Meena Weekly Horoscope

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Sunday, 27 September 2020 to Saturday, 3 October 2020

Those who are single should avoid getting into any controversies this week. This might not be a very favorable week for them. This week you might travel to an exotic location. Some place that you have been always wanting to go to. Spend this time with your family or a close loved one. Those in the medical profession would dedicate themselves in the service of humanity. They would be very busy this week working tirelessly in their endeavor. Their commitment and sincerity would be well appreciated. This would be a lucky week for those who are into share trading and gambling. They would make some definite gains. They need to make the most of the opportunities that present before them. Politicians will be in the limelight this week. They will be confident of making some tough political decisions. Society would also recognise their work. You will be gifted with midas touch this week as anything you do would be financially profitable. You will be in good health this week. But do not give up on your health regimen. Exercise well and eat healthy. The best days of the week are 27, 1
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