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For a quick overview of your Life & Destiny, Generate Free Tamil Jothidam online - explore your past, present and future. This free horoscope in Tamil precisely captures the unique positioning of planets at the time of your birth to give an accurate & authentic report on your life & destiny. General features, the flow of life as well as the opportunities & obstacles are designed by the celestial makeup which can be read from horoscope. Do not wait to prepare your free Tamil jathagam! It gives an overview of every aspect of life.

Clickastro Tamil Rasi Palan (ராசி பலன் தமிழில்)


Gives a complete picture of your character & traits: Physique, mindset, temperament, strengths & weaknesses.


Lets you know the general pattern and the ups & downs of career, wealth, marriage, education, health etc.


Helps to secure your future by letting you know the possible opportunities and obstacles and with remedies to overcome these obstacles.

Free Tamil Jathagam (இலவச ஜாதகம் தமிழில்) Features

Panchanga Palankal (பஞ்சாங்க பலன்கள் )

The Panchanga predictions based on birth details can uncover some basic traits. This free Tamil jothidam provides predictions based on your Weekday, Nakshatra, Thithi, Karana & Nithya Yoga. Your general features, tendencies, mindset and behavior can be known by analysing these five parameters. Clickastro free horoscope in Tamil calculates your Nakshatra/birth star and gives accurate predictions based on all the panchanga features.

Aalumai Palankal (ஆளுமை பலன்கள்)

The 12 bhavas or houses in the birth chart represent the 12 different aspects of your life. The Tamil josiyam report lets you know what aspects these bhavas/houses represent and makes a detailed analysis of all bhavas in your birth chart. This gives you valuable predictions and inputs on various fields - your personality, status, relationships, family, marriage, career, wealth, health etc. Read the free Tamil Jothidam report for an overview of all your life aspects.

Ugantha kalankal, Dasa/Apahara Palankal (தசை/அபஹார பலன்கள்)

The good and bad times of your life can be known from a holistic study of your horoscope. There are various horoscope factors which decide how good or bad a specific period in the life can be. This free Tamil rasi palan makes a comprehensive study of your horoscope including your dasas & apaharas to tell about the favourable periods in your life. It lets you know your favourable periods for career, marriage, house construction, business etc.

Parikaarangkal (பரிகாரங்கள்)

An obstacle or a hard time you encounter in your life can be the result of a specific feature in your horoscope. It can be the ill effect of a dasa or some feature of your birth star. This online Tamil horoscope finds out such malefic features and suggests remedies to prevent or overcome them. You can have your birth star and dasa based remedies from this free Tamil jathagam report. It also checks for various doshas (Kuja/Rahu/Ketu doshas) and recommends the solutions.

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