Vrischika Weekly Horoscope

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Sunday, 10 October 2021 to Saturday, 16 October 2021

Children might slightly injure themselves today. It might just be a cut or a bruise. But it might worry the entire family. Students are advised caution while talking with friends or classmates. There are chances of misunderstanding coming up. Students who are not in the habit of working hard may have to face a trying day today. Today there are chances that your romantic partner might feel neglected. It's the right time to clear all misunderstandings and to show that you really care. Teachers who are coaching students for their examinations and other activities will be well appreciated for their efforts. A very good day to send out resumes if you are seriously looking out for a job. As someone might recognise your potential. Today you should look after your health. Also advisable to go for your regular health check up. Those who have recently gotten engaged will spend the day shopping and preparing for their wedding. People in the real estate business are advised not to make any promises to clients which they are not sure of fulfilling. It would harm their reputation greatly.
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