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Will you get married in 2022? Clickastro marriage horoscope report will answer your questions like “when will I get married” and “who is my life partner”. Simply fill your birth details to get your detailed marriage prediction by date of birth.

Love can happen anytime. Marriage is different. Clickastro marriage predictions will let you know the most favourable time of marriage, the kind of person who will be an ideal partner to you, and how your marriage will be. By analysing your horoscope by date of birth, you can decide the most intricate and personal details regarding your marriage. Your report will answer frequently asked questions like “when will I get married?” and “who is my life partner”. Marriage astrology is one of the most popular branches of astrology. Get your Clickastro marriage report and find answers to the puzzles of your heart.


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Marriage prediction by date of birth

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Good report
anoop nair
I have taken indepth horoscope Gem prediction
sithra devi karuppiah
Exactly accurate and just that it will be more better if they explain about horoscope chart well in detail .Overall is excellence
somanathan kv
Your report is excellent and easy to follow and understanding observation etc.
vivek yadav
Certain predictions which are about my past can very much relate to .
lugendra pillai k
The report is comprehensive in nature and well captured our charactor and attributes. The predictions is also mentioned in the report based on the Graha and Hora stages. But predictions require more specific in career a.path.
pankaj yadav
It's easy to understand and predictions are accurate
rishika khare
I loved the way it was presented seperately as numerology report , gemstone prediction and horrorscope . It had covered almost all the aspect so I loved it .
anusha n
It's good horoscope report
shivkumar subramanian
Good Analysis of horoscope with relevant stress on doshas
I loved the service!
pranav ghosh
I am highly obliged and indebted to your service regarding my detailed horoscope analysis and insightful remedies which proved beneficial for me in the long run. I recommended your service even to my friends and kins and all had the same worthful experience with you. Thanks a lot.
sri kala
Very nicely presented my queries. I am fully satisfied
sri kala
Very nicely presented my queries. I am fully satisfied
nitish bharadwaj r
Pretty helpful and motivating.
raghvendra upadhyaya
Help to know our past, present and future also
Tamil astrology needs the services of a premier in the field like Clickastro. It will do so much to get the attention of millennials into this ancient science. I would like to thank Clickastro management for this service to Tamil language and culture.
I had lost my original horoscope and therefore wanted to get one online. I preferred Telugu jathakam which suits our cultural style. I came across the free Telugu Jathakam on Clickastro and was amazed by the result. The horoscope was just as per my requirement and I have been greatly benefited thanks to the positivity reflected in my Telugu jathakam by Clickastro. I would recommend it to all my Telugu friends.
I am someone who always looks up the daily horoscope. I am just curious to know how my day would unfold. Among all the ones that I refer, I personally prefer Clickastro's daily horoscope which exactly matches my day's events and activities. The lucky numbers, colors, etc. all have helped me whenever I had an important event or meeting. I am extremely pleased to recommend this site for all those who are like me.
Trying out Clickastro's Free kundli matching service felt natural. The detail and accuracy was impressive. But I think way too much of it has been covered. It is almost frustrating. If a little more could be offered, it would be good.
Checking out the Clickastro free horoscope compatibility was an interesting experience. It made me aware of the depth and detail that a paid compatibility report would cover. I have already purchased the premium report. It is awesome. ?
I tried the free kundli just for fun. It was simple, easy. It almost makes you feel sad when you realize how unique you really are. It felt like someone really wanted me to know myself. Clickastro has very attractive offers for their detailed reports.
I got the free career horoscope from Clickastro and was quite surprised at its preciseness in predictions. I am happy that I have been able to pursue a career of my choice. Thanks Clickastro! Keep up the good work
I purchased the report three months ago. Already predictions in the horoscope have proven to be accurate. My friend suggested Clickastro to me. I am glad he did. The glowing reviews I found on the web further enticed me. To me astrology is Clickastro.
sujoy samanta
Predictions by Acharya Anandji were very accurate. It gave me indepth knowledge of my life as a whole. I could figure out my shortcomings as well as strengths. He guided me on my future goals and steps to be taken to achieve them.Acharyaji also analyzed the horoscopes of my family. Overall I was told and guided in totality.
I have to say I expected a bit more free content in free marriage predictions. What is on offer is nice though. Maybe I will indeed buy a full report. Keep going, Clickastro ?
Free Kundli report by Clickastro is nice. It felt as if a dedicated effort has been made to make me realize the virtues of having a full report. I'm thinking of buying one now.
It was fun checking out the free horoscope compatibility page of Clickastro. It is really easy to use and hugely informative as well. Now, I am seriously thinking about purchasing a full compatibility horoscope. It should be fun.
When I was really confused as to which career would best suit me, Clickastro's free career horoscope just provided me the best way forward. I am greatly satisfied by the results and now I am pursuing a career which best suits me and I am happy. Thank you Clickastro!

