What do you mean by delayed marriage?

In modern society, it has become common to see people getting married in their 30s. That stage of life is increasingly considered the right time to get married, as the 20s are supposed to be spent on education and finding a remunerative career. But it is not so. Once a man or a woman crosses the age of 25 and remains unmarried, it is considered a delay in marriage as per the Vedic marriage horoscope. That being said, it doesn’t mean marriage has to happen within 25 years of age. On the contrary, sometimes delayed marriage may be the best thing to happen to a person, as early marriage may end in separation.

Significant questions revolve in the mind of concerned individuals, and that of their parents, when it comes to the subject of marriage prediction. When will I get married? Whom will I marry? Will my marriage be love or arranged? Will astrology help in finding the right person? It is normal for any young man or woman to feel tense about their marriage horoscope, especially if love has evaded him or her till that point in life. Finding a compatible partner seems more and more a difficult task as the marriage of the individual gets delayed.

If you are one among those who are experiencing a delay in marriage, then, approaching this problem with astrology knowing your marriage prediction could bring out a promising solution.

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Delay in marriage astrology

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According to the Vedic philosophy, in Hindu marriage systems, the 7th house plays a prominent role. Manglik Dosh, or matrimony obstacles, may also be caused by the alignments of particular planets which play a prominent role in influencing the age at which a person gets married.

According to marriage astrology, the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Moon are auspicious for marriage. At the same time, Saturn, Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are considered inauspicious and can cause delays in a person’s marriage. So, the presence of Venus, Mercury, or the Moon in the 7th house of the marriage horoscope indicates early marriage. That is, at a young age between 18 and 23. However, if Jupiter is present in the 7th house, it means marriage may happen during the prime age of 23-26. And, if the inauspicious Saturn is found lingering in the 7th house in the marriage prediction, then, the delay in marriage is likely for the individual, probably beyond the age of 35.

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During instances where the seventh house in the horoscope of the individual is empty and is not occupied by any of the aforementioned planets, then the planetary alignment of other planets will be the key factor deciding when marriage will happen and the reasons for late marriage.

What is the 7th house in the marriage horoscope? Why is it important?

In Vedic astrology, a horoscope chart consists of 12 houses. Each house has its peculiar qualities and characteristics. Among them, it is the 7th house in the marriage prediction that casts an influence on relationship matters like marriage, enmity, and friendships. Concerning marriage, the 7th house defines the nature of your relationship with your partner. It signifies how well you will adjust with him or her, how satisfied you will be in the relationship, and also about the children you may have in the relationship. The 7th house in the horoscope can give you insights into the type of marriage you might have, the reason for late marriage if it gets delayed, and how you will fare in married life.

Taking the 12 houses in numerical order, in marriage astrology, the first six houses deal with the person in question, while it is from the 7th house onwards that the relationship of the person with the world around him gets decided. Since the most important relationship a person has, outside of self, is with his or her partner in life, the 7th house deals with marriage, married life, and family. The marriage horoscope talks about the intricacies of marriage and goes on to talk about the natures of love and the possible outcomes of it that could affect your marital life. Unlike traditional belief, the seventh house is not just responsible for delay in marriage but also defines the nature of the said relationship.

Reasons for late marriage

As said before, delays in marriage happen due to alignments of certain planets in the chart. Depending on the individual, the reasons may be different and unique. However, the most common reasons for late marriage are as follows.

The marriage of the individual may get delayed when the 7th lord of marriage lord (Jupiter) is retrograded and Mars is in the 8th house, which is the house of delays. Mars is the significator of the 8th house.

There may be Manglik Dosh if the 7th lord (Jupiter) is weak and is positioned in the 6th or 8th house in the birth chart. While the 8th house is the house of delays, the 6th house is the house of obstacles.

The conjoining of the 7th lord (Jupiter) and Saturn makes both of them debilitated. This is another cause for the delay of marriage.

Extreme delays may occur in marriage astrology when there is a mutual aspect of Saturn and Venus in the birth chart, and the Moon remains in the 8th or 12th house. The 12th house represents moksha or freedom from material life.

