Makara Weekly Horoscope

Also read Makara in : Malayalam

Sunday, 25 October 2020 to Saturday, 31 October 2020

For those involved in a romantic relationship the time has come to make a decision on the future of their relationship. They need to take the initiative towards this. There might be a few surprises on the domestic front. Children would make parents and the family proud. Family get togethers are also on the cards. Children and other young ones would realise their ambitions this week. They will succeed in their goals. Job seekers will be rewarded with some lucrative offers this week. Taking a practical and pragmatic approach towards life would see them succeed. Those in the field of technology need to build on the future on a solid foundation of work and research. Those practicing law will earn the esteem of the judiciary this week. They should continue being honest in their dealings to ensure their good reputation. Students will have to work hard to perform well in their exams. Especially if they are appearing for any competitive exams. Hard work is the only way to success. The best days of the week are 28, 29
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