Saturn Transit for Mesha

Time to think about the future. Everything you do during this transit should be with an eye towards the future. Make long-term plans, set end goals and start working towards them. You should bring needed changes in your way of life and behaviour also. The way you interact with others, the investments you make, and the plans you conceive should all be made keeping the bigger picture in mind. This will make you act selflessly as you will put the benefit of the team above your interests. Elders and superiors will like you for this. They will praise your efforts and ask others to follow suit. This will cause a significant change in the perception of others towards you. You will be viewed with newfound respect. Those who knew you for a long time will change their opinion about you. Those younger than you will look up to you as their role model. Children will play a very important role in your plans. You will want to make the world a better place for them and will work hard towards it. You will make new alliances and friendships. There will be many joint discussions regarding the future, both at home and at work. During all this, it will be the interests of your near and dear ones that will be foremost in your mind. You will also be very practical in your approach, knowing that a change can be brought about only through collective effort. There will be a rise in your respect and stature in society. You will be seen as a leader with a vision. However, sustaining this position will require the utmost hard work and sincerity towards a cause. There will be very little 'me' time available for you to engage in your passion. A lot of sacrifices may have to be made.
Saturn in the 11th house can make the person shrewd. Rather than being open-minded and large-hearted, you will resort to making selfish gains at the cost of the greater good that is to be achieved. You may indulge in trickery and deceit to gain an unfair advantage over others. You may also misuse the faith others have put in you in trying to get ahead of others. This will make you a very despised person. To keep away such thoughts, before going to important work, place a vessel filled with water and drop oil or wine on earth for forty-three days. Stay away from intoxicants and maintain a good moral character.

Puja for Mesha Rashi

Lakshmi Kubera Homa

Lakshmi Kubera Homa

Doing the Lakshmi Kubera Homa brings relief from debts and increases wealth and prosperity. It helps to achieve success in business and brings economic turnaround to life. Hindrances blocking the in-flow of wealth can be overcome. Confidence and the ability needed to acquire growth and prosperity can be attained by performing this puja.

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Saturn Transit

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