Mesha Weekly Horoscope

Also read Mesha in : Malayalam

Sunday, 27 September 2020 to Saturday, 3 October 2020

those who are married will have a great week full of fun and laughter. They will be proud of each other and would love and care for each other as well. Children would take good care of their parents this week. Their love and care would make their elders proud and happy. You might plan for some exciting trips - either business or pleasure. You can also go on a trip this week with your family. You will thoroughly enjoy the trip. Those in business or industry will make great progress this week. They would do very well in their current projects. With a little more effort they would take their business to new heights. Real estate agents and builders will make gradual progress in their routine job. This week they need to also focus on beginning their new projects or deals. Teachers are advised to come to the forefront and ensure that their work gets recognised. Those related to arts and music will have a terrific week. Their contribution to their respective fields would be enormous. They would also win the accolades of their audience. A strong week predicted financially. Make saving a way of life. The weeks ahead also promises to bring good financial luck. The best days of the week are 29, 3
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