Saturn transit to Aquarius [2022 Predictions]

Every Saturn transit brings long-lasting changes in one’s life. Saturn is the planet for longevity, stability, firmness, but it is also the planet for delays and obstacles. People don’t like Saturn as it has a dark image attached to it. However, it rules the most auspicious houses in the horoscope. It rules the 10th and 11th houses of Karma and profit. Saturn stays in a sign for 2.5 years, and at times, it also goes in a slow down mode. The upcoming Saturn transit is in Aquarius, but in 2022 it will again be changing the sign.

From April to July, Saturn will move into Aquarius, but Saturn will move back into Capricorn from July to January. From January 2023 onwards, Saturn will be again moving back to Aquarius. This back and forth motion indicates a connection between Karma and profit for all the natives. During this transit, those people with Moon in Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will enter their sade sati also. This sade sati will bring more stability to their life, and it is not a very easy phase. People get stability; they construct a house, they get into a good job, and they marry during the sade sati phase.

Saturn Transit Impact on Aries

Saturn will be moving into its mooltrikona sign, Aquarius. This sign indicates hopes and wishes. You will have many long-term plans, and you will be working on executing them. This is a time to enter new teams and new long term projects. Saturn is the planet for stability and delays, your plans may get delayed for some time, but you should be patient. New team members can come up, and you may even have projects from foreign lands.

This Saturn transit (Shani Peyarchi) will bring new job opportunities for those who work in the technology sector. You have to be very sure what you communicate with your team members. Saturn will aspect the fifth house of children and youngsters; your children will start long term projects. Their life will also be going through a transformational phase during this time. Kindly avoid any risky investment, and don’t take shortcuts to make money.

Saturn Transit Effects on Taurus

Saturn, the planet for Karma, will be entering the tenth house of Karma, and you want to focus more on your career. The presence of Saturn in this house indicates new job opportunities. Your lord Venus is a friend to Saturn, so you have many opportunities to improve your career. Job seekers should use this opportunity very carefully. Since Saturn is the planet for delays and obstacles, you will be having some delays at work, but please don’t be angry. You should obey your bosses, and they will surely guide you. Otherwise, there will be a lot of clashes with them.

You need to listen to your elders as there are chances for ego clashes. Since Saturn will aspect the fourth house of home and family, you will have some functions at home. There are chances for construction and renovation too. The health and well being of elderly people will be important.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Gemini

The transit Saturn (Shani Gochar) will move into the ninth house of higher studies, foreign collaborations and spirituality. This is a time to be spiritual and keep good principles. The transit is good for foreign collaborations, but some obstacles will be. You may complete a few projects related to writing. Students should be very careful with their studies. Otherwise, there will be hardships. This is a time to complete a few courses as well, and those who have back papers will be able to finish them. Projects with foreign collaboration and interaction with an international community are also seen. You will also have to consider the health and well-being of the elderly people as e fatherly figures in your life will be going through a transformational phase during this week. At times, you may feel stuck in your life, but the slowness will help you restructure your life.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Cancer

The transit will be impacting your finances and partnerships, so this is a sensitive time for both. During this transit, you may think about lending and borrowing. You can do that, but please don’t overdo it. Those who do partnership business have to be ultra-careful as Saturn can bring delays in the profits. That can impact your partnerships, so be realistic and take practical moves. You will try to bring some changes to your partnerships.

Plans for projects with joint ventures are also seen. This is a time to settle your financial issues. The eighth house also indicates the longevity of the marital life. So, you have to consider the opinion of your better half as well. If you are already going through any relationship crisis, you must settle it during this time. Or else, you should decide to cut off ties in a very honourable manner. This transit can bring freelance projects as well.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Leo

The transit Saturn is moving through the mool trikona sign, which indicates a lot of importance for your relationships. Saturn is the planet for delays and obstacles, so you will have some challenges in the relationships. This is the right time to improve your relationships if you want. Otherwise, you should have an honourable exit. New contracts and deals can come up on the business front. Your opponents are also active during this phase. Saturn will bring new business opportunities as well. Long trips and foreign collaborations will also be part of this phase. You will have to keep a distance from the opposite gender; otherwise, there will be some scandals. During this transit, your personal life also will go through some transformations. You will have new plans for your life, but that may get delayed. Physical and mental health also will need more care.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Virgo

The transit Saturn will bring more work as it impacts the sixth house of work. Saturn transit through this house indicates hard work and delays. Please try to cope with your workplace as there will be obstacles. This is a time to work on competitive projects, and you need to be prepared for that. Please don’t get into any verbal spats with colleagues; if you do, then there are chances for arguments. New job opportunities can also be coming up during this transit. Minor health issues are also possible. The focus area will be the lower abdomen area and mental health. The transit of Saturn will impact the foreign collaborations too. There will be some concerns regarding your financial liabilities as well. Please take care of the finances and do not take any risk with your savings.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Libra

This is a very important phase for your children and their life. There are certain new plans for your own ventures. You want to improve your existing ventures as well. Saturn may delay your business growth as Saturn indicates delays and obstacles.

