Kumbha Weekly Horoscope

Also read Kumbha in : Malayalam

Sunday, 25 October 2020 to Saturday, 31 October 2020

A good week for those who are in love. They would be more romantic and would spend time with their beloved. They would manage to take time out from their busy schedules. The health of your parents might be a source of some concern this week. It is advisable to get a health check-up done to ascertain the problem. Children will bring joy to parents and their family this week. They would achieve the goals they set out for. Job seekers may finally land a job although it might be temporary. From here it would be up to them to start out towards a successful career. Those in the legal profession have been unable to perform well in the past. This week they will use all their talents and change their record. Adverse remarks made by parents or teachers might affect students badly this week. They might feel very low in morale. Sportspersons who have till now been written off would finally come through as surprise winners. All their hard work and practice and patience would make them emerge victorious. Artists and actors are advised to be very cautious while signing any new contracts this week. The results may be extreme - either too good or too bad. It would be wise to think twice before taking any decision. The best days of the week are 26, 30
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