There are many doshas in Vedic astrology with some being more malignant than the others. Every dosha is predicted to affect various spheres of an individual’s life. Marriage is an important journey that most human beings partake in and its success or failure amounts to either a blissful union or one that could cause irreparable damage in the lives of the partners. The Manglik Dosh is one such dosh that has a propensity to cause disastrous consequences if the necessary heed isn’t paid to it before marriage.

To begin with, it is imperative to understand the Manglik meaning and what ill-effects it could cause in the long run. The Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosha occurs when the planet Mars is located in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth bhava (house) from the Lagna within the horoscope of jataka or jatika. Mars is known to become malefic when placed with other inauspicious planets in the aforementioned houses. 

Different astrologers view the Mangal Dosh from different perspectives. For example, some identify it from the Lunar Lagna, while others could take the approach of calculating it from the Solar Lagna. There are also a handful of astrologers who look at the Manglik Dosh from the perspective of Venus Lagna. 

Both males and females are prone to mangal dosha effects and since Mars is a planet related to a certain amount of heat or considered a hot or fiery planet, it brings with it behavioural traits like ego, high self-esteem, arrogance, and a volatile temperament. It is these traits that make it difficult for married couples to find middle ground or compromise right. 

It is widely believed that this dosh causes immense unhappiness in a marriage, but contrary to popular belief, that is not always the case. That said, the Manglik Dosh must be investigated by a thorough practitioner and remedies identified so as to protect those concerned from the effects or consequences the dosha may bring with it. The widespread practice is that individuals afflicted by this dosha must only marry other Mangliks.

Problems caused by Manglik Dosh could include; separation or divorce, financial issues, professional troubles, delays in marriage, difficulties and turmoil after marriage, or even the death of the partner who is not a Manglik. 

We will now see how the effects of Manglik Dosh pan out depending on the position of Mars in various houses:

Mars positioned in the first house: In Vedic Astrology, the first house is considered to be the house of the spouse. The common rule for Mangliks is that they must only marry other Mangliks and in the case of Mars being in the first house, if that rule isn’t adhered to, it will give rise to unnecessary conflict. There are situations where this could lead to unfavourable behaviour like physical violence and even lead to separation.

Mars positioned in the second house: If Mars is highly active and has a negative impact in the second house, it is known to lead to drastic circumstances for the marriage. It could seriously damage the relationship and end in a divorce or second marriage for the individual affected. 

Mars positioned in the fourth house: Mars’ positioning in the fourth house does not have dire circumstances like separation or divorce but it does bear a significant impact on the relationship. Such positioning will influence the professional and financial life, keeping the native dissatisfied with his/her job and constantly facing monetary issues, two important aspects for growth among couples in today’s world.

Mars positioned in the seventh house: As we have already read earlier, Mars is known to be a planet that is fiery in nature. This will manifest itself on the Manglik when Mars occupies the seventh house in the Lagna. The individual will assume an irritable demeanour and be short-tempered. In addition, the native becomes dominating and tries to enforce his/her ideas on other family members causing unrest.

Mars positioned in the eighth house: Erratic mood swings, becoming utterly lazy, and not able to control one’s temper are the characteristic traits a Manglik will display when Mars is positioned in the eighth house. It is also said that the Manglik individual can be highly prone to getting involved in accidents.

Mars positioned in the twelfth house: Mars’ occupation of this Lagna leads directly to the Manglik facing immense difficulties with their mental state. There will be a lot of failures to contend with and this will leave the individual downcast and heavily demoralised. Failures could also cause an aggressive nature that brings about a lot of unrest in the family. There is also a tendency to indulge in illegal activities.

Reduced impact of the Manglik Dosh

The impact of Manglik Dosh can be negated or nullified if a handful of rules or situations can be abided by.

  1. The impact of Mars is said to reduce if Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn are situated in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth bhavas of a single horoscope.
  2. If Mars is the ascendant planet in the zodiac of Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn in the seventh house, then the Manglik Dosh does not have an impact.
  3. Manglik Dosh is not prevalent if Mars is related to the Guru or Chandra (Sun or Moon).
  4. If both of the horoscopes have an identical home, it is said that the Manglik effects are negligible.
  5. If the moon is placed within the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house, then the ill-effects Mars can cause are deflected.
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Remedies for Manglik Dosh

Understanding the horoscope and making sure it is analysed by a well-versed professional is vital in negating the effects or finding the Manglik dosha remedies. Apart from that, there are also a few chants like Hanuman Chalisa, Chanting the names of Mangal (Mars), and reciting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, which helps individuals. 

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