Dhanus Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 21 July 2019 to Saturday, 27 July 2019
Protect children and the young this week. They are likely to have minor accidents, falls, injuries, etc. Try and keep them indoors and away from places where they might injure themselves. Pack your bags and be ready to travel on work this week. Your trip will bring you a great fortune. Things will shape up as per your expectations. Those who are trying for a new job might not meet with much success this week. They should just bide their time and wait till opportunities come knocking. Engineers and those in the field of technology are advised not to take any hasty decisions. Especially about a new venture that they are not too confident about. Keep a low profile and make a move only when the situations are more favorable. Those who are into shares or gambling will have some lucrative deals, publicity and new experiences. Speculation would yield rich dividends this week. Income flows from some unlikely sources predicted this week. Minimal financial problems expected. This week any minor illnesses won't cause any trouble. Overall you will enjoy good health. The best days of the week are 27, 26
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