Kanya Weekly Horoscope

Also read Kanya in : Malayalam

Sunday, 27 September 2020 to Saturday, 3 October 2020

a great week to bare your heart to your love. It is sure that you might get a positive response from the other side as well. Married couples would be concerned for each other this week. Partners would help each other tide over any crisis. A celebration in the family is also predicted. Efforts put in by children this week will be justly rewarded. Support and encouragement from parents and teachers would help them lot. Those who are unemployed have great prospects of finding a good job this week. It would also depend upon their attitude, how they appear during interviews, how they present themselves. This week businessmen can look forward to some good news as the markets improve. Those who are in the legal profession would establish their career this week. Consultants will also have an encouraging time. They would win their client's trust and esteem. Teachers and family members will rally around students this week. They will support them and help them overcome their problems. Teachers will win the admiration and appreciation for their commitment and dedication at work. They will get opportunities to show their work. They need to utilize these chances to their benefit. The best days of the week are 29, 30
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