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We offer astrology services like horoscopes (free & paid), Match compatibility reports, Gem recommendation, numerology, Chinese astrology, Feng Shui, baby name recommendation.

We are the leading developer of astrology software in English, regional languages, Sinhala and German. We have a wide range of astrology software starting from US$ 164 to US$ 6750.

For the last 20 years, ever since our emergence into the field in 1984, we have been doing research to develop specialized software and other services. Since it is an IT enabled world, and most people have access to the Internet, we have also kept pace with progress and started selling our services through the net since 2000.

Now our site has more than 2 million hits a month.


Since your site reaches out to millions of Indians, within India and abroad, you may offer astrology services to them in their languages.

We have specialized products in astrology like Super Horoscope with Parihara, Full Horoscope with Forecast, Match Compatibility report, Name Recommendation and GemFinder.

You may put astrology as a service, include all these and offer the whole as a package for sale.

How does it work?

We will guide you to set a page on your site and those customers who visit your site would use your payment gateway. You will collect the payment and pass it to us after deducting a percentage.

We could discuss more in detail if this part of our proposal interests you.

This is one of the best opportunities where both parties share customers and generate good income. If we could arrive at a mutually beneficial tie-up it will definitely add to our growth prospects. Please contact us to have further discussions.

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