The horoscope tells everything about your marriage.

You must be curious to know about your marriage! A lot of questions - 'When', 'Who', 'How' would arise in your mind when you think about marriage. Here, you can generate your horoscope based free marriage prediction.

Horoscope is the astrology based code of your life based on the specific planetary positions at the time of your birth. By studying it, the general pattern of all aspects of your life including marriage can be known. This report prepares and analyses your horoscope to give you some valuable free marriage prediction.

Marriage Prediction

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Clickastro’s detailed Marriage Horoscope can provide insights on
When will you get married
Who will be your life partner
How will be the relationship with him/her
Right time for marriage
Family life and kid(s)
Yogas on marriage
Kuja dosha & Rahu-Ketu doshas
Remedies for doshas
Dasas & Apaharas
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Marriage prediction by date of birth

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Thank u clickastro.U predicted mostof the things right.thanks for the detailed report.
Most of the things I find it correct..
All the informations are true and helpful.Provided informations are all trustful. I would suggest clickastro.Thanks to a
Aweee...Get some idea through this..
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wonderful and very deep report.thank you
Excellent analysis and predictions
மிக மிக மிக சரியான துல்லியமாக ஜோதிடம்...
Thank you
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Thanks for recomend for. Gems. At present, I am running Saturn mahadasa. So , it is right recommendation . With regards,
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Excellent ..... Very impressed, Quick and perfect analyses.
Excellent analysis and predictions. And very prompt. Thank you.
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Excellent. Almost accurate.
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Tq click astro for detailed info

Testimonials From Renowned Astrologers

Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate. They are doing a great job by serving the people.
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate. So, except Astro-Vision software, I am not using any other applications.
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world, Astro-Vision has come up with an application which gives you information about Rasi, Navamsham, Bhava etc. which is really appreciative.
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life.

Important Features of Clickastro Marriage Prediction


Can Astrology provide 'when will I get married prediction’?

Every person will be curious about ‘when will I get married prediction’. Horoscope captures ‘the unique planetary positions in the 360-degree zodiac’ with respect to the time & place of your birth. This tells the fate or general pattern of your life. By studying it, various predictions regarding your marriage can be given. It can tell the period in which you get married or your favourable timings for marriage.

Does my horoscope give my exact marriage date prediction?

Your horoscope can give insights on your marriage date. This free astrology predictions for marriage analyse your dasa - apahara periods. It finds out and lets you know those dasa/apahara periods favourable for your marriage. By going through this data, you would get an idea about your marriage date.

How does horoscope tell about my marriage?

Horoscope is the astrology based data of your life. It can tell the general flow of various aspects of your life. By analyzing the 7th house/bhava of your horoscope, predictions on your marriage can be given. The rasi of the house, the planets in the house, the bhavas, favourable periods etc. can reveal a lot of information regarding your marriage.

This report also studies various other factors influencing your marriage. By analysing the report you can know whether you have a love marriage or arranged marriage. Do not wait to read your marriage prediction by date of birth free online!

What is Kuja /Mangal dosha?

The position of planet Mars/Kuja in your horoscope is very important. Sometimes, its positioning can cast negative influences on married life which is referred to as Kuja Dosha. In general, Kuja placed in 7th or 8th house supported by some other factors causes Kuja Dosha.

Does Kuja/Mangal dosha affect my marriage?

Kuja/Mangal dosha refers to the malefic placement of Kuja in horoscope casting -ve influence on marriage. In general, Kuja placed in 7th or 8th house supported by other factors causes Kuja Dosha. If you have this kind of placement in your horoscope, then your marriage would be negatively affected. This marriage life prediction report checks the position of Kuja in your horoscope. It can let you know whether you have Kuja dosha or not.

Can I marry the person I love?

Clickastro gives your marriage prediction by date of birth. It generates your accurate horoscope based on the date, time and place of your birth! An analysis of your 7th house and various other factors, gives insights on ‘How would be your marriage’. This analysis also helps to get an idea about ‘Who would be your partner’.

By going through Clickastro marriage astrology report, a good astrologer can tell you whether you marry the person you love or not.

Love marriage or arranged marriage; what do I have?

The analysis of the 7th house of your horoscope and various other factors shed light on ‘How would be your marriage’. You can know about your possibilities of having ‘love marriage’ from this marriage prediction report. A thorough analysis of this report gives you insights on ‘whom you would marry’.

Why is my marriage getting delayed?

The delay of marriage can be due to some doshas or malefic factors in your horoscope. The problems related to your birth star and dasa periods may cause the delay. Kuja dosha or other doshas such as Rahu-Ketu doshas can also be the reason. This Clickastro report can find out all such malefic factors in your horoscope and suggest remedies to overcome them. You should read this useful report – your marriage prediction free online.

Can horoscope tell about my spouse?

Your horoscope encodes the astrological data of various aspects of your life. A fine interpretation of this coded data can reveal several unknown factors about life. This report studies the prospects of marriage in your horoscope and reveals information regarding your spouse. You will know what kind of a person would be and from which location he/she would hail from.

Is horoscope matching necessary for marriage?

From the perspective of our traditional astrology, horoscope matching is important. You would be curious for ‘When will I get married prediction’ or knowing ‘who would be my spouse’. You should also keep in mind that checking the horoscope matching between you and your ‘would be’ is important.

Clickastro’s method of horoscope matching studies various factors - Poruthams/Kootas, Kuja Dosha, Dasa Sandhi, Papa Samya etc. All these studies suggest your interpersonal matching and your chances for maintaining a long-term healthy relationship.

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