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Testimonials From Renowned Astrologers

Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Sri. Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad
Astro-Vision Futuretech is the number one company providing astrological reports, which are very accurate. They are doing a great job by serving the people.
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
Sri. M V Naranarayanan
I have been using Astro-Vision mobile application for the past two years. It is very simple, useful and accurate. So, except Astro-Vision software, I am not using any other applications.
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
Dr.C.V.B. Subrahmanyam
In older days, without checking panchangam, people didn't even stepped out of their homes. But in today's world, Astro-Vision has come up with an application which gives you information about Rasi, Navamsham, Bhava etc. which is really appreciative.
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev
The digital avatars of Jyotisha powered by Astro-Vision have spread awareness and are ideal to today's fast paced life.

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth: Get a snapshot of your married life

Marriage prediction by date of birth is one of the most widely used astrology services of all time. The question 'when will I get married' is foremost in the mind of every young person. Clickastro's marriage horoscope prediction provides detailed reports about every aspect of your marriage, including marriage prediction by date of birth. The detailed prediction is tabulated by a unique software that ensures one hundred per cent accuracy and complete absence of human errors. The answer to all marriage-related queries, including 'when will I get married', is available at the click of a button.

Only your birth details and name are enough to get you a Clickastro marriage horoscope prediction. There is no need to be sceptical about information being shared. For a more personal consultation, you can avail of the services of top astrologers from Findastro. Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth is a personal and all-important detail to those who require it. Clickastro gets you the best services available in the virtual world. Make use of this opportunity at the next opportune moment. When will I Get Married will not be a mystery anymore once you go through the marriage horoscope prediction report made available at the Clickastro website. You will get your eyes opened in a way never before after using Clickastro astrology services.

Janam Kundali – Significance in Indian Weddings

Your Janam Kundali or natal (birth) chart is a complete snapshot of your life and represents the positioning of all the celestial bodies including the planets, the Sun, the Moon at the time of your birth. Using your birth chart, it’s easier for the astrologers to gain valuable insights into your personality and other qualities that you possess as an individual.

Your natal chart helps them understand more about your past deeds, your present, and accordingly make predictions about your future. All these predictions are done based on the concept of Vedic astrology and their precision depends on the birth details that are fed into the chart.

Before an Indian wedding takes place, astrologers carefully analyze the marriage horoscope by date of birth of both the bride and the groom to understand their compatibility with each other, their likes and dislikes, and also calculate the number of Guna that match between the two. Their accurate marriage prediction for free also helps you learn about the different dashas, Antar Dasha, and simultaneously check the presence of doshas within your Kundali – the likely indicators that predict your happiness.

Download your free horoscope report online

Marriage Horoscope – How do I interpret it?

Your birth chart (horoscope) consists of 12 houses wherein each house represents different parts of your life from birth to death. Out of all the 12 houses, the 7th house dictates the marriage aspects of an individual and is ruled by the planet Venus.

According to Vedic astrology, planets like Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh), and Moon are known to be benefic planets, while Sun, Saturn (Shani), Mars (Mangal), Rahu, and Ketu are malefic planets. The presence of malefic planets may often create doshas in your life like Kuja Dosha, creating an unwanted delay in finalizing your marriage.

