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The horoscope of an individual is the astrological chart representing the planetary positions and astrological aspects at the time of their birth. Marriage matching is the Vedic astrology way of checking compatibility between two individuals by checking the birth chart of the prospective bride & groom are compared and analyzed. This analyses the individuals’ personality, their likes, dislikes and attitude towards life. Horoscope matching for marriage is important as it studies all the factors influencing married life and tells you whether an alliance is favourable or not. Here, by filling in the above fields, you can have an accurate marriage compatibility report.

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Checking horoscope compatibility is the Vedic Astrology way of marriage matching. This makes a comparative study of the individual's character, likes, dislikes, attitude etc. This report analyses all horoscope factors influencing your married life and gives you an authentic marriage compatibility report.
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Clickastro is the best partner one can have while running an astrology business. They are efficient, punctual and thoroughly professional. The kundali matching (hindi) reports deserves special mention. Hindi reports are the most in demand. So, it is imperative that the reports are made available in a short time without delay and free of errors. Clickastro does that and so Clickastro is my favourite astrology website.
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Clickastro's marriage reports have a charm of their own. I would really like to see the master behind the report. All the details are mentioned in a simple and easy to understand manner. It is a pleasure just going through the compatibility report.
Clickastro's marriage reports have a charm of their own. I would really like to see the master behind the report. All the details are mentioned in a simple and easy to understand manner. It is a pleasure just going through the compatibility report.
Marriage compatibility reports are easy to get online. What is difficult is a trustworthy brand in the field of online astrology. Clickastro is that brand. Their provide good quality reports without any delay. Their approach is polite with genuine care for your needs. When it comes to astrology services they stand head and shoulders above the rest.
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Marriage compatibility reports are easy to get online. What is difficult is a trustworthy brand in the field of online astrology. Clickastro is that brand. Their provide good quality reports without any delay. Their approach is polite with genuine care for your needs. When it comes to astrology services they stand head and shoulders above the rest.
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I didnt know checking compatibility for marriage was so easy and quick. Thanks to Clickastro I got a marriage compatibility report of me and my partner. Ours is a love marriage and it truly helped to put away our fears
I didnt know checking compatibility for marriage was so easy and quick. Thanks to Clickastro I got a marriage compatibility report of me and my partner. Ours is a love marriage and it truly helped to put away our fears
I didnt know checking compatibility for marriage was so easy and quick. Thanks to Clickastro I got a marriage compatibility report of me and my partner. Ours is a love marriage and it truly helped to put away our fears
Getting a compatibility report is not hard, getting a good compatibility report is. This is where Clickastro brand name comes into play. Clickastro is the most recognisable name in the field of astrology and their marriage compatibility reports are a big part of it
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Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate. They are doing a great job by serving the people.
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate. So, except Astro-Vision software, I am not using any other applications.
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world, Astro-Vision has come up with an application which gives you information about Rasi, Navamsham, Bhava etc. which is really appreciative.
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life.

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Clickastro online marriage horoscope matching analyses the following:

Marriage Horoscope Matching: Get a snapshot of your married life

The need for constructive marriage alliances based on mutual trust and compatibility is more now than ever before. Seeking Marriage Horoscope compatibility before entering into a marriage has remained a tradition for a long time. The Clickastro Horoscope compatibility service will give an accurate Marriage match based on astrological factors like planetary position and houses. If you have been thinking about settling down and starting a family, then the horoscope compatibility by date of birth will help you find a soulmate. Clickastro provides prospective couples with an ideal platform for fast and accurate Horoscope compatibility reports, which are generated by unique software designed for accuracy and precision.

To get your marriage match, all you need to share are your name and birth details. There is no need to be apprehensive when it comes to sharing information, as no sensitive information is required to get your horoscope compatibility by date of birth. For a more personal consultation, you can choose your preferred astrologer from Findastro. There are attractive offers to get you started. Make full use of this opportunity available to you now. A marriage made after checking horoscope compatibility is assured to be a reliable and constructive partnership that will bond together stronger with time.

