Visakha Star Horoscope
For male natives whose birth star is Visakha
You give very little importance to traditional values and beliefs even as a young boy. You have clearly and individually developed views on life. You tend to be separated from members of your family. You are a clever communicator, efficient worker, and a careful spender. You have all the tools to make you a successful individual. You do not act blindly and thoughtlessly, and your concern and understanding for others will definitely be noticed and appreciated. You enjoy pleasure and are keenly interested in sexual enjoyment. At times you may seem overly selfish in this regard. This may be a cause for problems in your family life.
For female natives whose birth star is Visakha
You are well liked in your youth. You have an irritable temper and tend to get moody. You are careful about your money, but often wonder why you seem to run out of it as fast as you do. You enjoy the finer things in life. You also enjoy a good argument. You have a special talent for debates. You are capable of analyzing and criticising the actions of others. You are a practical thinker. You would make a good administrator. Do not expect too much from your mother. You may rebel against, or otherwise be removed from the control of your father. You are a broad-minded, independent, sympathetic and reasonable woman. You welcome new activities and endeavors. You will be intimately and emotionally close to your husband. Give your love to a man who can appreciate the depth of your love. You should be careful not to do things just because you are put under a lot of pressure. You choose your words carefully and wisely.
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