Karkata Weekly Horoscope

Sunday, 26 May 2019 to Saturday, 1 June 2019
Those who are getting ready for marriage may have to postpone their ceremony for some unexpected reasons. You might travel this week. This might bring you closer to your long-term ambition. Be positive and you can make the most of whatever you get this week. Those who are trying for a new job might not meet with much success this week. They should just bide their time and wait till opportunities come knocking. Those who are into share trading or gambling may win a fortune this week. They should take up any opportunity they get as they won't come often. But be a little cautious and do not be neglectful. Financial status would improve this week. You would have enough to save and invest for the future. You will be in the prime of health this week. The best days of the week are 26, 29
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