Today's Taurus Horoscope

Taureans are a perseverant lot be it relationships or career. Taurus natives are the hardworking lot. They follow a practical approach to life. They are determined and loyal and value stability. You can depend on a Taurus if you want anything to be done. Be it personal or professional, they are ambitious, resilient and focussed. They are romantics at heart. They seek long-term relationships. They are warm, gentle and sensual. They value and need pleasure and are most content when pampered. Taurus values stability and security. They love to explore their senses and the finer aspects of life. They are excellent with finances. However, Taurus is also known for their stubbornness. This leads them to not accept changes easily and sometimes even resist changes.

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Taurus Horoscope Daily

(Today - May 19, 2022)
All your efforts you have put in to create something useful for others as well as yourself will be rewarded. You will succeed in creating what you set out to do.You will prefer to spend an evening with your family. You might enjoy a home cooked candlelight dinner with your spouse. It would also assure them of your commitment towards them.Your passion for new things and novelties will get you involved in a profitable new project.You are now focused on securing you life financially and also on bettering your career prospects. But today you may experience some delay in this endeavor as you might not receive the support you were expecting.
Taurus Compatibility
Taurus Highly Compatible Zodiac
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Taurus Strength
Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Taurus Weakness
Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Taurus Favourable Colors
Blue, Green and Pink
Taurus Favourable Numbers
2, 4, 6, 11
Taurus Love Compatibility
Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taurus natives are by nature romantic and their romantic approach is all pervasive. Taureans liked to immerse themselves in the flavours of romance through exquisite sights, sounds, sensual luxury, rich cuisine, intoxicating perfumes, etc. They like to indulge themselves with soft sounds, soothing aromas and appealing flavours. They make steadfast, loyal and grounded partner or friends and are trustworthy and stable. You can trust a Taurean with your secrets. They have a warm and inviting demeanour and appreciate people with similar traits. Consistency is what they prioritise. They are reliable individuals in every aspect of their lives. They tend to be inflexible occasionally and do not like to change their minds or budge from their decisions. They make dependable friends who can pacify their friends and partners with their devotion. Be careful when you disagree with a Taurean as they tend to take disagreements personality. They may be routine-based and tend to gravitate towards comfortability and a feel-good approach.
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Taurus 2022 Love and Marriage
Saturn will motivate your love life and marriage prospects. This is rather a crucial period considering your love and marital life. With Venus in retrogression you will need to work hard in your marital life. Issues may arise which can be resolved through a considerate approach. Hear each other out patiently and iron out the differences with care. You may meet or reconnect with someone from your past, but be patient and take time to consider any prospects of restarting your relationship. You will need to bide some time to rethink this over. Your partner or spouse may feel left out as you are busy with your career and social life. It may be difficult for them to grasp that you are working hard for their wellbeing and progress. Be patient and let them understand gently
Taurus 2022 Career and Business
Jupiter and Saturn’s transit through Aquarius will usher some crucial career options for Taurus. These planets will boost your career prospects. It is important that you conform yourself to being flexible and up for challenges. You may be handed new responsibilities and assignments which may seem difficult. Take this up as a challenge to prove your worth to others. This will help you boost your chances. Job seekers will be successful in gaining new job opportunities and offers.
Taurus 2022 Wealth and Finances
Financially, this period may seem a bit challenging. Long-term project will help you make gains; however, Saturn may influence some delays but when the time is right, the results will be unstoppable. With Saturn impacting the 9th House, you should be more patient and not expect sudden changes to take place. It will happen in due time. Avoid taking loans and adding more to your obligations during this period. You will need to take measures to save up. Settle your old dues as soon as possible to avoid creditors reminding you again and again of your debts. It is ideal to start planning on some savings plan, but do not rush into any. Take your time to study the options and choose when the time is right. Expect some sudden expenses which could put a hole in your pocket. So ensure that you have enough savings to meet such emergencies.
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