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This Free Feng Shui lets you know your 4 auspicious and 4 inauspicious directions along with the Pa Kua and Lo Shu numbers. The ancient Chinese technique of Feng Shui deals with the positive and negative influences of the Earth. It is the art of arranging your surroundings to create harmony and balance with nature. Feng Shui is practiced for the interior designing of houses, offices and business buildings, ensuring the harmony and balance with the surroundings. It helps you in making your living place a very healthy abode and in preventing the negative Chi flow.

This report helps you in finding the right directions, favourable days and auspicious times. The report with the aid of your birth details finds the Pa Kua number essential for Feng Shui calculations. Also, it finds the Lo Shu numbers for identifying the best and worst locations.

Just enter your name & date of birth and get your free Feng Shui now!
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