Significance of Horoscope Compatibility in Marriage

Your marriage matching by name and date of birth is done by observing the birth chart because it offers a complete picture of your life. Additionally, it represents the celestial bodies and their positions; this includes the position of the Moon, the Sun, and the planets during your birth. Astrologers make use of your birth chart and gain valuable insights into your qualities and personality that you possess as an individual.

The birth chart will help astrologers understand your past deeds and your present so that they can make accurate predictions about your future. All the predictions are based on the Vedic astrology concepts. The precision of the accuracies depends on the various birth details that are fed to the birth chart.

Before your marriage is confirmed, the astrologers will analyze the marriage horoscope match by date of birth, of both the partners. This allows the astrologer to understand the compatibility levels, along with the likes and dislikes, while calculating the number of Gunas that match between the two partners. The accurate marriage compatibility predictions that are done online, is for free, and it will help you learn about the various Dashas and check on the presence of Doshas within the horoscope. This is because they are the likely indicators that will predict the happiness of your married life.

Get your Free Love Compatibility Test Now!

How to interpret a marriage horoscope match?

Your horoscope includes twelve major houses, and each house will represent a different part of your life, from your birth to death. The seventh house, out of the twelve, will dictate marriage elements like compatibility. This house is ruled by Venus.

Vedic astrology states that planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are planets that have beneficial influences on a person’s life. While the Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are malefic planets and they can harm a person’s life. If the presence of malefic planets is strong in your birth chart, then it can create unwanted delays in finalizing your marriage.

The fifth house in your horoscope is the house of love, and astrologers will observe it with the seventh house. This will help them determine if you will find a partner based on arranging or love marriage. If you want to analyze the planets for love marriage, then you have to check the fifth house and its ruling Lord. The astrology based on birth dates will help you identify the fifth house, along with the ruling Lord. Astrologers will check if the house is strong enough to boost your marriage chances.

Look for Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth by using ClickAstro’s free marriage predictions. The online prediction tool will provide you with free reports on your seventh house and provide you with fair insights about your future partner and your compatibility with them.

ClickAstro will also check your horoscope charts and help you identify the Dashas that are hampering your marriage compatibility. If there are any Doshas or Dashas present, the report will inform you on how to minimize their negative impact on your life. The marriage compatibility test can help remedy any problems that are caused due to your birth star, as well.

What is Marriage Compatibility?

In India, marriages are not just mere ceremonies, but it is coming together for two individuals and their respective families as well. Marriage is the congruence of two individuals for eternity. Marriage according to Hindu tradition is irreversible. Thus Hindu marriages are based upon matching the horoscopes of prospective brides and grooms to check their compatibility with each other. It involves free birth chart analysis to check for compatibility for marriage. Marriages in India commence with mandatory marriage alliance matching or porondam matching. Marriage compatibility or marriage porutham is essential to ensure a harmonious, successful and peaceful marital and family life. A strong marriage is the foundation to a better society and thus depends on the personality traits and characteristics of the bride and the groom. This depends on their nurturing and also based on the compatibility of the planets in their horoscopes. Thus horoscope compatibility is an essential element for marriage. There are many online horoscope matching options available that provide free and precise marriage compatibility checks and provide free marriage compatibility reports

Checking marriage compatibility by date of birth of both individuals is a precise method in matching horoscopes and also to predict the favourable period for marriage as well as the auspicious Muhurat to conduct the ceremony.

Guna Milan and Porutham Check

Horoscope matching for marriage in India differs from region to region. While in some parts of India, especially the Northern regions follow Kundali matching through Guna Milan, Manglik Dosha check and Navamsa Chart strength, in South India, the method is known as Porutham check or kootam check. The Guna Milan checks for 36 gunas or points of which a minimum match of 18 points culminates into a favourable match. A match below 18 gunas is not recommended. The porutham check is an analysis of the birth stars of the prospective bride and groom. In ancient times, the sages had devised 20 porutham; however, only 10 poruthams are currently analysed. The Nakshatra porutham as it is known is based on the analysis of the 27 Nakshatras (birth stars) for every individual in an oval configuration which constitutes a zodiac.

