Tula Weekly Horoscope

Also read Tula in : Malayalam

Sunday, 27 September 2020 to Saturday, 3 October 2020

Married couples would enjoy each other's company and would share happiness this week. Their bond would also grow stronger with these interactions. Those who are single but are already in a relationship might finally decide to tie the knot this week. They have taken the time to strengthen their relationship and now it is time to take the big decision. This might be a good week to travel to religious places. Business trips might also be productive. You may also receive some important call that you have been waiting for. Businessmen can look forward to getting approvals on new projects, deals, or loans, etc. this week. They need to plan out everything very professionally. Doctors who are working to get better medical services to the poor and needy would be rewarded this week. Real estate agents and builders will have a productive week as things would go their way. Agents may close some profitable deals this week. Politicians will this week earn the respect of their family members as well as their followers. A steady flow of money from a new job or a salary hike or earnings from a speculation is on the cards. Save some for leaner times. The best days of the week are 1, 2
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