A perfect marriage does not require a miracle, it requires effort. As per Sanadhana Dharma, or the Sanadhana way of life, marriage happens during the second ashrama, or stage of life. According to marriage astrology, there are four ashramas:

  1. Brahmacharya
  2. Garhastya
  3. Vanaprastha
  4. Sannyasa
Brahmacharya is where the person acquires knowledge, personality, and is initiated into the learning of a craft. Here the objective is for the student to keep a distance from worldly pleasures and pains. The focus should be to develop a bond of comradeship between the students themselves and with the teachers. Here the person acquires the skill, strength, and will to lead a life of dharma. Trademarks of a good student are chastity, simplicity, hard work, devotion to knowledge, and spiritual reality.

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After the study of Vedas (attending classes), the person enters the Grahastya Ashrama. The Sanadhana way of life requires the man to find a sahadharmini during this time. Sahadharmini is someone who will follow the ideas of the husband. The requirement is to find someone who will embrace and inspire the feminine nature of the person. This has to happen at a specific period in life, which the parents can know from the horoscope of their child. 

Traditionally, as per marriage astrology, you can find the best time to get married by looking at the Gochara. The movement of the planets and their varying spells of influence decide the physical and spiritual growth in life. For Sahadharmini, the positioning of the planet Jupiter plays a pivotal role. Jupiter is Guru, the one whom to follow. Jupiter is what gets them the Bharthraguna, which is guidance. So Guru or Jupiter is positioned at 5, 7, 9, and 11 houses of the Sahadharmini indicates the best time for marriage. 

Factors influencing marriage in the horoscope

Lord of Lagna 

The Sun puts in you the qualities of ego, pride, and confidence. Where the Sun is positioned in the cosmic chart at the time of your birth is very important. This is your Lagna. Then you find out who is the lord of that House. Each House has its particular features, which are best accentuated by the planet which owns it. This is the Lord of Lagna. It says what kind of a person you are. 

Lord of Seventh, Fifth

The fifth house contains the essence of romance, comfort, and children. The Seventh House gives you the instincts for family life. Receiving these boons requires the will of lords of these houses, wherever they may be in the chart. And where they are, decides the ‘mood’ of the lords. So, the position and corresponding mood of the lords of the seventh and fifth house in the cosmic chart has a say in the marriage of the person. 

Aspects on the seventh house, who is standing in the seventh house

The seventh house represents the most vital essence of marriage. Receiving a boon from a house is dependent on how the other lords see the house. In the case of the seventh house, every lord has a say on it to varying degrees. The planet which is currently positioned in the house or the current ruler of the house gets the biggest say. Each of these has to be evaluated separately and examined.

Lord of the seventh house amsaka

Varga in Jyotish refers to subdividing one house or rasi in the horoscope to a mini-horoscope of its own. The number of divisions in this mini-horoscope may vary from two to 60. Of this, the 9-division Varga or the Navamsa Varga focuses on marriage. As already seen, the positioning of the lord of the seventh house in the chart has a say on marriage. To bring further resolution into the matter, the position of the lord of the seventh in the NavamsaVarga is studied. This helps discern details with greater precision. 

Lord of amsaka of ascendant lord

As seen earlier, the Lagna lord has a say in marriage. To study it in greater detail, the position of the Lagna lord in the Navamsa chart is checked. Each amsa or division of the Navamsa chart has its own lords, just like a house in the horoscope.  So, to know the mood of the Lagna lord during a certain period, the mood of the amsa lord also needs to be checked. 

Moon’s rasi adhipa and amsaka adhipa

If it is the Sun that makes you, the Moon completes you. Where the Moon was in the chart at the time of birth has a say equal to that of the Sun on your marriage. Rasi is the house where the Moon was at the time of birth. The mood of the lord of the Rasi in the horoscope and the lord of the amsa where the Moon was at in the Navamsa chart tell in detail your requirements from marriage. 

Position of Venus

Venus is the planet of fertility. It has the say on how fruitful the marriage will be. The position of Venus in the charts will give details on the mood of Venus during a certain time. For a marriage to be successful, Venus has to be in a good mood. 