Guna Milan in Kundali Matching

Guna Milan is analysed based on Moon’s position in the birth charts of both the bride and the groom. Based on the birth details of the prospective bride and groom, the astrologer calculates the eight Gunas or the Ashtakoota as it is known. This is also known as Ashtakoot Milan. The Ashtakootas are:

1. Varna : This guna compares the spiritual and mental compatibility of the bride and the groom. The Varna is divided into 4 classifications – Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, Shudra with Brahmin being the highest Varna and Shudra being the lowest. The analysis requires that the groom’s Varna should be higher or equivalent to that of the bride’s.

2. Vashya : This Guna signifies the mutual attraction and determining the dominant and controlling one in the marriage. This analyses the power equation between the couple.

3. Tara : This is a comparison of the birth stars of the bride and the groom and determining how healthy the marriage would be.

4. Yoni : This analyses the sexual compatibility and the intimacy level between the prospective couple.

5. Graha Maitri : This Guna analyses the mental and intellectual compatibility between the couples. It also analyses the moon sign compatibility between the couples.

6. Gana : This compares the personality traits, behaviour, temperaments and attitude of the couple.

7. Bhakoot or Rashi : This Guna compares the emotional compatibility between the couples. It also predicts the financial fortunes and family welfare after marriage. This Guna also analyses the career prospects and growth of the prospective bride and groom.

8. Nadi : The last of the Ashtakoota, this Guna holds the highest points and is therefore considered to be significant Guna. It analyses and determines the health of the family, progeny and childbirth. A Nadi dosha can affect marriage prospects to a great extent.

KootaMaximum Points
Graha Maitri5

Prediction of the Marriage prospects through Guna Milan Score

Some of the important aspects covered under these 36 points are mental compatibility, Manglik dosh, health and sexual compatibility, children and durability of the relationship. Marriage is suggested only if the match scores 18 points or above. Even a point of 17.5 is not acceptable. A score between 18-24 is considered average, while any point between 24-32 promises a successful marriage. A match which scores above 32 is rare and is often considered best. The couple will show high compatibility and will lead a happy married life all through their life together.

Gun Milan ScorePossibility for Marriage
>18Not recommended for marriage
18-24Average match – Marriage recommended
24-32Very good for a successful marriage
32-36Exceptional match – Highly recommended

Know more about Guna Milan by clicking here

Porutham/Porondam Matching

The South Indian system of marriage alliance matching is mainly through Nakshatra Porutham analysis. The Nakshatra porutham checks for the 10 aspects which include Rashi Porutham, Rasyathipathi Porutham, Vasya Porutham, Mahendra Porutham, Gana Porutham, Yoni Porutham, Dina Porutham, Stree Deergha Porutham, Rajju Porutham and Vedha Dosha. The 10 aspects considered for Porutham check are as follows:

1. Dina Porutham : Compares the health and prosperity of prospective couples and also analyses the comforts they enjoy in their marital life including poverty, illness and disease.

2. Rashi Porutham : This Porutham analyses the compatibility between the birth stars of the prospective bride and groom as well as the temperaments of the individuals.

3. Rasyathipathi Porutham : This porutham analyses the compatibility between birth stars and their lords of the bride and the groom. A compatible match between birth stars will help in successful marital life and progeny

4. Vasya porutham : The Vasya porutham analyses for compatibility between the zodiac signs of the bride and the groom which ensures mutual love and respect between the couples.

5. Mahendra Porutham : This analyses the longevity of the marital relationship, prosperity of the prospective couple and the capability of the husband in ensuring a comfortable and secure life for the family.

6. Gana Porutham : The Gana porutham matches the temperaments of the prospective bride and groom and analyses the compatibility of body, mind and sensuality in marital life. Gana Porutham is classified into three types – Deva Ganam, Manushya Ganam and Rakshasa Ganam, each represented by nine stars.

7. Yoni Porutham : This Porutham analyses the physical compatibility and sexual intimacy level between the couple which would ensure a harmonious married life.

