Kumbha Weekly Horoscope

Also read Kumbha in : Malayalam

Sunday, 17 October 2021 to Saturday, 23 October 2021

You will today enjoy the cooperation of your neighbors and others living around you. If those in the field of technology are thinking of switching jobs then they are advised to postpone their decision for a few days. Those who are married are advised to keep their emotions in check today. Emotional outbursts may worsen situations and they might have to regret it later. Children need to be encouraged by parents and teachers to be ready to face life full and square. Outings and celebrations with neighbors and relatives will be very enjoyable. Artists may not receive the response they were expecting from exhibitions or concerts scheduled for today. It might either be their own work or the audience response or their turnout. Those businesses in the export field may expect new orders from abroad. This could be the beginning of a very profitable deal. A favorable day for those businessmen who wish to expand and open new branches. Today they will be able to take the initial steps towards this goal.
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