glad after seeing my horoscopes.

sridevi thyagaraj
Posted on: 01-October-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Great service. Even their free version is also accurate. I’ve purchased in depth horoscope and got a discount. The report arrived to my email within few minutes. Things were very accurate and many predictions are equal with my previous reports from other services. It includes many details and it’s very useful when taking decisions about education and career and other things. When talking about the customer service. This site has a very kind respectful and a friendly customer service agents. They are very polite and quick with service. Akhil krishnan and Aarvina helped me with after sales stuff.

Ishan Tharusha
Posted on: 14-September-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Maximum most of the predictions were correct with full report. Satisfied

Suparna Swarnakar
Posted on: 13-September-2021

In-Depth Horoscope

Very efficient and quick service with great follow up πŸ‘ thanks for the detailed information..

Posted on: 06-September-2021

In-Depth Horoscope


Shreyashi Kanungoe
Posted on: 05-September-2021

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any truth in horoscopes?

There is a lot of evidence to support the truth in horoscopes. Astrology has demonstrated its effectiveness in various, if not all, fields in life. Clickastro in-depth horoscope presents a detailed analysis of how planets and stars are impacting your life. Responses at the Clickastro reviews section testify to their efficacy.

What is the most accurate astrology?

Clickastro is one of the best sites for Vedic astrology. Visitors are offered a variety of free and premium astrology services at Clickastro.com. Blogs on various astrology topics are also available at Clickastro.com. The company also delivers the best customer service and interaction with astrologers. Authentic reviews at the Clickastro reviews section speak gloriously about their services.

Is 2022 a good year in astrology?

In 2022, hangovers from a turbulent past will pave the way for a better future. People will seek good experiences over material accomplishments. More on this and other astrology topics can be found at Clickastro.com. It is one of the earliest astrology websites and among the most visited ones. Clickastro reports are famed for their accuracy and detail. Leave your opinion and suggestions in the Clickastro reviews section.
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