8. Stree Deergha Porutham : This Porutham analyses the prospective bride’s wellbeing, longevity and prosperity in marital life. If the groom’s birth star counted from the bride’s birth star exceeds 13, there is Stree Deergha porutham.

9. Rajju Porutham : This Porutham analyses for husband’s long life thus ensuring a long and successful marriage.

10. Vedha Porutham : This is the most significant of all Poruthams. The term Vedha means affliction. It is essential to have a koota agreement between the birth star of the bride and the groom to ward off pitfalls, evils and shortcomings in marriage and ensure a happy and harmonious married life.

Learn more about astrological factors for perfect marriage by clicking here

Compatibility Calculator

Online Compatibility Calculators are now available freely and are the most sought-after method for precise online horoscope matching. The software ensures accurate and precise calculations doing away with any chances of human errors in the meticulous mathematical calculation. The compatibility calculator is based on your time and place of birth and generates horoscope matching reports based on the preferred style.

Your Gender
Your Zodiac Sign
------- OR -------

Date and Month of Your Birth
Your Partner's Zodiac Sign
------- OR -------

Date and Month of Partner's Birth

All Sun Sign Compatibility

Compatibility of a sun sign with other sun signs

Each of the 12 sun signs (Zodiac signs) are associated with each of the four elements – fire, earth, water and air. Each of them exhibits its distinctive characteristics, strengths, weakness, connections, etc. A person’s zodiac sign helps in determining their personality traits and temperaments. The zodiac compatibility check analyses the combination of each element of these zodiac signs and its effects so that the marital relationship is fruitful and harmonious.

Explore Astrology

Astrology in India is known as Jyothisha or Jyothish which signifies light more so the light from the sun, the moon and other celestial bodies. Jyothisha combines the study of astronomy, astrology and the science of timekeeping by observing the movements of the planetary bodies. Jyothisha was aimed to keep time, keep up an almanack and predict auspicious periods for conducting Vedic rituals.

Sun Sign

A modern and simplified system of western astrology that studies the position of the Sun at the time of birth, is stated to be placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs.

Moon Sign

According to Vedic astrology, the Moon Signs denote the position of the Moon within one of the twelve zodiac signs at the time of birth. The Moon sign is of great significance in Vedic astrology as the placement of the Moon in an individual’s natal chart helps to determine their personality traits and attitudes


The nine planets in Vedic astrology are called Navagrahas. These include the Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangal), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brihaspati/Guru), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Rahu (north node of the moon), and Ketu (south node of the moon). Each planet represents a particular aspect of life and is ruled by a particular deity. Astrologers study the positions of these grahas or planets in the natal chart to predict the future and important life events in one’s life.


According to Vedic astrology, the Ascendant also known as Lagna is considered to be most important in one’s natal chart. The Ascendant is the sign rising in the East at the time of birth of a person. This is also known as the Rising Sign. The Ascendant represents the first house of the horoscope that helps to ascertain the basic characteristics, attitude, appearance, behaviour, etc.

12 Houses

According to Vedic astrology, the Houses outlines and divide each aspect of a person’s life depending on their natal chart based on an accurate input of birth details. Each house governs a different aspect of life. The 12 Houses are similar to the 12 zodiac signs which form the foundation of one’s life.


According to Vedic astrology, the zodiac is divided into 27 equal parts with each part allocated to a star or a lunar constellation. Each birth star is based on the longitude of the Moon at the time of birth and carries distinctive qualities and characteristics. A person born under a specific star or Nakshatra is endowed with the very same qualities and characteristics of the Nakshatra; however, male and female natives born in the same birth star or Nakshatra may have different characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions On Horoscope Compatibility Matching

Why is your horoscope important while considering marriage?

Your horoscope is a complete snapshot of your life chart detailing all aspects including marriage. We at ClickAstro use your horoscope to match marriage compatibility with your life partner, and make relevant predictions about your marital future. These predictions can help you understand whether you and your partner are a good match for each other based on the unique planetary influences in your life.

Elaborate on the concept of Guna Milan in a Hindu marriage?