Since the 5th house of your horoscope chart is the house of love, analyzing it in conjunction with the 7th house can help you determine if you will be getting hitched in the form of an arranged marriage or a love marriage. To analyze the planetary combinations for Love marriage, you must check the strength of your 5th house and it’s ruling lord. Your astrology by date of birth for marriage can help you identify if the 5th house and its Lord are strong enough to boost your chances of having a love marriage.

Apart from checking the conjunction between Venus and Mars and connection between 5th and 7th house, at times even the 9th house (known as the house of fortune) and its Lord plays a significant role.

ClickAstro’s true marriage predictions for free report studies your 7th bhava (house) and gives you fair insights about your future partner and the bond you’ll have with him/her. The report further analyzes your Dasha – Apahara periods in detail and helps you learn what is the most favourable time for you to get married.

It also checks your horoscope chart and determines if you have any presence of Kuja Dosha or other doshas such as Rahu – Ketu hampering your life. If any doshas are present, the report offers you working solutions to minimize the impact of these doshas. If any problems are arising due to problems in your birth star or Dasha – Apahara periods, the free marriage prediction in Hindi by date of birth report by ClickAstro can provide remedies to these problems too.

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Important Features of Clickastro Marriage Prediction

Online Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

We as human beings are always keen to know more about ourselves. Most people when consulting with professional astrologers ask the pertinent question – when will I get married?. This curiosity about marriage and relationships is obvious as marriage plays a huge role in our lives and our fortunes.

If you’re curious about your marriage, or have any questions about your compatibility with your partner, your free marriage horoscope prediction by date of birth will help answer your questions.

Your Janam Kundli encapsulates secrets about your entire life including your personality, nature, career growth, marriage, finances, etc. Your free/accurate marriage prediction report generated by ClickAstro helps you understand the nature of your marriage based on the configuration of the celestial bodies within your marriage horoscope.

Free Marriage Prediction: How do I interpret it?

Making another person a part of your life isn’t easy and hence, as an individual, you can have a lot of questions around marriage. To answer all your questions around compatibility and more, it’s best to rely on your horoscope as it can tell you in detail about the quality of your marital life and about your future partner.

Simply feed in your basic birth details like your name, place of birth, time, and location of birth, and when you submit, the Clickastro algorithm analyzes your details and provides you the detailed answers to all your questions relevant to your married life such as “When will I get married?”, “Will I have a good marital relationship?”Do I have a marriage yog?” and more.

True/Free Marriage Prediction Report: What are the benefits?

• Helps you learn different aspects of your future life partner, their likes/dislikes, personality, and compatibility with you.

• You can identify what’s the perfect time for you to get married and whether you’ll have an arranged marriage or a love marriage.

• Your astrology by date of birth for marriage can give a direction to your life as a couple.

• It can also help you identify if there are probable chances of any delays and how can you minimize the impact of those delays.

Issues in Marriage Yog: How to remedy doshas?

Are you still single or facing an unwanted delay in your marriage? Is your married life quite disturbed and you’re considering a divorce? These problems can arise due to the presence of doshas in your birth (natal) chart.

Get your free marriage prediction in Hindi by date of birth at ClickAstro and let our experts analyze your marriage horoscope for the likely presence of Mangalik dosha. If found, they can suggest working remedies to help you make your marital life better and more stress-free.

Vedic astrology has been helping astrologers predict the various purviews of marriage, including:

  • • Predicting Love Marriages
  • • Reasons for delays in marriage
  • • Checking for Mangal dosha and suggesting remedies
  • • Horoscope matching for marriage
  • • Pre-marital counselling
  • • Post-marital counselling
  • • Problems in marital life
  • • Divorce and separation predictions

An experienced and able astrologer can help mitigate the various problems in marriage by addressing the issues with a thorough analysis of the horoscope based on the birth details of the natives, including time, date and place of birth and suggest remedies to solve issues related to marriage and marital life.

Love Marriage

Love marriages in India have been subjected to a lot of ridicule, and it has only been in recent times that things have started to turn around. Indian families consider arranged marriages as strong as the parents search for a prospective bride or groom for their child. However, many youngsters find it hard to conform to the norms of arranged marriage. With westernisation slowly creeping in and parents being more liberal and open to their children's wishes, more and more youngsters are now opting for love marriages. Love marriages give that essential comfortability of living with a person whom the partners know very well. Familiarity in a relationship where partners are already aware of their nature, personality, attitude, etc., weighs far above marrying someone who is unfamiliar and taking the time to get to know them.

