Karkata Weekly Horoscope

Also read Karkata in : Malayalam

Sunday, 27 September 2020 to Saturday, 3 October 2020

A good time to take a break and spend or share your time, your dreams and plans with your beloved one this week. Take a trip with your beloved to a quiet and beautiful place. Those who are single may today find it difficult to express their feelings. It would be best to be open minded and their Inner self would guide them. You will do well in the society. Your contributions to the society will win you accolades and rewards this week. Those who are unemployed would have a good prospect of finding a job this week. They need to be positive and they surely would succeed sooner or later. Share market investors will be very lucky. They can go ahead and take some calculated risks. There is a possibility that any lottery ticket bought will also turn a winner. Students who have worked hard for their exams or competitions would be rewarded for their toils this week. sportspersons would perform well this week in their respective events. They would be energetic and full of enthusiasm. You will enjoy a healthy week. You need not worry about any illness. The best days of the week are 27, 28
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