Kundali matching (or Guna Milan) is an important step in a Hindu marriage which ascertains compatibility between a prospective bride and groom. It determines the stability and longevity of the relationship. The higher the count in the Guna milan, the more compatible the marriage is considered to be. For approving a marriage at least 18 Gunas must match, anything between 18 to 25 Gunas is considered to be a good match and anything above 26 Gunas showcases exceptional compatibility.

What different ways do we use to check your marriage compatibility with your allied partner?

Here at ClickAstro, we check your marriage compatibility based on the following parameters:

•Marriage matching by Name

• Marriage matching by Name

• Marriage matching by date of birth

• Marriage compatibility by date of birth

• Birthdate compatibility for marriage

• Guna Milan and matching

What information do we require to determine your horoscope compatibility for marriage?

Being software-driven, you simply need to feed in your and your allied partner’s birth details – name, place of birth, accurate time, and date of birth into our systems. Further, choose your report style, enter your contact details, and the e-mail address to obtain a copy of your marriage compatibility test.

How are online marriage matching astrology reports different from traditional reports?

Though, both the traditional and online astrology reports are generated using the concept of Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth, yet they are different.

It’s because while creating traditional reports, astrologers can often commit a calculation error, jeopardizing the future of an individual. However, in software-based reports i.e., online reports, no such mishaps occur because robust algorithms are working at the backend to ensure calculations are foolproof.

Is Kundali matching really that important?

Kundali matching can predict with accuracy how good or bad a proposed alliance is.

Compare Features
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Free Marriage Matching Online


Horoscope compatibility is an important requirement to have if good fortunes are to be ensured in married life. You can do it here, if you have the birth details of your prospective partner, along with that of yours. This report compares the two horoscopes on various astrological aspects, each of which comprises certain facets of life. Nurturing a successful marriage as one moves on in life is no easy task. And no horoscope compatibility gives a 10 out of 10 result. This is because no person is perfect, and no two people are the same. So, for a marriage to succeed your perfection as well as your imperfections should tally with that of your prospective partner. This means that both of you should have matching desires, dreams and ambitions as well as pride, prejudice and hustle. Only compatibility of horoscopes can bring out such nuances which form the base of a successful marriage. That is why the report checks the compatibility of your astrological virtues as well as doshas.

Good times ahead:

Getting married to the ideal person will result in your life experiencing progress at all levels. In the report, eight poruthams are checked with that of your prospective life partner. These cover the areas of personality and character, longevity, children, mutual attraction, mutual admiration, pleasure, like-mindedness, mental compatibility and happiness in life. Compatibility is checked in physical features also. It is usual for the husband and wife who are happily married for a long time to start looking like one another. They will start to think as one and act as one. Such marriages are more likely to happen if their horoscope compatibility is checked. The chances of any untoward incident happening during the marriage are also checked. Such instances can occur due to various reasons. The most vital is the clash of fortunes.

Wise choice:

If there is a mismatch, divorce and even death may result. This is the reason behind the unhappiness and depression that haunt many materially affluent couples. You do not want to enter into matrimony where you are doomed to suffer emotionally no matter how much gain you make in the physical world. The report is intended to reveal the real you, the person behind the face. At the end of the report, in one statement, you will be told whether this alliance is recommended or not. While certain aspects of life are in your control, some others are not. It is always a wise choice to get horoscopes matched before entering into any form of a marriage alliance. Horoscope compatibility has been around for a long time and while it is not perfect, it has served mankind well. The accuracy of the report depends on the accuracy of the data given. So, be sure about the details you enter to avail the report.

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திருமண வாழ்க்கையில் செவ்வாய் தோஷத்தின் (Sevvai Dosham) தாக்கங்கள் என்ன ? தோஷம் என்பது ஜாதகத்தில...
What are the impacts of Kuja dosha in married life?
A dosha is a condition in the horoscope (Kundli) that casts bad influences instead of positive results. It is caused by the malefic or unfavourable placements of planets in different houses (bhavas) in the Kundli. The birth chart in a h...
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