As per astrology, planets rule the lives of people. They are considered celestial beings. Each day of the week is assigned to a planet. Friday is the day of Venus. She is regarded as the goddess of love and desire. Venus governs the softer aspects of life like love, balance, affection, beauty, partnership, romance, refinement, art, pleasures, luxuries and comforts. A benefic Venus blesses the native with luxuries, comforts, happiness and merriments, while a weak Shukra may lead to break-ups, bodily ailments including impotence, venereal and urinary diseases and asthma. The following are the unique characteristics of people born on Friday.

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Friday Born People’s Character

Friday born people may appear lazy and lethargic. They do not make a good first impression. But, they can become exceptional provided their talents are nurtured with love and patience over a prolonged period. They do not appreciate tough love and are attracted to luxury with the will to attain it. They are intelligent with a good sense of humour. Usually, they are patient, tolerant and willing to entertain a certain amount of criticism.

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However, pushing them beyond the limit may cause unpredictable results. If so, they can be vicious and mean. They dress fashionably. Loyalty and brotherhood are essential, and they also tend to be insecure. They may tend to attach too much importance to what others think. They are sociable and appealing with their skillset always in demand. They are vulnerable to jealousy and gossip, but they live life on their own terms. They are independent, hardworking, and organised. However, they may get lost in the pursuit of material pleasures.

People Born on Friday – Personality

Friday born people usually have an attractive personalities. They talk sweetly and have a beautiful smiles. Their open nature makes them popular among friends. They are sincere and are generally good human beings. They take care to dress for the occasion. They are rarely selfish. They possess a mentality to help and to share. However, they hate to be under the control of someone else. They are creative and have an eye for art and fashion. They are pleasant and charming, with a competitive spirit inside them. Their partnerships with others will contribute to the growth and development of the team. However, they can be sore losers. They may find excuses and file complaints rather than accept their mistake. Their obsession with the superficial may distract them from the larger picture.

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Suitable Career for People Born on Friday

Friday born people radiate their energy and vibrancy to the world around them. Their presence will make the workplace vibrant and robust. They are creative and can innovate. They are drawn towards fields that require originality and new ideas like movies and fashion. They may be philanthropists with a strong empathy for others. They take pleasure in helping others. As assistants, they are quick learners and are dedicated to their job. They are bursting with energy and can generate new ideas on cue.

As leaders, they may strive for perfectionism. They may be open to ideas and exchange of views. They may try hard to live up to expectations. This may make them anxious and vulnerable to manipulation. They may also tend to put emotions over tactics. Following their heart is imperative for their success in their profession. They sometimes struggle to see the bigger picture.

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Friday Born People’s Love Life

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Friday born people are honest to whoever they love. They are emotional individuals. They prefer to constantly be in the company of others. So, it is likely that their love may evolve from friendship. Once they fall in love, they tend to go berserk over it. They treasure every moment and every memory shared. Consequently, this makes them prone to heartbreaks in case the relationship fails. They may tend to go for the outward appearance of a person. This makes them a poor judge of characters. They may become trusting too easily. They can be deceived through pretences and fake gestures of love. They also tend to get jealous. They are advised to choose their lover only after knowing the person thoroughly and having spent enough time understanding them.

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People Born on Friday – Married life

Friday born people tend to have happy married lives. They are affectionate and sympathetic individuals and will make enough money. They will make sure the family is well provided and ensure a materially comfortable life for their family. They may have a home equipped with all modern gadgets and conveniences. They would love to be physically intimate. However, their tendency to place pleasures of the flesh over emotional requirements may cause strains in family life. They should learn to balance their married life with pleasure and reason. Their relationship with children may not be as deep as what they have with their spouses. Though they may take care to ensure every desire of the child is met, they may remain emotionally detached. They tend to give PTA meetings a miss.

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Miscellaneous features of People Born on Friday

Friday born people tend to have big heads and big eyes. Their hair may be curly, and they tend to have long hands. Children are least born on Fridays. They usually never live their life in shortage of something. Their lucky number is 6. They may have a fair complexion and are usually attractive. They also tend to be clever. They are vulnerable to changes in climate. They are susceptible to colds and fevers. They may also suffer from diseases related to sugar, eyes, and throat and from jaundice. Pink, red and orange are their auspicious colours.

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