The kitchen is regarded as an integral part of every household and is a vital part when it comes to nutrition and the general well being of the householders. Vastu defines various rules for the kitchen, which will ensure an abundance of positive energy all-round. Since the kitchen is the source of the energy for the entire household, it is important to ensure that the energy emanating from the kitchen is positive. In this article, we take a look at kitchen Vastu, and all the tips and tricks suggested by the rules of Vastu to ensure a positive energy flow in the kitchen.

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Vastu takes into account various elements of nature like earth, fire, sky, and water, making sure there is a right balance between the aforementioned forces in any constructed space. While deciding the ideal location for the kitchen, it is important to take into account that Vastu Shastra shows Agni or fire in the south-east and describes that as the best position. If for some reason, there is difficulty in building the kitchen in the south-east, even a north-west placement will work. This is important considering all objects in the kitchen like stoves, gas cylinders, ovens et cetera are fire-related. If the kitchen is placed in the north, north-east or south-west position, it can negatively impact the family by having a negative impact on the relationships in the household.

It is also said that the washbasin must not be parallel to the cooking range like the gas cylinder, oven, and other elements that include fire. This is because water and fire are opposing elements. Such positioning is known to cause domestic disharmony and rifts in the family.

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When it comes to water, it is said that respecting water could bring about wealth and prosperity. Considering fire is in a south-west direction, the water outlets – like a washbasin or drain in the kitchen must be in a north or north-east direction, and water tanks are better off being in the western part of the house.

If there is a refrigerator in the kitchen then it is suggested that it be placed in the south-west. This is known to help the householders tackle difficult situations in life, and create a peaceful environment in the kitchen. In addition, storage grains and other food stock is to be placed in the south-west as it adds to prosperity and good luck. If the storage area is outside the kitchen, Vastu recommends that it be placed in the south-east or eastern direction.

Windows are said to be a good addition to the kitchen space. The presence of a couple of windows is highly recommended by Vastu as it is a way to release the negativity. Exhaust systems are expected to be installed for the same reason, letting out any and all negative energies. The windows and exhaust system are ideally placed in an eastward direction. 


It is also said that different colours of paint could have different impacts according to Vastu shastra. Black is a strict no, with more vibrant colours being suggested. Yellow, rose, green, orange, red et cetera are highly recommended.

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