During earlier times, love marriages were difficult, and the ones who made it through were the brave ones who decided to take the plunge no matter what. But then it also needed to stand the test of time. In earlier times, love marriages were much more difficult as the couples faced strong opposition from their parents either due to caste differences, financial status, status in the society, fear of being boycotted by the relatives and society, etc. Couples who have overcome these differences and opposition and have tied the knot sometimes often find it difficult to sustain their marital life, which may occur due to a variety of reasons. This could include excessive interference from family members and relatives or sometimes being completely disowned by their family members, lifestyle differences, financial difficulties faced by couples, differences of opinion, facing difficulties in marital homes, etc. These difficulties in marriage can often be predicted by analysing the horoscopes of the partners, which indicates specific yogas that could give rise to such issues. An expert astrologer can help couples in preparing themselves for life ahead. It is, therefore, necessary to find the compatibility of the partners before taking the plunge. Love astrology offers compatibility calculators which can help couples learn and understand their mutual compatibility. Love horoscope based on Vedic astrology by Clickastro have helped couples in understanding their compatibility and as well as the remedial measures to ensure that they enjoy a strong and happy marital bond.

Free Love Compatibility Check

Delay in marriage reasons

Yet to be hitched while all your contemporaries and juniors are now settled in life with family and kids? Are parents worried that their child is facing difficulties finding their perfect partner? Do you feel that you have crossed the right time to get married? Astrology comes to the rescue to answer your questions on when will you get married or throw light on the reasons for the delay in your marriage. In recent times, youngsters are now seeking professional independence and growth and therefore are choosing to delay their marriages and settle down in family life. However, it is essential that one gets married at the right time not just to avoid missing the right time but to also ensure their chances of having a healthy progeny. According to astrology, each individual has specific periods in their life, which is an ideal time for them to get married. If one misses a particular period, they may have to wait for the next favourable period for them to get married. This may take too long a time and could hamper their chances of enjoying fulfilling family life. The delay in marriages could be due to various reasons such as unfavourable planetary alignments, personal choices, socio-economic reasons, etc., and while the reasons could be anything, the ramifications to such delay in marriage are also something to consider. With astrology, you can foresee to some extent any causes for delays and help prevent the native from missing their chances of finding the right partner. The 7th House in your kundali is the House of marriage, while the 2ndHouse signifies family and the 11th House signifies friendship. These houses are thoroughly analysed before predicting the chances for any delays in marriage. It is also important to analyse the reasons for the delay in marriage. An astrologer performs a thorough analysis of your horoscope and especially analyses these houses, the planetary positions in these houses, planetary transits, dashas and apaharas, doshas, etc., to identify the causes for delay and suggest apt remedies that can help to alleviate any difficulties or delays in marriage.

Mangal dosha and remedies

When someone you know may be having difficulties in finding a right match, having a troubled marriage or have lost their spouse, an analysis of their horoscope may indicate Mangal dosha, and they may be termed as Manglik. It is therefore essential to understand what Manglik dosha is to predict the consequences of this dosha. Mangal dosha is often denoted by the position of the planet Mars in your natal chart. An analysis of the natal chart and the position of Mars in certain houses, along with its combination with other planets, help in identifying the Mangal dosha. Specifically, Mars' position in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th Houses indicates varied reasons for instability in marriage, delays in marriage, loss of domestic peace, violent personality traits, the lifespan of the spouse, psychological issues, physical intimacy and desire among couples, etc. There are many myths surrounding Mangal dosha. People believe that a Manglik can only marry another Manglik; however, it is not true, and a thorough analysis of the kundali have also proven that a Manglik can marry a non-Manglik as sometimes the position of the Mars may not pose malefic effects of Mangal dosha. Misconceptions about Mangal dosha have been leading to delayed marriages, finding the wrong match, and psychological issues. There are also remedial measures to mitigate the Mangal dosha and can help couples lead a fulfilling life.

