Mesha Weekly Horoscope

Also read Mesha in : Malayalam

Sunday, 18 April 2021 to Saturday, 24 April 2021

Advocates will go by their intuitions in making decisions today. Their successful decisions would be appreciated by colleagues as well as superiors. You might end a relationship that has gone sour and reached a stalemate. Teachers who are coaching students for their examinations and other activities will be well appreciated for their efforts. Business deals in international trade will be beneficial for businessmen today. You will meet new people today at he parties or social dos that you might attend. Today you should look after your health. Also advisable to go for your regular health check up. Today software professionals will complete their projects well within the deadline. This would win them the appreciation of their superiors. Businessmen and industrialists may expect proposals coming their way looking for new tie-ups or partnerships. These might even turn out very profitable.
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