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Taurus Horoscope Yesterday

Taurus natives are immensely romantic individuals who would only pursue someone if they are sure that the relationship would last a lifetime. They have a gentle and sensual aspect which makes them ideal partners. You can depend on them as they value security and stability. They believe in providing a safe and stable family environment. They are hardworking, focussed and resilient individuals. They are highly ambitious and would stop at nothing to achieve what they have aimed for. They love to be pampered and enjoy the finer aspects of life, so take them out for shopping, treat them to fine dine and wine and they will be happy. They value practicality in their lives. They are excellent financial managers and can manage money well. They are also renowned for being stubborn. They will not change from their stance if they strongly believe in them. It takes an effort and practical reasoning to convince them to change from their standpoint.

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Yesterday Taurus Horoscope

(Yesterday - April 23, 2024)
Today some of your financial problems may get resolved. Things might become a lot easier. It would still be some time before you can expect results or profits from prior contracts.Although you are a person who likes the company of others, today you might be in your own dream world. You might even seek solitude and be happy to be by yourself.Your philosophical thoughts would act as a guide today. Rely on it completely as it will never go wrong. Also, today it will only bring you good.Find something to do that will rejuvenate your mind and body. You need to relax because current situations are making you tense and tired. Unless you relax, it would be difficult to cope with the pressures.It's advisable that you avoid any new companionship that costs you your individuality and independence. It's always better to stay away from a relationship that feels more like a prison than an easeful partnership
Taurus Compatibility
Taurus Highly Compatible Zodiac
 ||  Capricorn
 ||  Pisces
Taurus Strength
Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable
Taurus Weakness
Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising
Taurus Favourable Colors
Blue, Green and Pink
Taurus Favourable Numbers
2, 4, 6, 11
Taurus Love Compatibility
Taureans prioritise consistency and reliability in all aspects of their lives. Though occasionally obstinate, they make dependable individuals who can soothe their friends and partners with their devotion. Taureans are loyal, steadfast and grounded partners. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, which makes them romantic and supportive. They have exquisite taste, and their approach to romance is indeed enveloping. With a Taurus, you can expect an immersive journey through the sights, sounds and flavours of romance. Taurus expresses their romantic interests by exploring sensual luxury in rich cuisine, intoxicating perfumes, etc. Taureans may take disagreements personally and do not like to budge or change their minds. Taureans enjoy relaxing in serene environments, surrounded by soft sounds, comforting aromas, and delicious flavours. They tend to be routine-obsessed and gravitate towards what they feel good and comfortable with. They make steadfast and loyal friends who are trustworthy and stable. They are warm and inviting when you need them the most. They appreciate people who give off a similar grounded nature.
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Taurus 2022 Love and Marriage
This is a critical time for Taurus in terms of love and marriage. Saturn, the planet for delays and obstacles, will influence your chances of love and marriage. January will see Venus, the planet of love, to be in retrogression which could spur some difficulties between you and your partner. You may meet an old friend or may receive some messages from your former partners; however, you must restrain yourself from restarting your past relationshiips, at least for the time being. Bide your time well and think through before you jump into a relationship with them again. Your career-life and social life may prove to be an impediment in spending quality time with your spouse. You will be busy working hard to progress ahead in your professional life, but you will also need to take your spouse on the same page. Giving them time and convincing them gently will do the trick
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Career will be of prime importance for Taurus natives. The transit of Jupiter and Saturn through Aquarius will impact your professional life as both planets will ignite your career prospects. Ensure to be flexible and open to challenges. This will help you to climb your career ladder easily. New assignments may seem cumbersome and difficult, but be ready to take up the challenge because that will help you prove your worth. Those seeking job opportunities or looking for new opportunities will be successful in getting new job offers.
Taurus 2022 Wealth and Finances
Long-term projects will help you make some good gains so go ahead and take it up. Saturn, though may cause delay, but when it is the right time, you will be unstoppable. You need to be careful though as Saturn will influence the 9th House, the house of luck, so brace yourself and do not expect sudden changes during the first half. The 6th House which is the House of debt will also be active and therefore you must stay away from taking in more debts. Creditors may show up to get their money back so avoid taking any loans. You will need to consider on some saving plans but take your time and do not rush in. There may be some unexpected expenditures, so ensure that you save well enough to meet those expenses.
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