The kitchen is regarded as an integral part of every household and is a vital part when it comes to nutrition and the general well being of the householders. According to Hindu tradition, it’s imperative that your Kitchen Vastu is in place and you’re giving due consideration to its placement within the house since it’s a source of abundant energy and pleases the Fire lord.

Since Lord of Fire (Agni) dwells in the South-East direction, placing your kitchen in this location is best for you. Ideally, your kitchen as per Vastu guidelines should never be placed in the North, the North-East, or the South-West direction as it could trigger disputes hampering the cordial relationship between the family members.

In this blog post, we bring forth many other subtle points that you must consider especially when you’re frivolously Googling about Vastu tips for the kitchen.

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Can Wrong Placement of Kitchen Harm You?

As Indians, we have a proclivity towards Vastu and hence we can never undermine its importance in our life. That being said, if your kitchen isn’t placed as per the Vastu directives, it can bring the following harmful effects:

  • As stated earlier, the wrong location of the kitchen can initiate unwanted clashes and disputes in the family. So, ensure you’re paying close attention to its placement.

  • The imbalance of energies in the house often makes house members prone to different health-related ailments like allergies, illness, etc. which in severe cases can be fatal.

  • You might find it surprising, but the wrong placement of the kitchen can lead to the major financial loss within the family bringing them closer to bankruptcy in most cases.
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Quick Vastu Shastra Tips for Kitchen

  • Make sure your kitchen colour is as per Vastu. Bright and vibrant colours like fiery red, orange, or cheerful shade like yellow are good options to consider. Shades of pink or peach signify warmth while light brown is known for stability.
As per Vastu, kitchen colours can also depend on the elements like for cabinets, you can pick green or lemon yellow as they bring freshness, positive energy, good health, etc. Another great kitchen colour option according to Vastu that you can explore for your flooring tiles, marble are shades of white, pale light, and brown that is almost neutral. For slabs, you can opt for green or yellow/orange as alternatives. 

  • Keep at least one window in your kitchen facing the East direction. Early morning sunlight benefits your health, brightens up your house, minimizes electricity usage, and keeps your kitchen airy. If required, install exhaust fans in the Southern direction of your kitchen.

  • If there is a refrigerator in the kitchen then it is suggested that it be placed in the South-West. This is known to help the householders tackle difficult situations in life, and create a peaceful environment in the kitchen. Also, storage grains and other food stock is to be placed in the South-West as it adds to prosperity and good luck. If the storage area is outside the kitchen, Vastu recommends that it be placed in the South-East or Eastern direction.

  • Place the water outlets like a washbasin, drain, etc. in the North or North-East direction while the water tank can be kept in the Western part of the house.

  • Ensure that your kitchen direction/position/location as per Vastu falls in the South-East direction.  In case, that isn’t possible due to building restrictions, another alternative option to consider is having a North-East kitchen according to Vastu guidelines.

North-West Kitchen Vastu Remedies

If you have a north-west kitchen as per Vastu because your house is facing the South-East direction, then you can place the other elements as follows:

  • Stove – in the South-East direction, so that you always face the East direction while lighting it up

  • Place other electronic items like microwaves, grinders, etc. in the South-East corner of the kitchen.

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