Mesha Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 24 March 2019 to Saturday, 30 March 2019
A good time to take a break and spend or share your time, your dreams and plans with your beloved one this week. Take a trip with your beloved to a quiet and beautiful place. This might be an accident prone week for children. Take extra precautions while with them. Also try and be very careful while driving. Those who are looking for a job might expect a call letter this week. Their efforts will surely pay off handsomely. Those in the legal profession would earn fame and riches this week. Their hard work and efforts would pay off. They need to continue working hard to make their career a success. Students would do well in their exams this week. Any competitions they participate in would also be rewarding. They would win as per their efforts. Teachers can expect a transfer with promotion to a distant place. Sportspersons will be very confident this week. They would win all the events they participate in. You would feel as healthy as a horse this week. Keep going the way you are. The best days of the week are 24, 27
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