Mesha Weekly Horoscope

Also read Mesha in : Malayalam

Sunday, 10 October 2021 to Saturday, 16 October 2021

Senior members of the party might not think too highly of the politicians who have been putting in all their efforts to be successful. Those in the real estate business will have a routine day of work today. Accountants are advised to seek expert advise before wrapping up their current project. Else there might be problems which would surface later. You will be powerhouse of energy today. You will feel very healthy too. Children staying abroad and planning a visit home may be delayed. Parents eagerly awaiting their return would be very disappointed. Those in the political field might not feel they were up to challenge others when their own personal needs are not counted. Unexpected issues would distract accountants today which would make them lag in work. Those unemployed might profit from investments made in business. Real estate agents are advised to clearly state the deliverables to clients. There might be a chance that clients may return to complaint that they were not made aware of certain issues beforehand.
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