Marriage may happen in old age when the planets Saturn and Venus are posited in the ascendant, and Mars is placed in the 7th house in the natal chart.

Another alignment that may cause a delay in marriage is when the Moon is conjoined with Rahu in the 7th house, and the 7th lord is debilitated. This may result in numerous obstacles, thus delaying the marriage of the individual.

Remedies for delay in marriage

Jupiter is the most significant planet when it comes to marriage prospects. As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter symbolizes elders. So respecting elders is one way to overcome marriage delays. Chanting Vedic mantras related to Jupiter also helps. If Saturn or Jupiter, the biggest among planets, casts aspersions on the 7th house, marriage delays occur.

After Jupiter, Venus has the most say in your marriage. Venus generally is considered a synonym for womanhood or female character traits. Pleasing Venus by being polite and helpful towards women in the family is another way to make marriages happen.

Saturn is the planet of karma. It represents the deeds you do in life. To end delays in marriages, it is important to have Saturn on your side. For this, you need to cultivate good relationships with people working underneath you at home and in the office.

To get the blessings of Rahu and Ketu, involve yourself in selfless tasks. Help aged people and orphans. Be a kind and virtuous human being.

To get the blessings of the Sun and Moon, worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Shiva and Parvati signify Sun and the Moon. Worshipping them helps to strengthen the 7th house in the horoscope. This will improve marriage prospects.

Mercury signifies relationships. To please Mercury, offer sweets, cosmetics and clothes to young girls at home and in the neighbourhood.

Other than pleasing the planet lords, observing the Upa Pada Lagna fast and chanting Ganesha Atharvashirsha for the retrograde planets in the seventh, twelfth, and eighth house are other ways to end delays in marriage.

Stone for delaying marriage

Gemstones can manipulate one’s fortunes, i.e. strengthening good fortunes while deflecting bad ones. This quality of gemstones can influence every aspect of life, marriage prospects included. The following are the different gemstones that can help a person overcome delays in marriage.


There is a reason why diamonds are a part of engagement rings. Diamonds can improve love and romance in a relationship. It decreases tensions and worries and also removes evil and fearful thoughts from the mind of the person. Instead, diamond improves goodness and also enhances sensual power.

Yellow Sapphire

This stone is connected to the planet Jupiter and is recommended for girls who face delays in marriage. This stone increases harmony and brings balance to a relationship. It not only helps with marriage but also improves married life by bringing joy and longevity into it.


Ruby represents the Sun and symbolises love and passion. It removes conflicts and increases vitality. Having Ruby in person leads to an increased ability to deal with all kinds of problems in life.


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Emerald helps in improving intelligence and maintaining open communications. It grants maturity to the wearer and reduces jealousy and anger. It is a great detoxifier and balances the inner energy of the person. On the flip side, it reduces passion and hence is not recommended for newly wedded couples.


Hessonite influences the central nervous system, and improves body-mind connection, thus granting greater understanding and tolerance to the wearer.

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Should you consult an astrologist?

No matter how advanced and forward-thinking we become, few things remain that are not under our control, Manglik Dosh being one of them. Such problems in life cannot be solved by conventional methods. Earth is not the root cause of such problems. The remedies for delay in marriage may lie among the stars. So, considering a visit to an astrologer to discuss delayed marriage might not be a bad idea. There is always the question of belief in astrology. However, a pragmatic person should be open-minded enough to give every option a chance to prove its merit. Astrology too deserves the same.

Marriage is the most important step in life, for both men and women. Finding the right life partner shouldn’t be left to chance. Few are lucky to find true love and enter into holy matrimony without needing any external help. Fewer still enjoy a long, prosperous, and healthy married life. Many aren’t able to experience the pleasure and happiness that a happy married life has to offer in terms of coital experiences and emotional love.

A lot of it has to do with the mind and body of the individual. Remedies for delay in marriage can be obtained from an astrologer. There are things beyond human control that affect the lives of humans on Earth. If you think a little guidance and support from a learned astrologer can go a long way in regaining your zest in life, then, by all means, take that option to explore newer avenues to attain happiness in life.

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