According to Western Astrology, there are 12 Zodiac signs viz, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These 12 zodiac signs belong to four elements – Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Here we are going to discuss Aries Zodiac Sign – the first astrological sign in the zodiac.

Aries (21 Mar – 20 Apr)

  • Strengths – Active, energetic, honest, brave, adventurous, passionate, generous, cheerful, argumentative, curious
  • Weaknesses – Impulsive, Naive, Impatient
  • Zodiac Element – Fire
  • Ruling Planet – Mars
  • Lucky Color – Red
  • Lucky Number – 5/7
  • Lucky Day – Tuesday
  • Compatibility – Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries
  • Zodiac Symbol – Ram
  • Zodiac Quality – Cardinal
  • Jewelry – Diamond, Ruby
  • Aries Eminent Personalities – Jackie Chan, Ajay Devgan, Kangana Ranaut, Mukesh Ambani
  • Chinese Zodiac twins – Dragon
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10 Quick Zodiac Facts About Aries

  • People who’re born under the Aries sign will never let you face your problems alone. They will always stand with you and safeguard you.
  • Unlike others, people of Aries sign don’t like having a lot of friends. They rather believe in having a limited number of friends who are genuine and real as they come.
  • They are quite open in verbal conversations and fail to hide anything. They speak up how they see it without any filters.
  • People with zodiac sign Aries are huge music lovers and tend to like a range of musical genres.
  • One major weakness of people of Aries sign is that they care too much.
  • Being emotional is a key part of Aries’ nature. If they had a bad day, all you need to do is give them a warm hug.
  • Another interesting fact about Aries is that they always shower you with kindness even if they’re struggling in their personal/professional lives.
  • Most people believe that Aries are hard to handle, but if you look closely, you’ll find a warm person with a huge heart.
  • By nature, the Aries is quite straightforward and brutally honest, and not everyone likes it.
  • Their childlike spirit makes them look a lot younger than their actual age.
Apart from these, there are 3 interesting astrology facts aka myths about Aries that can take you by surprise:

  • Aries are known to be the rudest signs in Astrology.
  • They care more about winning rather than your feelings.
  • They’re often perceived as individuals with almost zero self-control.

Aries Personality Predictions

Being ruled by the planet MARS, people of Aries sign are quite proactive, masculine, and they’re always looking out for ways to engage with the outer world. Both Aries man and woman have the ability and courage to initiate the tasks. As their zodiac symbol is Ram, they hold all the qualities of leadership and are great at pioneering projects, and taking up the front lead when it comes to strategy building.

Another interesting Aries fact is that they are always ready to fight, and this quality helps them in emergencies where a quick and swift action needs to be taken. Being ruled by the planet of war, you can always find the natives from this sign as courageous and fearless who spring into action without second thoughts during a crisis or a challenging situation.

Aries Career Predictions

An interesting fact about Aries is that they are born leaders, and thus they find pleasure in giving orders rather than receiving them. People born as Aries are quite sharp and have great potential to move which always keeps them one step ahead of everyone else. When they face a challenge in their professional life, they quickly assess their situation and figure out a solution. To succeed all you need doing is follow their chosen path and professional plans that aren’t guided by emotions.

A great sign of Aries is that they shine better when faced with fierce competition. Their adventurous nature makes them suitable for a career in sports, or other professions like managers, soldiers, etc. They prefer living in the present rather than thinking about the future and that often makes them irrational w.r.t financial decisions. Still, they find a way out to earn money and compensate for their expenses.

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Aries Love Predictions

If you’re looking for interesting Aries Zodiac sign facts on love, you will know that they make the most loyal partners who take quick initiatives. If they are in love, they openly express it without giving it considerable thought. They are quite passionate lovers who’re energetic and love adventures, but on the flip side, they don’t have enough patience and focus for their partner.

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The Aries Man in Love

The Aries man is remarkably attractive. Although they may not be described as particularly handsome, the Aries possess a certain kind of confidence and raw sexuality that makes you want to stand closer to them.  When in love, the Aries personality can be passionate and always invested at the moment. Once they decide that they want to be with you, they will do everything in their power to woo you.

You can expect some sudden flare-ups from them at times, but they can’t stay mad at you for long. Just make sure you don’t play games or cross them, in which case, they will cut you off from their lives. The Aries looks for an equally powerful match in his partner to share his life with. He doesn’t really have time for mixed messages, passivity, and ambiguity.

Due to their inclination towards conquests, the Aries find the chase more exciting than the prize itself. So, the best way to hold their attention is by playing hard to get. But beware! Overdoing it may send them away and you may not get a second chance.

The Aries Woman in Love

Fiery energy, charisma, flamboyance, and blunt honesty are some of the Aries woman traits. The Aries personality female is a natural leader in all her relationships, whether it is romantic or professional.

The Aries woman is independent, and to attract her, you must give her time and effort without putting her under the impression that her control has been taken over. Once she is in love, she will be loyal to her partner but become overly jealous at times. As a confident and domineering woman, she isn’t looking for a partner to follow, but someone who is headstrong, assertive, and equally energetic just like her.

Aries Compatibility

Looking at the Aries characteristics, it is essential to take into account the planetary connections rather than just the sun signs of the individuals to determine their overall love compatibility. Having said that, generally, the Aries traits get along well with fire and air signs. On the other hand, water and earth signs may have a hard time with Aries personality traits and have to work hard to make their relationship work.

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Aries Family Life Predictions

The Aries Man

Have you ever seen someone who is very good with kids and gets them giggling and laughing helplessly? There’s your Aries man. As a father, the Aries personality male will always be playful and fun for his kids. They are extremely supportive and are always on the lookout for family entertainment, adventure, or trips.

The Aries Woman

The Aries woman constantly strives to be the best and expects the same from her children. The Aries qualities mother will always encourage her kids to try out new sports, adventures or hobbies, and will sometimes be impatient with them for not doing so. It comes from their protective instinct, but it is worth trying to practice patience with the self and the family.

Aries Eminent Personalities

Famous Aries men – Heath Ledger, Elton John, Robert Downey, Jr., Quentin Tarantino, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Conan O’Brien, Eddie Murphy

Famous Aries women – Lady Gaga, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Maisie Williams, Ashley Judd

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