Social gatherings and team meetings can also come up. You may try to improve your romantic affair. Saturn is not the planet for romance, so you should not risk that. You will think about new romantic relations. Those who are already in such relation will try to improve it.

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This is a time to work with your creative energies, and kindly don’t take any risk. You will try to promote your skills, and you will be working closely with such teams.

Saturn Transit Effects on Scorpio

The transit of Saturn will be impacting the Kendra house. The fourth house indicates happiness and home. So, the home and family will be the focal point of this phase. There are chances for relocation, real estate deals, and repairing. There are some problems, and you are looking for some solutions. The family may have some concerns, and you must be very careful. Real estate deals and relocation can come up. Repairing can also come up. Saturn will aspect the career, and there will be some delays in the career progress. Saturn indicates Karma, and you should not adopt any shortcuts to achieve success. Let everything happen organically. There will be new opportunities for career growth, and you will have to make sincere efforts to achieve them.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Sagittarius

The transit Saturn will impact the third house of courage and siblings. This transit can bring your siblings to you, and they may need your help. This is a stressful time, and there are many work-related challenges. The third house indicates your ventures, and you may think about starting your business. You may have to multitask for that purpose, which may be very tiring. The neck to shoulder area will be very tender, and you should take care of that. Short travels and training also can come up. Finances will be another major issue. Gains and expenses can come up, and you must control your expenses.

This is a very important transit for business owners as there will be some hurdles for the progress. You should not be in a hurry to start any new ventures, which may result in losses. Your children also need more help, and you should not ignore their needs.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Capricorn

The transit of Saturn through Aquarius will trigger your finances, so there are huge chances for financial urgencies. Saturn indicates delays, so there will be some delays in the progress. You need to have alternative plans for your money-making. However, there will be a lot of concerns regarding existing financial commitments. So, you should practice cost cuttings and austerities. There will be many opportunities to gain public attention. This is a crucial time for your speech, as you may display harshness. Please control that tendency. Otherwise, you will be inviting trouble. There will be some real estate deals at home too. You should give enough time to your elders and please understand their needs as well.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Aquarius

The transit of Saturn will bring some changes in your personal life. Your personal life is activated, and you are looking for transformation. Minor physical issues also can come up. This is a phase for new beginnings. You may have some startups in various sectors of life. New people can come into your life as well. This is not the time to look for risky ventures; instead, try to improve whatever you are working on. Health will be the main theme, and you should not ignore the symptoms.

Your marital life also can go through some ups and downs, but you will be able to manage it. Long and short trips also will be part of this phase. This is a transformational phase for business owners as well. They will make more efforts to improve their ventures. Siblings and other relatives may rebel against you, so you should handle the situation carefully. Please take care while driving and riding.

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Saturn Transit Effects on Pisces

The transit of Saturn will trigger your emotional needs during this time. You must take some time for prayer and meditation. There may be some emotional issues, and you should stand away from all controversial issues. It’s always good to have spiritual thinking and actions. Charity will be ideal during this time. Minor physical issues can come up. There may be some financial issues as well. So, there will be a need for cost-cutting. You will have issues with your colleagues at work, so please stay away from that. This is the time for team activities, and you should give enough attention to your colleagues. Your health also will have a focus. You may take up a new medical care program. Plans for foreign travel can come up, and there will be some obstacles. The aspect of the sixth house will trigger concerns about daily life too.

Saturn Transit to Capricorn [January 2020 Predictions]

The planet for karma, which rules the most auspicious houses in the natural zodiac wheel, Saturn is all set to jump into the sign which it owns, which is Capricorn. On this January 24th, it will be making this move and astrology enthusiasts are so excited about this Saturn transit. This celestial event is going to trigger everyone’s karma. Since Capricorn is the 10th house in the natural zodiac wheel and despite your Moon or Lagna, you will have a Saturnine influence on your 10th house.


How the Saturn transit affect Aries?

For you, Saturn is ruling the 10th and 11th house and it will be placed in the 10th house for the next 2.5 years. The 10th house deals with your career, karma, responsibilities, public image and so many things connected with power and authority too. So, for the next 2.5 years, you will be getting some opportunities to improve your career. However, this move won’t be easy as Saturn is the natural indicator of delays, obstacles and rework. You will be restructuring your career with a lot of effort. Your designation can change in these 2,5 years; hence responsibilities can also increase. During this time frame, you should be very humble and make yourself flexible at work.

Saturn Transit Impact on Taurus

For the next 2.5 years, Saturn will be triggering your house of luck, fortune, finances, mentors, foreign travels, foreign collaborations, higher studies, and visions. Saturn, whichever house it is posited will give you some challenges in attaining the matters of that house. So, you should not think that your plight will be easy. For gaining your luck you have to fight a lot. Please don’t lose your heart when you face obstacles. There will be occasional financial gains. Foreign travels, pilgrimages, and collaborations with people from far places are also very much possible. This is also a great time to learn a new course which has a long-term duration.