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Good Time for Marriage as per Astrology

From Gochara we can calculate a good time for marriage. As per marriage astrology experts, marriage has to take place when Rahu’s strength over the chart is minimal. This has to align with the presence of a beneficial ruler in the seventh house and a beneficial position for Venus in the charts. A combination of these three gets you the auspicious time to get married. 

What is Santhana Yoga?

Santhana means offspring. A person’s Santhana Yoga defines the destiny to have children. Having children is very important for a marriage. Just as the requirement of perfect marriage begins with the parents, it becomes complete when the couple becomes parents themselves. So the timing of Santhana Yoga also has a say in the marriage. 

As seen earlier, the Fifth House has the essence of having children. This house has to be seen favorably by the planets looking at it in the chart. The lord of the house also has to be favorably positioned. So all elements related to the Fifth house have to be exalted or benign form when marriage happens. 

The Ninth House is the Bhavat Bhavam of the Fifth House. It is as distant from the Fifth House as the Fifth House is from the ascendant. When this happens the pair House will give the result of the Main House, i.e. the Ninth House to grant the essence of Fifth House, which is to have children. 

This raises the importance of the Ninth House in Santhana Yoga and consequently in the marriage as well. So, along with the Fifth, the elements influencing the Ninth too have to be exalted or in a benign mood for the marriage to be blessed. 

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Which are the Pujas to make marriage yoga favorable?

Puja is a procedure to worship the divine and is performed to get the worshiper in touch with cosmic forces. It helps to remove or outdo the challenges faced in life by blessing the worshipper with spiritual enlightenment. Doing Puja influences the energy vibrations around the worshipper and makes it open to the entry of spiritual forces. These spiritual forces eliminate the negative influences of ushering in positive energy. It grants the worshiper peace of mind, material prosperity, and gives him or her taste of the divine.

An individual’s Vedic astrological chart determines which pujas and timings are best for that person, based on their karma from this life and previous lives. The malefic effects which are destined to befall us can be averted or their effects reduced by the performance of specific pujas as recommended in the scriptures. 

Puja is done to an idol or an object, like a Shivling, onto which the divinity is manifested by offering certain substances in a certain specific way under certain specific conditions. It requires a focused mind, a clean body, and decisive faith. After the puja, the idol gets filled with divine force and the worshipper, immersed in faith gets to ‘see’ the divine. The divine ‘sees’ worshipper as well. 

This means the worshipper is blessed with the abilities and boons of that divine force which has been brought into the idol. So, a lot of things that affect life can be changed for the better by doing puja. To make marriage yoga favorable the following are recommended.

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Somavara Vritha and Worship of Lord Shiva: Somavaravritha means fasting on Monday. This is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This vrat is beneficial for getting the desired partner in life. The person who is undertaking this vrat should be pure in the heart. On every fasting day, he or she should wake up early in the morning and after the bath; worship Lord Shiva before beginning the fast. Do not fail to chant ‘omnamahshivaya’ throughout the day. Late in the evening, after again worshiping Lord Shiva, have a one-time sweet meal without salt. Eating fruits like banana, apple, papaya is good during Monday fast.

Umamaheswara Puja: Uma and Maheshwara are a celestial couple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. They are adored for their marital harmony and are considered a perfect match. The blessings of Uma-Maheshwara can enrich the relationship between the husband and wife. Devotees seeking a harmonious married life perform this puja and seek the blessings of the Lord and his consort. It ensures a congenial relationship between husband and wife. Their worship gets combined blessings and provides the worshiper with peace, joy, and marital bliss.

Swayamvara Pushpanjali: The Swayamvara Pushpanjali puja is also dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It helps with early marriage. This puja, if performed on a Monday in the presence of Rohini Nakshatram, is considered highly meritorious. The person should also observe the Somvara Vritha and Uma-Maheshwara Puja along with the Swayamvara Pushpanjali so as to gain the perfect result in marriage. 

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