Kumbha Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 26 May 2019 to Saturday, 1 June 2019
You will be lucky in love and romance this week. Your relationship will grow strong and deep. You will also receive positive response from your partner as well. You will enjoy a good time with your loved one this week. Those who are married would enjoy an exciting time together this week. They may go out and get away from their hectic schedules. This would bring them closer to each other. Children would do well in their activities this week. Their performance would make the family proud and elated. Those who are searching for a job might get ready to attend some interviews. They might receive some calls this week. They might also land their dream job. Businessmen will have a lucrative week. They might win new clients or sign new contracts. They may also look forward to a hectic but very enjoyable week. Consultants or legal professionals will have a good week. They will be admired and accepted for their professional skills. Teachers will be recognised and rewarded this week for excellence in their field. Their dedication and devotion would be recognised. The best days of the week are 27, 31
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