Tula Weekly Horoscope

Also read Tula in : Malayalam

Sunday, 24 January 2021 to Saturday, 30 January 2021

Those who are single are advised not to be too moody today. Else they might lose some romantic opportunities. Be very careful of what you eat today as there are chances of you suffering from food poisoning or stomach aches. Also take care of how much and what you eat. There may be some uncertainty today in the financial status of businessmen. This might trouble them a lot. Politicians may be called on to mediate within the party members and resolve issues today. Those who are married may find themselves enjoying parties and get-togethers this evening. Students will be able to return to academics and broaden their horizons. Great opportunities will come by their way. It's now time to push your plans and start work on them. Also need to make afresh financial beginning. Those technically qualified will see a boost to their careers today. They might get opportunities that they can use to further their career. Businessmen planning a new venture may finally start it today. Or they may take the final steps towards this goal.
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