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Horoscope matching for marriage

Marriages in India are not just celebrations marked with splendour; it is the union of two individuals and their families as well. Marriages are the union of couples for eternity. Hindu marriages are fixed after a thorough analysis and matching of the horoscopes or Kundali of the prospective brides and grooms to check for their compatibility. Horoscope matching is a mandatory step while fixing an alliance. This is done to ensure that the marriage has a strong foundation and that the couples enjoy a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling marital life. Horoscope matching matches the personality traits as well as the characteristics of both the bride and the groom. It also helps in predicting the favourable day and time for marriage, auspicious muhurthas to conduct the ceremonies, etc. Kundali matching is performed based on the birth details of the prospective bride and groom, including time, place and date of birth. Horoscope matching methods differ from region to region across India. The Northern parts of India follow the Kundali matching methods through analysis of Guna Milan, checking for Manglik Dosh and Navamsa chart. In southern parts of India, horoscope matching is known as Porutham check or kootam check. The Guna Milan checks for 36 gunas, of which a minimum match of 18 points is essential to fix a favourable match. Any match below 18 gunas is not recommended. The porutham check analyses the birth stars of the prospective bride and groom. In ancient times, the sages checked for 20 poruthams; however, in recent times, only ten poruthams are now analysed before fixing an alliance. It also analyses the star check or the Nakshatra porutham, which is based on the analysis of the 27 birth stars or nakshatras for every individual in an oval configuration that constitutes a zodiac.

There are plenty of online horoscope matching options available, including free online compatibility calculators, which provide free compatibility reports and online horoscope matching options. The software used for such calculators are based on Vedic astrology and ensures precise and methodical calculations, thus avoiding any chances of human errors. These compatibility calculators provide free horoscope matching reports which enable you to fix an alliance.

Pre-marriage counselling

In these times, pre-marriage counselling has become important as we begin to see a rise in divorce cases. Both the husband and wife are strong individuals pursuing their careers. Whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage, it is essential that couples undergo a pre-marital counselling session to help them understand what a marriage entails. There may be many aspects where differences of opinion and disagreements could lead to frequent disturbances in married life. Pre-marital counselling helps the couple to understand such situations and the ways to deal with them. Pre-marital counselling helps in understanding your compatibility with your partners psychologically, emotionally, physically, and financially. Astrology also helps in pre-marital counselling. It helps the couples to identify the difficult times and the possible problems that may arise during their marital life. The astrologers analyse the Ascendant or Lagna of both the husband and wife as well as study the Navamsa to provide predictions of foreseeable differences and difficulties in marriages and also suggest remedial solutions to overcome such difficulties. Often at times, the planetary positions in the natal charts of both partners may influence events that may cause disturbances in married life. In today's times, premarital counseling has become essential for various reasons. These include the marriage expectations of both partners. Whether love or arranged marriage, every individual has some personal expectations from marriage. Some of them may not be vocal about their expectations, and pre-marital counselling will help them to open up. It also throws light on the role expectations, whether the wife would like her husband to participate in the daily household chores, hiring a house help, residing with in-laws, etc. Other factors include financial matters, physical intimacy, planning for kids, etc. Pre-marital counselling helps to address all these issues and provides progressive guidance to couples to overcome differences and work in tandem for a mutually fulfilling, happy and peaceful married life.

