Simha Weekly Horoscope

Also read Simha in : Malayalam

Sunday, 24 October 2021 to Saturday, 30 October 2021

Senior members of the party might not think too highly of the politicians who have been putting in all their efforts to be successful. You will be powerhouse of energy today. You will feel very healthy too. You need to be careful while taking any medicines today. You might be allergic to some medicine. Those in the technology field may resolve certain issues today by putting in more effort. These might have been issues that have been cropping up for some time now. Software professionals may see their efforts to finish a project through teamwork going to waste. A favorable day ahead for teachers and their work today. Unexpected problems in the family might keep you from meeting your beloved today. Today will be a very busy day for businessmen and industrialists. Apart from already scheduled meetings they may even have an unexpected business meeting with a foreign delegation.
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