Your office space is as important as your home. When you design your home, you use Vastu Shastra to place your house entrance, kitchen and prayer room. Why not the office? The office is the physical space which is the root of a good career, business, and finance. Let’s understand what is the importance of Vastu for office cabin?

Vastu Shastra is the ‘Science of Architecture’. Geometric perfection is an important aspect of the physical world. Hindu mythology states that everything in this universe is composed of ‘Panchabhoota’ or ‘Panchatatva’ – Five elements called the Air (‘Vayu’), Earth (‘Bhumi’), Water (‘Jala’), Fire (‘Agni’), and Space (‘Akasha’). Vastu Shastra is an ancient science from India, which describes the design principles, measurements, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. This science helps to balance all these tattvas in the living spaces for a prosperous life.

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Importance of Office Vastu Shastra

The environment of a person defines their personality and efficiency. A dark room will only give your clients a vibe of idleness or sub-par performance. When Entrepreneurs and Business owners are in a balanced state, they gain the charge of your own destiny. Designing a perfect office Vastu plan gives you a direction and energizes you to be more organized. Vastu for office cabin ensures growth, success, and prosperity. Make your office environment a perfect one to impress your staff and your clients with office Vastu shastra

Vastu Tips for Office Space

Vastu tips for office will vary according to its space or layout, like offices in commercial buildings and offices set up in-home needs a completely different Vastu approach. Here are a few tips from the Vastu experts of ClickAstro to design a perfect and well-lit office layout.

  1. Vastu for office boss’ cabin – The office boss should occupy the chamber in the south-west corner and should face north while sitting. The table should be in the south-west corner of the room. The door to the chamber should be in the north-east corner.
  2. As per the office Vastu chart, the best direction to sit in the office for the next person in authority (Manager) is the south or west. He should face north while occupying a room in the southern side and should face east while occupying the room in the west.
  3. The northern direction is ruled by the god of wealth, Lord Kubera and the north-east direction is ruled by water, which is indicative of financial status. Shift all your important documents and the accounts department in this direction.
  4. Make sure to use natural lighting for better health and efficiency. Most Entrepreneurs ignore this tip to make their office space a fancy one, but natural light is extremely important as it radiates positivity and prosperity.
  5. Vastu shastra for office also suggests that there should be a water body in your workplace. Water bodies bring in a lot of fresh energy into the office. Place an aquarium with one blackfish or nine goldfish in the North-East direction for a good in-flow of cash and business. You can also try adding a small fountain. Do add some green plants as well as they symbolize growth.
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Vastu for Home Office

Vastu for office build in home spaces is as important as any commercial place. If you are planning to set up your workplace in your home, then with these following tips and Vastu principles, design the best possible office layout as per your convenience.

  1. The west or southwest section of the house is a place where an individual makes the best decisions. Thus, a home office should be set up in this section of the house.
  2. Place your work desk in the south-west direction.
  3. Cabinets containing important documents should be placed in the west or southwest section of the house. Make sure that the cabinet doors open up in the north, east or northeast direction.
  4. Go for the cream, light yellow, light green, or light gold colours for your home office for a vibrant ambience.
  5. Most importantly, ensure that your work chair is strong, spacious in terms of back support. It should cover the entire backbone including the head, which signifies a well-supported life.
If you have any concern or queries about your office, business, finance, or career and need Vastu and astrological advice, do reach out to us. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

We will do a detailed analysis of your office space and provide tips on Vastu Shastra for office that’s perfect for your space and business.

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