Vrischika Weekly Horoscope

Also read Vrischika in : Malayalam
Sunday, 17 November 2019 to Saturday, 23 November 2019
Those who are married will get enough time to devote to the family and to each other this week. The strain of last week would be off this week. A special week for singles as they find their life partner. This week they might take the all important big decision. You might go on a tour this week. It would help you in beginning a new venture or project. You might enjoy a rewarding social life depending upon the sincerity and your commitment. Teachers should take up the initiative this week and be a mentor to their students. They need to also ensure that their work gets noticed. Politicians will climb up the party ladder. They might get to a coveted position within the organisation. They need to ensure that they do not get involved in any controversies. Sportspersons will stand up to an challenge this week. They would win all the competitions they participate in. they might even surpass their own feats. You will be in the best of health this week. The best days of the week are 23, 22
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