Delay in marriage? Here are a few astrological reasons that could explain

Once a man or a woman crosses the age of 25, the significant questions that revolve in their mind and in those of their parents are married. When will I get married? Who will I marry according to my astrology? Will my marriage be love or arranged, will astrology help? Maybe this is not the right time for me, but that being said, what age will I get married, astrology could help me find the answer. If people are finding it difficult to find a compatible partner, they get tense as a delay in marriage is something that is not what they are looking for. If you are one of those who are experiencing a delay in marriage, then, approaching this problem with astrology could be a promising solution.

Astrological reasons:

According to the philosophy in Hindu marriage systems, the 7th house plays a prominent role. Planetary alignments play a prominent role in influencing the age at which a person gets married.

According to mythology, the planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon are auspicious for marriage. At the same time, Saturn, Sun, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu are considered inauspicious and cause potential delays in a person’s marriage.

When Venus, Mercury, or the Moon are in your 7th house, there is a chance that you might witness an early marriage. That is, at a young age between 18 and 23. However, if your 7th house has Jupiter, your marriage could happen between the age of 23-26, and if Saturn is occupying your seventh house, then, the marriage is likely to happen after the age of 35.

In cases where the seventh house is vacant and is not occupied by any of the aforementioned planets, then the planetary alignment of other planets will play a prominent role in deciding when marriage will happen.

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What is the 7th house in astrology, and why is it important?

Out of the 12 houses in Hindu philosophy, it is the 7th house that influences relationships like marriage, enmity, and friendships. With regard to marriage, the seventh house defines the nature of your relationship with your partner. The positioning of the 7th house is able to give you insights into the type of marriage you might have. It talks about the relationship with your partner, i.e. will it be a supportive and united front, or will it be in the lines of constant quarrel and disapproval.

The 7th house is also often termed as the Guest-room, the underlying significance of the guest room is that, though it does not play a significant role in everyday operations, it is still a part of who we are from a larger purview of things.

The first house influences your identity and your personality traits. The first house and the 7th house are said to be angular, and together they influence the nature of your relationship.

The seventh house talks about the intricacies of marriage and goes on to talk about the natures of love and the possible outcomes of it that could affect your marital life. Unlike traditional belief, the seventh house is not just responsible for deciding the time at which you will marry but is also to define the nature of the said relationship.

It talks about the possibility of extra-marital affairs in Kundli, the possibility of a unique marital relationship where one person lives in one room and another in another room, or of those marriages where all the walls are torn down, and new cultures and practices are openly welcomed. It also talks about the possibility of multiple marriages or finding love and happiness in a single marriage.

The seventh house in its greater ordeal is used to study the possibilities of how a couple would ride through the sands of time. It focuses on whether the couple considering an alliance will emerge victorious in trying times or will they cease to exist as a single bond in two bodies.

In certain scenarios, where Saturn or Pluto is the 7th house, indications of power struggles are predicted. In these scenarios, it is essential to know whether the pair will grow out of these situations or whether they will let the situation affect the relationship.

Should you consult an astrologist?

No matter, however advanced and forward-thinking we become, there are few things that are not under our control. In times like these when conventional methods of problem-solving do not yield fruitful solutions, considering a visit to an astrologer to discuss delayed marriage might not be a bad idea. 

While people constantly debate whether or not to consult an astrologer and adhere to their teachings and recommendations, it is pragmatically a good decision to study all the possible options that could solve your late marriage problems.

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Marriage is a significant evolution for both men and women in modern India today. While few are lucky with a healthy, loving, and timely marriage, there are a few who aren’t able to witness the pleasure and happiness that married life has to offer in terms of coital experiences and emotional love.

If you think there are certain physical or mental attributes about you that are possibly becoming a roadblock to you getting married, then, work on it. Working hard and being physically fit not only makes you a potential suitor but also makes you a confident and better human being.

That said, if you think a little guidance and support from a learned astrologer can go a long way with you, then, consider that option to explore avenues to attain happiness.

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