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Post marriage counselling

Often at times, a marriage runs into troubled waters due to many reasons. Post-marriage counselling is then required to save the marriage and ensure that the couples do not opt for separation or divorce. Just as pre-marital counselling, astrology also helps in providing post-marriage counselling by identifying which planets' malefic effects are causing the trouble and disturbances in the marital life and thus provide remedial measures to mitigate the malefic effects of the planets. Most problems in marriage arise due to a lack of communication. This could be due to the malefic effect of Mercury in the natal chart. Sometimes partners may talk negatively in such a manner that it hurts the other and makes them withdraw from communicating. It is often seen that after a fight, partners may tend to be indifferent and abstain or withdraw from showing their affection and physical intimacy as a punitive action. Marriages also face tough times due to infidelity issues where partners may seek affairs outside of their marriage, or they may start to be too secretive of their actions. This can lead to mistrust and sometimes betrayals. Another factor that affects some marriages is financial matters when a partner is unaware of the other's financial control. It is important that both partners discuss and understand the financial situations and work together in maintaining control of expenses. It is therefore important to identify the root causes of the problem in marriage and work proactively to find a solution to overcome the differences. Post-marital counselling through astrology encompasses a thorough analysis of the birth charts of both husband and wife to identify the reasons and explain to them the ways to settle their differences and opening themselves to save the marriage through understanding, compromise, discussions, adjustments to habits and behaviour, communications, etc., as well as performing some remedial rituals. In the absence of these measures, couples may tend to fall apart and go their separate ways.

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Problems in married life

When problems in marriage arise, these could be due to various reasons. It is important to identify the root cause of the problems. Astrology has been helping couples to understand the reasons for the disputes and misunderstandings in marital life. It is important to analyse the horoscope of both the husband and wife to evaluate the possible causes of their misunderstandings. Astrology helps in understanding the malefic and benefic effects on the 7th House, 2nd House, 4th House and their lords, the karakas of the 2nd, 4th and 7th houses, the Navamsa, Trisamsa and Shastiamsa placement of all these factors. Differences and disputes in marriage may be caused due to various reasons such as abusive relationship, infidelity, superiority or inferiority complex, cruelty, physical intimacy issues, financial issues, interference from in-laws, lying in a relationship, differences in values and beliefs, issues with progeny, taunts from a partner, loss of love, etc. The compatibility check helps in identifying the possibility of all these issues in marital life. Astrology helps in analysing the planetary influences that cause the disturbances in marriage and also helps in providing remedial measures to couples to overcome the problems in marital life. Astrology also helps in the analysis of past life with the help of Shodashavarga charts and Nadi Jyothisha sastra. This helps the couples in identifying their past life events and take measures to obtain better results in terms of marital longevity, resolution of differences, measures to overcome the malefic effects of planets, etc.

Divorce and separation

In today's times where both the partners are independent career-wise and are strong individuals, we see a rise in divorce and separation. What could be the possible reasons for divorce? Is divorce the only way out to resolve the differences among couples? Vedic astrology helps in identifying and predicting divorce and separation possibilities in marital life by analysing the horoscopes by date of birth. An in-depth analysis of the kundali helps in predicting whether divorce is a possibility in marital life, the period of the divorce if the native has a yoga of divorce in their kundali, or even avert the divorce altogether through remedial solutions and rituals. To understand if the marriage may turn difficult or may end up in divorce, it is important to analyse various houses in the natal chart. These include the 7th House, 4th House, 2nd House, 12th House to understand its impact and effects on planetary positions and the factors that lead to divorce or separation. The placement of Venus and Jupiter in the 7th, 6th, 8th, 2nd or 12th House are also analysed to predict the yoga for divorce. Post-marital counselling is a useful tool in avoiding divorce or separation; however, if counselling does not work, divorces and separation can happen. Astrology also helps in understanding the various aspects of divorce, including the outcome of the divorce, the timing of divorce, possible gains and losses from divorce, alimony chances, custody of children, etc. Astrology also helps in predicting the chances of remarriage, evaluation of the quality of life post-divorce, whether it is ideal to pursue a remarriage after divorce.


Can Astrology predict “when will I get married”?

Every person is curious about “when will they get married?”. Horoscopes capture ‘the unique planetary positions in the 360-degree zodiac’ relative to your birth timings and the place of your birth. By studying your horoscope, it gets easier for an astrologer to make various predictions about your marriage and define a certain period in which you likely will get married.

How does horoscope tell about my marriage?

Horoscopes are the astrology-based data of your life. By thoroughly analyzing the Rasi of the house, planetary positions, and the 7th house/bhava of your horoscope, a free astrology prediction for your marriage can be made. Our report also helps you identify if you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, and what other factors are influencing your marriage altogether.

What is Kuja /Mangal dosha?