Effect of Saturn Transit on Gemini

Finances and partnerships will be a major matter for the next 2.5 years as Saturn will be in the 8th house of finances, partnerships, emotional crisis, longevity, and mystical sciences. For the next two years, you will be working hard in maintaining your partnerships. In personal life, you will have to make a lot of adjustments, if you want to save your relationships. Some of you may put an end to it as well. In finances, you should be very careful as Saturn is clearly showing some delays and obstacles in happiness related to finances. At times, you can get minor health issues. However, you have to go through emotional issues throughout the transit. This is the house of ups and downs also, but Saturn is the natural indicator of the 8th house, there is a protection, which is very divine from the universal energies.

How Saturn transit affect Cancer?

Cancerians all around the world will be having primary concerns regarding their personal and official relationships. Saturn is not a great planet to represent love and marriage as it is the planet for hardships. So, please try to be flexible, and flexibility is not the forte of Saturn. This is also an opportunity to put a solid foundation for a strong relationship. So, try to do justice in the relationships. If you feel, you are unable to cope up with the pressures of the relationship, then express it in gentle words and take care not to break anyone’s heart. Every bad karma we do have a direct impact on our life, even if it comes late. The same care should be given in professional as well as social relationships too.

Is the Saturn transit good for Leo?

Your 6th house of workplace, colleagues, health, disputes, and struggles will be activated for the next 2.5 years. This is a negative house in the chart, but Saturn will not ruin that house as a negative planet in the negative house will guard the matters. Try to stay away from the disputes, and they can be mainly arising from your workplace. There will be some or other issues arising from the work and colleagues. You cannot please everyone, so you do the best at your work. That will be a shield to protect yourself. Stay away from a personal relationship with your colleagues too.

Effect of Saturn Transit on Virgo

You will be focusing more on children and their nourishment for the next 2.5 years. The 5th house in your chart will be activated and this cannot be an easy transit as well. You will have to give special care to the youngsters in the family. If you are a couple waiting to have a child for a long time, then this is an ideal time to check why it is getting delayed. You have to be careful in risky ventures. However, there can be some more work in your ventures.

Saturn Transit Impact on Libra

The sign of Capricorn is ruling the 4th house of home, family, parents, and home. For the next 2.5 years, your focus will be on your family matters. There will be multiple issues regarding home and your personal life. Saturn indicates additional responsibilities, so, you will have to take multiple opportunities from your personal and family life. Saturn indicates barren land, which can be used after a great modification, so you will be having such deals during this transit. It can be construction or demolition as well. You will have to be very careful with the elderly family members.

Is the Saturn transit good for Scorpio?

This is the time to improve your ventures as Saturn will be in the house of communication, own ventures and siblings. Saturn indicates hard work, so this is a time to work for own ventures. Most of these projects can be from the communication-related domain. You will have multiple plans for travelling, but there will be some obstacles. During this transit, you will have more interactions with your siblings, but there will be multiple challenges from these relationships.

Effect of Saturn Transit on Sagittarius

Your finances will be highlighted throughout the transit. You will have more opportunities to make money and may focus on your finances. You are trying hard to improve it. You may even feel challenged by the situations to prove yourself. However, financial growth can come up, but at a slow pace. You may have to think twice about your joint assets. You may have an emotional conversation with your partners. You may think about a new venture. Your financial plans will need more structure. Issues related to tax and insurance can also come up. You may even think about giving or taking some kind of aid. It can be even financial.

Saturn Transit Impact on Capricorn

You are going through Sade Sati and during January, you will be entering the second phase of Sade Sati. This will trigger your 1st house of Self, personality, attitude, health, vitality, ambition and perspective. This is a crucial time for your health as well as personality. You will have more focus on your health and will try to see everything from an emotional perspective. You may ask for more attention from others. This is a time where you deal with all your relationship in an emotional way. Your health will gain attention. The delay in your life can make you a little unhappy, but you should not lose your heart. Try to learn something and empower yourself. Never deviate from the part of dharma and karma.

How Saturn transit affect Aquarius

During this transit the 12th of Hidden fears, emotions. Psyche, isolation, seclusion, long-distance travel spirituality and charity will get triggered. This is a very crucial placement and you will have a deep desire to be alone or to analyze your life so far. You will try to improve your health. You will go for charity deeds. There can be a great desire for prayer and meditation. You will try to see where you stand in life. This can be a challenging transit, so you have to hold on to righteousness.

Is the Saturn transit good for Pisces?

This transit will be triggering the 11th house of friendships, collective projects, long-term associations, children, youth groups, hopes, wishes, and gains. This is a time to think more about your friendships and romantic inclinations. You will find new opportunities for long-term associations. You can join a new group. At the same time, you may even think about detaching you from those relationships, which you feel meaningless. You will get time to be with children and youth groups too. You will have new ideas about your long-term associations.

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