Tula Weekly Horoscope

Also read Tula in : Malayalam

Sunday, 10 October 2021 to Saturday, 16 October 2021

Accountants may look forward to receiving a letter inviting them to join a new firm. This might turn out to be a great career move. Those in the technology field will today utilize new tools and innovative ideas at work which will work in their favor. Doctors will make a success of anything new they begin today. Overall a very successful day for them. Politicians may get opportunity to patch up with a co-worker with whom they have had a tiff. Those in the field of technology, especially engineers may get an offer today for a more secure job. Businessmen and industrialists are advised not to sign any new joint ventures or partnerships. Medical professionals should wait today to see if they have any better career prospects or opportunities coming their way. They will soon get a good break. Artists will gain satisfaction by doing something creative like painting or writing. Real estate agents are advised to clearly state the deliverables to clients. There might be a chance that clients may return to complaint that they were not made aware of certain issues beforehand.
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