The position of planet Mars/Kuja in your horoscope is very important. Sometimes, its positioning can cast negative influences on your married life which is referred to as Kuja Dosha. In general, Kuja placed in the 7th or 8th house supported by some other factors causes Kuja Dosha.

Can I marry the person I love?

If you already have someone in your life, we at ClickAstro can generate your accurate marriage prediction for free based on the birth details you provide. By analyzing your 7th house and doshas (if any), we can give you insights on “How your marriage life will be”, and “Who will likely be your ideal life partner”. Share our detailed astrology report with any marriage astrologer and gain insights on whether you will marry your special someone or not.

Why is my marriage getting delayed?

This situation arises primarily due to the presence of “doshas” in your horoscope. Each dosha like “Kuja dosha” or “Rahu-Ketu dosha” impacts your life differently. At times, even your birth star, or Dasha period, can cause an unwanted delay. With our free marriage prediction report, you can easily track all these doshas and work out the remedial solutions to overcome them.

Can horoscopes reveal details of my future spouse?

As your horoscope clearly indicates different aspects of your life, it can definitely predict information about your future spouse too. It not only checks your compatibility with them, but also reveals information about their overall personality, and from which location they would hail from.

Is horoscope matching necessary for marriage?

As per Hindu mythology, matching horoscopes form the base of every new relationship. You may be curious to know about your life partner, and thus, having the understanding and knowledge of each others’ horoscopes is important.

Can horoscope tell about my spouse?

Your horoscope encodes the astrological data of various aspects of your life. A fine interpretation of this coded data can reveal several unknown factors about life. This report studies the prospects of marriage in your horoscope and reveals information regarding your spouse. You will know what kind of a person would be and from which location he/she would hail from.

How can I get a free marriage horoscope report?

You can get your Clickastro free marriage horoscope report by typing in your birth details on the link provided. The report is accurate and comprehensive. With it, you will realise how important astrology is for you to get the best in life. The report will tabulate the best time to get married, doshas and remedies. The marriage horoscope report will assess your unique characters and predict your ideal partner.

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Marriage Horoscope and Astrology Predictions

The sacred institution:

Marriage is very important. Success in life is measured by your ability to nurture and maintain relationships. Being a wife or a husband is the closest one can get in a relationship. Getting the opportunity to share life with a person you love and cherish and who loves you and cherishes you in return is a blessing. Love can happen in an instant. It can also be cultivated through several stages. This will ensure the relationship remains fresh and engaging as the years roll by. The report will tell you details on how your life together will be. Usually, one person tends to be the dominant one in a relationship. The other person feels relaxed and secure and contributes by ensuring life remains smooth for both of them.

Knowing your role:

You can know what your role in married life will be from the report. You will get information on what best to do to get your partner to like you and live for you. Looking at your horoscope, certain periods are favourable to getting married, and certain periods are to be avoided. Getting married when your house is under repair is never ideal. There is no good time or bad time to fall in love, but when it comes to marriage, it is best done when the time is right. The report will let you know the favourable periods for marriage in your life.


Some people have doshas in their chart which have huge implications on their married life. Kuja dosha is one of them and possibly the most notorious. There are other doshas also. These doshas can affect you financially, physically and emotionally. Some doshas like the Kuja Dosha can make you rash and aggressive, others can affect your immunity and make you vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. But, as there lies a hidden opportunity in every adversity, each dosha, if handled correctly, can become a blessing in disguise. That is if handled correctly, instead of rash and aggressive you can be daring and progressive; instead of becoming sickly, you will be sensible and practical.


If you have any such dosha it means like a diet you have to follow certain regulations in life. Such regulations and countermeasures are called remedies. The report will give details of the doshas, if any, you have in your life and remedies. You may have heard of the dasha and apahara periods. They are planets casting their influence on you in life. Under their influence fortunes in life will vary. The report in general will do the job of preparing you for marriage in a spiritual manner. It will guide you through the intricacies involved and make you realize what is expected of you in the relationship and what you should do to make it work and progress. The report is essential if you are serious about giving your other half the best in life thereby making your union blessed and fruitful.

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